13 of the most amazing and moral events who shook the world in 2018

Abandoned in the engine of plane coins, successful selfie on the background of art objects, sex on top of the pyramid and other fun and outrageous cases, whose participants were travelers worldwide.

Allowed when you remember

In December 2018, the authorities of Denver (USA, Colorado) for vandalism arrested 18-year-old Jake Zibenlist, who was in a sane condition and remembered everything.

In the Denver Art Museum, the young man destroyed 10 works of art dating by the second century.NS. The incident was recorded on video surveillance chambers and transferred to the police.

All is allowed when small wealth

Night ascent of two Danish tourists on the Great Heops Pyramid and the next sexual intercourse at the height of bird flight with posting photos and video vehicles of this event in social networks caused the investigation of the Egyptian Prosecutor’s Office, which called the Act of Aliens «insulting great historical heritage» and «Public Moral Egypt».

Dissan’s accomplices found: they turned out to be two employees of the complex Pyramid Giza. As it turned out, to go at night on the Great Pyramid there is a lot of funds, judging by the level of income of the Egyptians: Danes did this by paying its accomplices of 223 dollars.

Accident always in honor

Selfie and others «selfish» Against the background of art objects and monuments, they became one of the common ways of damage to tourists of cultural property and objects. There is in this list and Russia.

So, in late October, when trying to make selfie the girl in Yekaterinburg, who came to the exhibition in the art center «Main prospect», damaged the canvas of El Salvador Dali and the picture of Francisco Goya. According to the information of TASS, the work of Goya had a broken frame and glass, and Dali, in addition to breakage, was damaged and the canvas itself. The visitor from Chelyabinsk explained that she accidentally burned the design on which the picture was posted. Police decided to refuse to initiate a criminal case due to the absence of a crime.

Money solve everything

Two tourists face up to 10 years in a Thai prison for drawing paint from the brick wall of the 13th century brick wall in the northern part of Bangkok. As it turned out, Britney Schneider from Canada and Lee Ferlong from the UK was drunk and wanted to have fun.

Before them found themselves the wall and gate of Tha Pae, popular and revered by Thais attractions. «Artists» Found on video recordings and sent to prison. They could only come out from there only on the bail of 6 thousand dollars, and leave Thailand, while there is a trial, they are not allowed.

Stone is more important than human life

A group of adolescents collided the stone from the cliff at Cape Brimham in Northern Yorkshire in England, which has drawn corrected damage to this natural education, which is millions of years.

According to the police, a group of five young people was noticed in the fact that he dropped a large stone from the cliff Brimham Rox. Not only that this «prank» forever changed the protected natural landscape, it turned out that the provoked rockpad killed someone from the visitors below.


The quarrel of two foreign tourists in Rome because of the best place for Selfie at the Trevi Fountain turned into a mass brawl and became the most discussed topic on social networks in August 2018. Two women: 19-year-old tourist from Holland and 44-year-old American ever could agree and share the best, in their opinion, the point for Selfie at the Fountain of Trevi in ​​Rome. They wanted to take a picture of this place at the same time, but separately. But someone the third, located near, specially waited, provoked the conflict and watched on the occurring from the outside, shooting it in the photo and video, posting later on social networks.

From the verbal arguments of the tourist very quickly moved to physical. For the help of both conflicting parties, members of their families were slowly arrived, all in the fight took part, according to the Italian police, eight people, including adult girls. Law enforcement officers qualified what follows «Preparage with the use of violence arising from household soil», Protocols are drawn up on the participants of the fight.

The child was resurrected an ancient coffin

One family in the UK neglect the museum rules (and common sense) when he planted his child in an ancient coffin for photographing.

Artifact, which is 800 years old, made of sandstone, fell under the weight of the child from the stand. Restorers added work: a piece of stone crashed from a coffin. But the child suffered.

Decent exhibit brought fame to the exhibition

Stunning Exhibition of Artist Yoya Kusama «Mirrors infinity», which took place this year in Washington, undoubtedly worthy of photography.

However, one lady crossed: seeking to take a picture of one of the exhibits as close as possible, she broke it. The cost of lost estimated at 800 thousand dollars. The exhibition had to close for 3 days.

Test of strength

13 Of the most amazing and moral events who shook the world in 2018

Members of the British Royal Guard are known for their persistent character. But one tourist decided to achieve the reaction from the guardsman and threw his glove into him.

The bifiter intervened, the ceremonial guard, who said to hooligan, that «Guard here and to protect the jewels of the crown», And in order for the public to ridicule. Gloved lady he politely gave. And I could throw in response.

Successful exhibition

This video, capturing a successful selfie, shot on the security chamber, scored about 7 million views on YouTube. The incident occurred at the artist’s exhibition Simon Bercha in Los Angeles. The exhibition, named «Hypercine», was posted on light pedestals.

In an attempt to seize the object of the whole, the lover of Selfie sat, pushed one pedestal, which caused a chain reaction and overturned other fees. Damage was rated in 200 thousand dollars.

Good flight

Luck – it’s good, but only when your flight is delayed because of you. Chinese woman who flew from Shanghai in Guangzhou caused a flight delay after throwing coins to the engine of the aircraft – "For good luck".

And good luck, she wished a lot: the mechanics removed the whole nine coins. A fun passenger had to pay the cost of the delay of the flight.

Ashamed when you can see

Two tourists from the United States were arrested in Thailand after they made naked photos in the temple of Wat Arun in Bangkok. Men traveled around the world by placing naked photos in their account in Instagram.

After publishing photos, they were detained, fined for a public nude and entered in «black list». An Instagram account was removed.

Smart head gave feet to workout

A man traveling on the Chinese guizhou province was in a group of tourists who photographed the cave in Santao.

Zakokhav, the Chinese decided to pop up stalagmites, for the formation of which a couple of thousands took. Vandal calmed down when destroyed natural education.

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