14 interesting facts about Vienna

Vienna is permeated by the spirit of aristocracy, they resemble the residences of the monarchs, castles, historical monuments, well-groomed parks, gallery. There are many interesting religious attractions, architectural monuments, museums. In such a variety, it is very difficult to confuse.

And the Vienna is already 10 times called the most comfortable for living in the city of the world, and the great composers worked here — Mozart, Brahms, Gluck, Beethoven, Strauss.

We offer to get acquainted with several interesting facts about Vienna, each of which can be the beginning of a new story of an exciting travel.

Fact number 1 — About the oldest printed edition

Austrians are very proud of the newspaper «Wiener Zeitung». She is published in Vienna since 1703. This is the official newspaper of the Government of Austria. Her circulation is 31 thousand copies, and online views on the site more than a million. «Wiener Zeitung» Comes out five times a week from Tuesday to Saturday. The publication rightfully occupies a pedestal of the popular and oldest newspaper of the world.

Fact number 2 — “Requiem” Mozart in Stefemansd

The cult attraction of Vienna is the Cathedral of St. Stephen (Stephansdom, Stephansdom), it is located on Stefanplatz Square. Mention of the Cathedral dates back in 1221. Cathedral is great outside and inside. There are invaluable shrines, artworks, cult historical products. In the temple there are tombstones of the monarch. Stefemansda worth visiting to listen to the immortal creation of Mozart “Requiem”. The work is performed on five bodies, which gives an unsurpassed volumetric sound, creating around a particularly elevated atmosphere, which will not leave even the most unfinished skeptics or those who consider themselves “False” from music.

Fact number 3 — Viennese Ball

Annually in Vienna is a significant event – Wiener Opernball. Beautiful music, exquisite setting of the building of the Vienna Opera, Galanted Cavalers in Black Thranes and Beautiful girls in air white dresses are fascinated by grace and beauty. This action is so popular that tickets worth from 200 to 20 thousand euros are bought up instantly.

Fact number 4 — Vienna Opera

In Vienna, in the XVII century, at the Royal Yard, the performances of the court opera took place. In the second half of the XIX century in the city for the Opera House built a building of the Vienna State Opera. But contemporaries of that time criticized the architecture of the building. Emperor Austria Franz Joseph I compared the construction with the station, and the residents of Vienna were criticized for a narrow approach and short staircase, because of which the local ricers were difficult to demonstrate luxury toilets. But, that in the nineteenth century criticized, in our time admires – the opera building is considered an elegant model of neoressance.

Modern repertoire of the Vienna Opera (Wiener Staatsoper) diverse. Performed classic and modern works. Poster poses are published in April for a whole year. In the Viennese Posters indicate the category of performances: «A» — For professional connoisseurs of opera, «V» — For music lovers, «WITH» — For all others. Knowing about the category of tourist wishing to visit the opera, it will be easy to choose a suitable repertoire.

FACT number 5 — Pure water

Already one hundred and thirty years, the water supply of the capital of Austria is made from alpine sources. This has become possible thanks to the sanitary zones specially equipped in the mountains. Therefore, the pure alpine water in Vienna can be drunk from a water tap, which is very impressive visitors to tourists.

Fact number 6 — Croissant invented in Vienna

Classic breakfast for french – Croissant and a cup of fragrant coffee. In France, this bun is so popular that is considered to be the French National Overseas. But in fact, the first croissant was baked in 1683 in Vienna Peter Peter Wenndler in honor of the victory over the Ottoman Empire, as a symbol of the wonderful rescue of Vienna from Turkish yoke. And almost after a hundred years in 1770 “Viennese Rogalik” moved from Austria to France together with a large baking amateur Maria Antoinetta, where this bun has gained immense popularity.

Fact number 7 — Famous dessert “San”

In Vienna, one of the most popular cafes Zaher (Sacher) is famous not only by branded cake “San”, but also the fragrant coffee. In the cafe “San” More than three dozen coffee varieties. Cafe is located behind the Vienna Opera, in the hotel «San», on Filharmonicrstraße Street. The cake was first prepared in 1832 by Franz Zagher for the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria Clemens Metternich and his high-ranking guests. Because of the popularity, near the cafe, there is a turn of tourists, so we recommend visiting “San” Early in the morning when crowds of tourists are not “occupied” institution.

Fact number 8 — Museum quarter

In Vienna, there is a so-called museum quarter (Museums Quartier) — This is the largest museum complex in Europe area of ​​60 thousand. m2. Desigure the museum complex began in the eighties of the last century. On the outskirts of the old city, the former royal stables were renovated and made a similarity of the theatrical curtain, which hidden a huge museum complex. In 2001, numerous museum and cultural institutions were combined here.

Fact number 9 — Vienna Birja

14 Interesting facts about Vienna

Vienna Exchange was created in 1771 as directed by Empress Mary – Teresia. This is one of the oldest and leading global financial institutions to enter into commercial securities transactions. In 1877, the Exchange moved to a new building, which was designed specifically for financial transactions by architect Theophil von Hansen. The strict appearance of the building corresponds to its purpose.

Fact number 10 — The oldest zoo in the world

Vienna Zoo Schönbrunn (Tiergarten SchöNBrun) is one of the best places for pastime with children. Zoological Park is considered the oldest in the world, it was opened in 1779, and in 2010 Schönbrune honored the title of the best Zoo of Europe. For today, 8,500 animals live in the zoo. Interesting facts about animals are told here every day, and more animals feed on schedule. Visitors really like to observe the process of feeding the pets of the zoo.

Fact number 11 — Central Vienna Cemetery

Having visited Vienna Do not forget to visit the Central Vienna Cemetery (Wiener Zentralfriedhof). This is the second largest (after Hamburg) cemetery in the world. Foundation date 1874, area 2.5 km2. More than 3 million buried in the cemetery. Man and installed 330 thousand tombstone monuments of various eras. Cemetery more resembles a park area than a burial place. Here are the remains of celebrities for different times and even there is a memorial to Soviet soldiers.

Fact number 12 — Diplomatic Academy of Vienna

In Vienna in 1754, a diplomatic academy was created on the orders of Mary Terezia (Diplomatische Akademie Wien). She is the oldest in the world. During the long period of existence, the Academy was repeatedly renamed and reformed, but in 1996 the school received the status of an independent state institution.

Fact number 13 — Machines-detoxes

It seems in the capital of Austria, they found a compromise option when you can afford to go out with alcohol and after that quickly come back to normal. For such situations in peteed veins, special “Machines-detoxes”. Having lowered the coin into such a machine, you get a couple of concentrated ammonia, which cuts off instantly.

Fact number 14 — Megapolis with the best quality of life

In 2012, the international company Merser among 220 megacities of the world recognized Vienna the most favorable for living. Studies of that international company in 2019 secured the reputation of the capital of Austria as the most suitable city in the world.

14 Interesting facts about Vienna

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