13 most dangerous airports in the world

Imagine, as if admired the skill of pilots, who were able to plant a plane on an ice strip or, say, at the airport located in the mountain vertices, at an altitude of several thousand meters above sea level. It turns out that these are not only tricks that can be seen in Hollywood films – This happens in the real world.

The British tourist company Globehunters amounted to the list of airports of the world with the most dangerous runways (WFP), which included 13 air harvesters. Tourweek.RU will tell you how to pilots working in these places.

Lukla Tenzing-Hillary (Nepal)

Lukla Nepalese Airport is named after Mountaineers Edmund Hillary and Tencing Northia, who are known for the world’s first climbing on Everest. Harbour Air – One of the most dangerous in the world: WFP is tilted by 12% and has a length of only 527 meters. Thanks to the bias, the plane can faster and take off at such a short plot.

Lukla is located high in the mountains, at an altitude of 2860 meters above sea level. Runway is surrounded on one side by the rock, on the other – 700-meter cliff. In addition, entering the landing, airliners have to fly into a narrow mountain gorge, where it is quite difficult to maneuver. For this reason, landing aircraft in the air harbor is carried out only manually, according to «Rules of visual flights». Single radar equipment that is in Lucla – Radio station.

Because of weather conditions, airplanes arrive and fly out of the airport, mostly in the morning, until the haze appeared. Aircraft fly away from Luclus «flocks» – in sequence. Local passengers are entirely dependent on weather conditions: if they are unfavorable, the flight can be waited for several hours, and even a few days.


Bhutanesky Paro Airport is considered no less dangerous. Air Harbor is in the Himalayas, at an altitude of about 3 thousand meters above sea level. Takeoff and landing at the airport – Serious test for pilots.

Until 2011, flights to the airport performed only one airline. To date, only 12 pilots around the world have passed a special training that allows you to fly to Paro. Four from pilots – Greeks, in the homeland of which many complex island air harbors, so they have the necessary skills and experience in such conditions. These pilots prepare other flight specialists in Paro.

Flights to the airport are performed only during the day and strictly under certain weather conditions. Every year 30 thousand bold passengers arrive in the pair.


Barra’s air harbor is located on the island of the same name, which is part of the external hebrid islands (Western Islands). The uniqueness of the airport is that he has the only sand-based WFP. Barra works only during sings.

Flights from the airport are performed during the daytime, but in emergency situations, airplanes can land here and at night – In this case, the strip is highlighted by the headlights of the car, laying along the coast special reflective ribbons.

In Barra, three runways, the average length of which is 800 meters. The island airport annually serves about 1.5 thousand flights, about 10 thousand passengers in the year pass through it.

Ice Runway (Antarctica)

If you decide to go to the Antarctic, then most likely will be promddering at this airport. Ice Runway only works in the summer months. Eyewitnesses say that it is rather a separate runway covered with snow and ice, it is specially prepared by the beginning of the season.

Not far from the air harbor is the McMarto station, and, mostly landing the aircraft bridges and cargo in the airport.

Land in Ice Runway is quite safe until snow boulders start to melt – Then the landing aircraft can get stuck or break the ice crust.

Madeira Airport (Madeira Island, Portugal)

Beautiful Portuguese island is known not only as the homeland of the football player Cristiano Ronaldo, but also its difficult to landing the airport of Funchal.

Initially, there were two runways in the air harbor, each of which had a length of 1.6 km. However, after a plane crash, the victims of which 131 people became, the power of the island decided to lengthen the bands for 200 meters.

But it did not make it too easier to take off and landing, so in 2000 at the airport completed one lane – It is placed on 180 reinforced concrete supports.

Futuristic design runway is surrounded by a rich landscape: the airport is surrounded by mountains on one side, and sea – with another. To maneuver here, pilots require a lot of skills.

Princess Juliana International Airport (Saint-Martin Island)

WFP Airport Princess Juliana begins immediately at the beach Maho: airplanes enter the landing literally a few dozen meters from vacationers.

Depending on meteorological conditions, the landing at the airport has a high or middle degree of complexity.

But due to the close location to the beach, which visits many people, travelers believe that Princess Airport Juliana – One of the most dangerous air harvesters in the world.

Courchevel Airport (France)

In addition to ski resorts, Courchevel is known for the airport with an UPP supercourt, the length of which is only 525 meters.

The strip is inclined by 18.5%. Due to the lack of ILS at the airport, it cannot receive resials during fog. By the way, here they filmed the scene of one of the films Bondian «Tomorrow will never die».

Skiatos Airport (Skiathos Island, Greece)

Lovers rest in Greece for sure they know this air harbor. Her WFP is considered one of the shortest and dangerous. The strip starts almost in the sea, its end also goes into the water.

13 Most dangerous airports in the world

For this reason, the aircraft can land here only certain types of limited weight. Extreme lovers like to watch landing airports at the airport – Here you can hear a loud sound and experience all the power of this action. It happened that the air wave, which comes from the airliner, overturns parked next to the WFP.

Narsarsuaq Airport (Greenland Island)

If you dream to look at the fjords from above, fly to Narsarsuck Airport, located not far from the settlement of the same name in the southern part of Greenland.

By landing, the aircraft fly over the fjord and unfold along the U-shaped track, so strong «Boltanka». Perform night flights to the airport is prohibited.

Gibraltar International Airport (Gibraltar)

Harbour Air – One of the smallest in the world, but more she is known that her runway in the literal sense crosses one of the largest local roads.

For this reason, the airport is considered one of the most dangerous in the world.


The airport has an extremely sad story. In 1934, when he began his work, the aircraft were not so powerful as now, and could land on shorter stripes. Today, the aircraft often fall here in the accident.

The length of the WFP is thinning is 2133 meters, it is in the valley and surrounded by mountains. The airport is dangerous in that there is only one running and one landing strip here.

At the same time, the arrived, airplanes are forced to perform complex «Stud» left, so the sealed and landing airliners may encounter.


Arrived at this airport, you should be fastened. Because of the sewage effect from the Pork Strait and the strong gusts of the wind, which lead to the so-called «Aerodynamic pickup», landing and takeoffs in the air harbor are often tight.

In addition, WFP airport is very short and on both sides is surrounded by the ocean coast.

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport (Saba Island, Caribbean Netherlands)

At this airport, located on a small island, which is owned by Holland and is part of a group of small Antille Islands, only the smallest aircraft can land.

13 Most dangerous airports in the world

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