13 Interesting 5-star hotels in the center of Paris

This is an overview of the most luxurious hotels in Paris located in the heart. In general, five star hotels in the center of the city are much more. I wanted to take pictures for you, with a history or some kind of "highlight" – architectural, atmospheric or something else that allocates them. I suggest you the best "damn dozen" of Paris ; the best of the best.

L&# 8217; Hôtel

Immerse yourself in the real luxury Baroque in this cozy hotel, located in the Saint-Germain Quarter.

The hotel has a small number of rooms and will like it to those who appreciate the chamber atmosphere. The most expensive number is named after the English writer Oscar Wilde, since it was here that the author of the famous novel "Portrait of Dorian Gray" held his last days. The hotel has a restaurant having a star Mishlen (the best restaurant guide).

Prince de Galles, A Luxury Collection

Treat yourself to great spa treatments in one of the best spa centers of Paris.

The hotel belongs to the famous chain of Luxury hotels and offers its guests the most exquisite and luxurious conditions. It was opened in 1928. and refers to the pearls of architectural style Ar-Deco. The hotel is named after the king of England Georg V, to the arrival of his son in Paris, his discovery was dedicated. Celebrities who were here: Edward VII,. Churchill, Lord Chamberlain, m. Dietrich, E. Presley, j. Lollobrigid, representatives of the English aristocracy. The hotel is located next to the Champs Elysees, on Avenue George V.

Napoleon Paris

This hotel with a luxurious view of the most icing attractions, Paris will truly turn out to be on your palm.

For its appearance, the hotel is obliged by the romantic history of the love of the Russian entrepreneur A. Klyagin, who presented him as a wedding gift to the young bride in the 20s. XX B. It is known that they stayed here and. Bunin, E. Hemingway, S. Dali, O. Hepburn. Now the hotel belongs to the descendants of the klyagin family. The largest and most luxurious number is the imperial suite (pl. 120 sq m), with terrace and panoramic views of the triumphal arch and Eiffel Tower. The hotel is famous for its restaurant Le Bivouac, offering copyright dishes. On the roof of the hotel are hives with bees where guest honey is collected.

Marignan Champs-Elysées

Feel how the heart of Paris beats in this modern design hotel, located 2 minutes walk from the Champs Elysees.

The hotel has several categories of rooms. The best of them – with a large terrace and a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower. Breakfast or dinner you can order in your number. Agree, there is hardly something more romantic than breakfast on the terrace of its room with a good view of Paris.

Grand Hotel Du Palais Royal

Feel the story in every detail.

The main chip of the hotel is a building in which it is located, as well as the unusual design of the rooms that combines history and modernity. Hotel Building ; Architectural monument XVIII in. Over the design of the rooms worked the world famous designer. AND. Roshon. The interior of the hotel is decorated with great works of art, and to the main treasury of Paris – Louvre, you can walk in 5 minutes.

La Maison Champs Elysees

Rate the refined style of fashion designer Martin Margiela, successfully combining classical solutions and avant-garde.

The hotel is located in the historic XIX building. (Baron Osman’s period), in the heart of the Golden Triangle of Paris. The most luxurious rooms of the series "from Kutuur" ; "Lounge with gilding", "White Pokrov" (with a very unusual design), "lost cornices" (a real masterpiece of modern designer art). The number in black tones Boris Vian was awarded a prize from ; Feeling Hotels ; as the most amazing number of the year. The hotel offers fashionable boutiques and shops of famous couturiers.


Visit Balzac ; At the hotel, once belonging to the Great Dramaturgome.

Mansion XIX B. perfectly renovated and offers its guests the best conditions for staying. The hotel has a restaurant marked by the star Michelin, in which the famous chef P. Ganier. The interiors of the hotel are impressive luxury and splendor, and inside the spirit of the Balzac itself.

Le Bristol

Chic, shine and impeccable service – the main qualities of Le Bristol.

On the roof of this hotel you can also see the hives with bees, collecting honey for guests (fashion trend, which is increasingly picking up the most expensive hotels in the world). It is proud to be a magnificent spa with a rooftop pool, from where you can admire the delicious views of the most iconic sights of Paris (on the Eiffel Tower and the roof of Montmartre). Guests can also visit the garden on site and sun terrace. The hotel has 2 restaurants with Michelin stars – one with one, the second – with three stars. The hotel is adjacent to the church Madeleine.

Touch this legend.

Located in the heart of Paris – on the Vandom Square, this legendary hotel Symbol of respectableness and gloss. For decades, he embodied the Paris luxury and was inextricably linked with the rich secular life of the French capital.

Not so long ago, the hotel was renovated, after which it became even more elegant. The hotel has a swimming pool (perhaps the largest size in Paris) and a magnificent fitness center. Star status confirms the presence of 2 Michelin restaurants in the territory.

The Hemingway Bar offers one of the most expensive cocktails in the world (cost $ 515).

Celebrities Gotable in Ritz: To. Chanel, M. Prost, F. WITH. Fitzgerald, F. Chopin, M. Callas, Duke of Windsor and DR. (Numbers category Prestige are named and decorated in honor of these eminent guests).

The Peninsula Paris

Feel yourself with the kings of this world in the room suite with a private rooftop.

Luxury Hotel, which is a few steps from the Arc de Triomphe. The hotel has different categories of rooms, everyone is distinguished by large sizes, good equipping and refined design. Some have a separate entrance and access to the spa, in addition to some rooms, a gift certificate is offered with the accrued amount that guests can spend in the hotel’s spa, restaurant or bar. There are several first-class restaurants on site, one of them (Kleber Terrace) has the largest open restaurant terrace in Paris.

Maison Souquet

Hotel for those who lack piquancy in feelings and relationships.

13 Interesting 5-star hotels in the center of Paris

Mini-hotel with chamber atmosphere and an unusual location. It is located in the Montmartra area, literally 2 steps from Moulin Rouge ; In a mansion, in which a brothel was located. Style of interior design of the hotel ; "Gothic sexuality", and the rooms are named in it in honor of the most famous Parisian priestesses of love. Their portraits decorate the hotel walls. All guests can individually visit the pool and spa (for free within 1 hour, time must be booked in advance).

Four Seasons George V

Rate culinary skill of the best chefs of Paris.

The uniqueness of this hotel is that he is the first and so far the only one in Paris whose restaurants are marked by the stars from the glorified restaurant guide Michelin. On its territory there is a legendary restaurant LE CINQ included in the Red Guide Michelin and had a whole 3 Michelin stars (in 2007. He lost one star). Two more hotel restaurants have one star from Michelin. All restaurants offer magnificent cuisine – Author French and Mediterranean dishes. Still say that Four Seasons Paris is the favorite hotel of Saudi Prince al-Valida. In any case, I advise you to personally assess the impeccable service of the hotel and enjoy the culinary masterpieces of his chefs.

Splendide Royal

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of luxury and care in one of the best mini hotels in Paris.

This is a small and unusually cozy hotel. It has only 12 numbers, so every guest here is surrounded by double attention and care. The hotel will enjoy those who love small chamber hotels with home furnishings. Although the hotel is located in the very center for a minute of not silent Paris, however, here is always quiet and homely cozy.

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13 Interesting 5-star hotels in the center of Paris

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