14 pros and 9 minuses rental housing with Airbnb Part 2

I’m sure pluses even more, just so immediately do not remember.


  • May not like the owner, probably it will have to communicate more than you expected.
  • Something may not work (although it happens in hotels).
  • No one will change every day underwear (at best, once a week).
  • Often cleaning is also not provided.
  • There is a possibility of noisy neighbors or noisy children from the owners (read their profile, so that there are no surprises).
  • There may still be worse than housing in place, what looked in the photo, but no one is already insured.
  • In some cases, it is difficult or impossible to return money if you didn’t like anything in place.
  • Some owners take a deposit for the safety of property (usually, with long-term placement).
  • AirbnB charges a charge for intermediary services.

What we see are? That pluses of the whole 14th, and from minuses can only be one – Site Commission))

note! AIRBNB receipt, which comes to mail after payment of the reservation is made in the focus of confirmation of housing for the period of traveling by almost all visa centers and embassies, T.E. AIRBNB receipt is equivalent to hotel reservation. However, if you doubt, better contact the consulate of the country that you plan to visit, and specify the requirements for confirming residence.

How to add a guest to the receipt? This is relevant at the stage of registration of a visa, if you drive together, second and t.D. It is necessary on the main page of the Airbnb to bring the cursor to the icon with your name, the drop-down window will appear – click on "Trips". Next click on "Your trips" and find item "Travel plan", click. From above will be option "Guest Control", click. Two windows will appear, first need to enter the name and surname of the guest added, in second – address of his email, then click "Send an invitation". After that, the letter with the updated receipt will be sent to the second guest and the changes will appear in your receipt.

Where to take a discount coupon from airbnb?

All who first book accommodation on the site, have the opportunity to get a 20 $ discount. What is needed for this? Nothing difficult! Just click on the pink button below and register. Having done this, you will be the owner of the discount coupon, which you can use when booking housing for your first trip with Airbnb. The amount of the discount will be taken into account automatically, if the total reservation amount will be more than 75 dollars.

Are there any analogs?

There is. Perhaps there are many of them (I did not go into details), but I know for sure that there is a similar site – Travelrent. It also offers accommodation options from individuals, but the choice is much more modest than on airbnb.

If you use this service, please write about your impressions.

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Comments (167)

Anna 27.ten.2014

When we went to our Black Sea coast, AIRBNB took advantage of, and the mistress was not lucky (((

But when it was in England, hesitated between hotels and this site. And stopped still on hotels. Uncomfortable Ya. Money is catastrophically rather big, I was afraid of all unforeseen trouble.

Of course, everything is simple and quite predictable with hotels, unlike some particular owners. Especially if we are talking about Russia – our compatriots somehow love to deceive, it is often not even thinking about their reputation. If only to get money, and then although the grass does not grow.

Although, on AirBNB, there is always the opportunity to explore the reviews of the previous tenants to make a conclusion and about housing, and about the owner. If everyone is enthusiastically written, then, most likely, everything will be fine.

Anna 27.ten.2014

The fact of the matter is that the reviews were very positive. I can not say that this fact strongly spoiled us rest, but the precipitate remained. If I travel yourself, first of all I will look at the housing through AirBNB, but if with the boss (how often it happens) prefer to take advantage of bucking.

Sheboldasik 28.ten.2014

It seems to me that this service is not for our mentality. Abroad, people are different to this: if they called someone to themselves, then they are trying to make a person’s stay as comfortable as possible. And not: money got and goodbye. Exceptions, of course, everywhere there are a shame when you come across them.

Annie, and what you had? Just didn’t like the mistress in communication? You left her review so that other travelers were ready?

Anna 28.ten.2014

Rather 50 to 50. Mentality is still changing for the better.

I booked housing, agreed with the hostess, paid. In fact. Having met us, she pretended to be surprised to see the child, she took out something absolutely incomprehensible where, in a terrible place in the distance from the sea (naturally, supplies a description of a bunch of epithets in excellent form), where we supposedly had to live. When we were asked to take into a relative place, I still brought there. Although it is still worth being grateful))) . But what is theicate of all, she was not the mistress, but the same intermediary. Feedback I, of course, wrote. With all the details. Very unpleasant precipitate remained.

Sheboldasik 29.ten.2014

Yeah. I do not know how and why, but also already faced that the airbnb is trying to advertise not that intermediaries, but also all sorts of hostel hotels. Some kind of nonsense.

About your situation – unpleasant. Here, lovers with us to live there, I do not know where. We do not have with this resource, but also was a similar case. Last year found a room in St. Petersburg. Agreed, they called three times, they said when we arrive. Upon arrival, the hostess took us in an absolutely different room – Camork 2 * 2 meters. She was also surprised that we were so picky and did not want to live there)) what do not say, but I have a feeling that such a situation is possible only in Russia.

I hope next time you have everything fine with housing!

Anna 29.ten.2014

I saw hostels on the Airbnb, of course, it is profitable for them to stay everywhere where you can))

Thank you)) I hope so too))

Sheboldasik 29.ten.2014

The hostels are, of course, it is profitable, but I do not understand why moderators (if they are there any), miss these ads, because the entire airbnb focus is that housing is surrendered by individuals. For hotels there are buquins. But these are not our problems))

Dmitriy 13.07.2017

Anna, if you are a reasonable person, do it in the next cheap scam. Visit their Mait and understand everything: cheap Pindossey Tag :))

Almir 01.09.2016

"Especially if we are talking about Russia – our compatriots somehow love to deceive, it is often not even thinking about their reputation." – You understand what they write about yourself . Moreover, comments further convince in the opposite :), ha 🙂

There are very even responsible, polite homeowners, but on a general background they are lost. This is from personal rich experience in renting a housing in Russia.

Tatiana Elite Tattoo Sochi 21.03.2021

I want to illuminate renting through airbnb from the owner of housing. The site guarantees security and comfort to both parties. By providing the opportunity to clients to book, merchant and evaluate yourself without even meeting with the owner. Of course under such conditions, a deposit is held at the case of no intentional damage. Therefore, those who doubt this advice: book where there is an instant booking and the possibility of self-sealing. The owner who provides such options will not take you to another place. The owner receives payment for your accommodation not earlier than a day, it means that if the housing does not correspond to the description and photographs, you can contact the operators (they work quickly not as an example of Buking, which only takes his commission and does not answer) and get Three options for the choice of greater cost for those money. My husband and I made an apartment with such love, when finished, I wanted to live in it, spend a new honeymoon. And we love our guests, try to make their arrival joyful. Guests feel and appreciate. Do not be lazy, read each review, sometimes our guests notice such advantages about which we have not written. And also, for their part, be accurate in specifying the number of arriving adults and children, babies, (do not think that the owner will not notice a larger number of guests) so that later it did not have to discuss the extra charge for an unequal in booking. Tell me how to equip sleeping places, because 2 people can be a husband with his wife, and maybe mom and son.

AIRBNB site gives you the opportunity to answer all questions, read, call operators. And communicate with the owner of the housing. After all, everything can be discussed and agree on mutually beneficial conditions

Very often deceived and even through a variety of services.

We also constantly use. So now – removed the apartment for a week, then extended for another month, as a result, we stay in her for 3 months!

As we – now we live in apartments, which a few months ago through AirbnB filmed. All the same, that there is a similar international service, personally, it really makes life easier for us. I hope it will be more and more people to use.

You, by the way, invented, where after San Miguel go?

In mid-December in Playa, and then do not know.

Vaska 28.ten.2014

Elegantly simple! Super Prices. The last time hung for 2 days in Vnukovo and rejoiced the hotel with a room of 8 meters for 3000 rubles. In the case of renting, the main thing is not whimsical!

Sheboldasik 29.ten.2014

Yes, numbness nice)) But our Russian prices are affected by all sorts of hotels. Especially in the capital and St. Petersburg. Although, in the depths sometimes do not lag behind.

Unpretentiousness – undoubted plus and often helps to save well))

Thank you guys for such a complete info! I have long been registered on this site, but did not work with him, t.To. Trips for a while stopped)))

Of minuses, nothing unusual, all this and good hotel get. And housing, judging by the photo, whereby the hotel rooms.)))

The only thing that scares me is that I do not own English, I learned German at school.

If in writing still you can agree with the owner, then in real life how to communicate? Not yet the fact that he will own English.

Sheboldasik 29.ten.2014

Tatiana, always welcome to share something useful! Moreover, it was not written – they used themselves, we all know))

About the language I can say that almost everyone who gives housing through Airbnb to one way or another speak English. Otherwise, they themselves, probably, will not put on this resource. You, as an option, you can agree on everything in the correspondence, using the same Google Translight, and explain that you do not speak. All people, everyone understands everything. There will be easy in place: the language of gestures has not been canceled yet, and it’s somehow will be delivered to a room / apartment)) With the hosts, you don’t need to communicate with all day long: we have ever had the case that the first and last time we have seen a person during settlement and all. I think you should not be afraid of difficulties, everything is much easier than it may seem. Chance to live in a normal place for adequate money should not miss.

It remains only for you to leave you as soon as possible! It is most important!

Well, with the membehment it is clear, in principle, remotely with the owners and my son can agree, he knows the language, but in place. I’m frightened by all sorts of unforeseen situations.))) But for such cases there are gadgets, apparently and use our tourists.

Sheboldasik 04.eleven.2014

Yes, now what only useful programs do not. Plus, if in the correspondence in advance to discuss everything thoroughly, then the probability of an unexpected situation can be minimized.

Irina 28.06.2017

By the way, when you choose the apartment, you can apply the filter, there is one of the items. There is a choice of the host language, including Russian))

We have avoided this service for a very long time.

They were seen from him as they could.

Last year, I went to Italy for 2 weeks by the company of 6 people.

It turned out that the apartments in almost all regions through the Air site were more expensive than hotels with breakfast on Bucking, or very vaguely described the conditions of deposits in case of damage and even incomprehensible were how they will return them. One of the company is done, Ie, it freezes on the map quite a decent amount.

In general, we did not contact, book hotels and apartments in different cities on Buking.com. No hotel pre-preliminarily froze the money, on arrival, and everyone paid for himself through the terminal.

In the summer, according to our parameters (3 people, 3 months, 2 bedrooms + kitchen) Only 2 houses up to $ 5,000 in g were available on the AIR website.San Francisco.

We arrived and realized that the apartment was terrible, almost without a kitchen (and we were important in the States). Sunset district.

In general, we left. For the same money removed the house for 3 bedrooms near Mishin Street. Asbutically new repair, kitchen on the floor house, barbecue, washing, the Internet caught even in the basement 🙂 But we were in this city and could see the apartments in advance.

And in this country I check out the site. Found an appropriate apartment through the AIR and before arriving in La Pass, we agreed to meet with the hostess somewhere in the center, to first see the housing. She agreed without problems. We liked the house, we already live here for 2 months.

Being here, began to look for accommodation in Playa Del Carmen. For November found no problem.

But for December they climbed surprises.

For example, hanging apartments near the sea for $ 1000 per month. I make a request, and the owner writes that there will be no, it will be $ 3000. New Year and Christmas! 🙂

And so about 20 owners of 20 apartments. The price hangs alone, and after the request it turns out 3 times higher. Well, put 3000 right. I do not understand.

I wrote a letter to the site support, I did not answer, has already passed the week.

I still managed to find an apartment through this site on the desired December in the desired Playa del Carmen at the welcome price.

But now I think and worry that with her not. 🙂

Here we have experience.

Anna 29.ten.2014

So I’m the same afraid. Hotels easier to address such problems.

Sheboldasik 29.ten.2014

Yes, Annie, I agree, the hotels are easier in the sense that you always have a person to whom you can go and finish or from which money requires. With airbnb, sometimes it comes to the point that the owner does not see at all, even when settling, and in any case, all the money issues are discussed only with the site, and this is someone unknown and invisible. It remains only every time hope that everything will be ok and read carefully reviews. If they are not at all or one or two – it is better not to risk, or be prepared for something that will not like something. For example, for us it is not a big problem, because we constantly change the places and are accustomed to almost everything, but when you are waiting for a vacation and go somewhere for a couple of weeks, problems, negative and proceedings at all.

Anna thirty.ten.2014

For a short period, I would not be bored at all.

I can withstand everything except dirt, lack of shower and spell 🙂

Sheboldasik 29.ten.2014

Lily, you see, once again not falls)) Well, even in Mexico everything is fine! In the States you, of course, the terrible horror turned out, also for such money! Lucky that at least did not lose anything in the end, except for nerves.

Under the new year yes, without surprises it is not. Mexes, probably, for these holidays for a year ahead earn)) the price is old, probably leave as bait. I think they understand that tourists there will be nowhere to go and they will remove everything at the price that they will voic.

Write later, you will like the apartment in Playa, which they removed or not? I would like to believe that there will be no surprises))

they have everything for a year ahead, it’s some kind of kapets))

But at the same time, the calendar hangs on the site "All dates are available"

Sheboldasik 31.ten.2014

Very similar to Mexican irresponsibility to which many complains ((

Tanya 07.eleven.2014

I read your article and think, cancel chtoli reservation on the booking yes to get the apartment in Innsbruck.Booking unpaid costs 68 euros, it is 4000r, and the option on this site is 3622 rubles, but if you give a discount on the first booking $ 25, then the apartment will cost me 2500r.The benefit is obvious, especially in comparison with the caphrine that I booked on Bucking.How can you get this discount of $ 25, I will immediately have after registration on the site?

Well, I had to climb Google to see what "Innsbruck" is 🙂

Discount will be counted in the reservation process. You are planning to shoot an apartment for one day? It is necessary to clarify that $ 25 is given only once.

Tanya 07.eleven.2014

Yes, I need for 1 day .I registered, wrote a letter to the owner of the apartment.During registration it is written that I was given a coupon for 20 euros.But so far I did not go to payment and I do not know if there will be such a discount or not.But I would love.

I think everything will be fine. Discount is indicated already during the payment process, when calculating the ultimate cost.

Tatiana 01.02.2016

Innsbruck – Austria, Tyrol, there Olympic games were! Very beautiful city, like everything in Austria! I highly recommend visiting there.

Be sure to visit! At least I want to do it.

We are already thinking about summer. We want to France on the sea. Here, I think to look through AIRNB apartments, but somehow it is afraid. We want for 1-2 months, the whole crowd with parents and children, that is, the house is probably needed. Most of all worries that if we don’t like something according to the result, then such a crowd runs on the coast it will be inconvenient. We still have never been filmed, only hotels or relatives lived. And there are some guarantees that I, for example, list the money, and me a week before leaving the owner will write that he changed his mind? Money can return and return, and where I will find something new for the week at the same price?

Honestly, we have never encountered the owner with the owner, but it is possible to be purely technically possible. I think everything needs to be discussed with a specific owner, but the guarantees for the fact that he does not change his mind at the last moment, of course, no. Apparently, you can only hope for intuition and honesty of the owner.

As for money – yes, you must return, t.To. They are stored at airbnb and the owner is translated only in a day after check-in.

Eh, how many times I looked at this service, looked after, but always the conditions and the main amount I liked more in hotels on the same booking (looked in Europe). Yes, the hotel is not a whole apartment, but you can always take with you at least a mini-kettle – and somehow more comfortable to sit in the evening. And so – these deposits, freezing on the map, will meet, do not meet. But the truth is before the trip every time I look through – and suddenly there is such an option that will be with an interesting price – then it is possible to proxize. In the meantime, still hotels well, or if for a long time – search for housing in place.

Sheboldasik twenty.eleven.2014

Anna, welcome! I am glad to see you with us)). But we are not picky at all, so it’s not difficult to choose something. In Mexico 50 to 50: then on airbnb is better, then hotels. Here, probably how lucky. When we’re going somewhere, always first look at the options on this service, and then, if you do not find – we have been looking for hotels, they celebrate them on the map and then we first select what you like. Never left a deposit, because there were no such requirements. And in suggestions in Europe always prescribe the need to leave a deposit?

Everywhere in Europe, where I looked – there was a requirement to pay some amount before the entrance, which, as a rule, does not return. It all depends on the terms of the armor, but those apartments that came to me – they all had strict booking conditions, that is, the deposit was not returned, well, and plus all these additional costs. It is written in large fonts one cost, then there can be an additional service commission, then there may be a cost of cleaning. I do not like when I can not guarantee knowledge of the exact amount.

But mexico you guys were seduced, so there can be an option with an apartment!

Sheboldasik 21.eleven.2014

Anna, I think you just understood a little wrong. Before entering you pay a fully accommodation. If the conditions are strict, then the money is not returned only if you refuse to settle less than seven days before the alleged time of arrival. If everything is according to plan, you are settled, live, then everything, the money goes to the owner and everything, everyone is satisfied. This is not a deposit, this is a payment for accommodation. Some owners have a deposit for the safety of the property, but it also returns after the departure, unless, of course, you will not break anything and spoil. So I don’t really understand what you mean under the amount that does not return.

For additional costs. Yes, the site takes some percentage for your services, plus some additionally pays for cleaning, but this money is always shown and never is a secret. That is, when viewing a specific option, the full amount you pay, if you decide to stop in this place. Let’s compare with the same bucking: for example, in Mexico for hotels, amounts are shown per day, but below small letters signed that the price does not include VAT and urban tax, and this is also + 19% (!). The total cost is shown only when you move to payment. So it turns out, consider himself in mind how much there will be a number in the end.

So the pros and cons is everywhere. Maybe really happen to happen to airbnb, try and you like it. Or on the contrary, make sure that this service is not for you))

Oh)) I understood correctly, but it turned out wrong)) In general, yes, but they still don’t like them very much)) these amounts – for cleaning, for services, different conditions – all this unsuccessfully causes mathematics in me) ) And I – never mathematician. Yes, on booking and similar in some countries, different taxes write nearby – but it is always one number, maximum two. And plus they are often the same in the country. For example, in Dubai almost everywhere tax does not include, you can navigate. And in Thailand the same – almost everywhere include. And in Airbnb – each apartment is its own rules, so while for me personally in terms of money-time they lose hotels. But who knows what will happen next))

Sheboldasik 26.eleven.2014

Yes, as they say, each his own)) airbnb is more relevant for those who go to one place and for a long time. We are on this site rent an apartment when you stop somewhere longer,. than one or two weeks. Of course, bother for 1-2-3 days no sense, it’s easier to remove the hotel.

On Bucking, too, you can rent an apartment. These will be the so-called apartments, t.E. Apartment specially designed for rent. Now it seems to me all sites for renting housing rental are actively replenished with previously not profile suggestions for them. On Buking, you can already have a house in the campsite to book. The base on campsites they have of course still small, but I think it is just.

Sheboldasik twenty.eleven.2014

I have not seen this yet, it will be necessary to curb. Probably expand their base. thanks for the information!

In general, in relation to hotels in all places where we were, the best option was to search. On this, of course, you need time and desire, but in terms of the budget it almost always pays off. First, you always see where you will live, secondly, you can agree on a discount, if you stop, let’s say more than for three days.

We use constantly) From what I remember:

Night in Valencia on 2 – 10 €

Six days in Bilbao – 140 €

But in some cities on the booking better suggestions were:

Girona three days, apartments in the center – 120, instead of 200 on other days!

Madrid Hostel in the center for 3 days – 60, there, however, with calculations made a mistake at the reception and we spend the night for free.

Burgos 4 * with breakfast 40 € instead of 80 to other days!

From the minuses of AirBNB – you need to book in advance, for example, on the same day, it is almost impossible to find a good option, and the owners do not always respond quickly, often there are no good options, but there is no information on the site.

And minus – pay the whole amount immediately. There is an option to book for one night, and then extend, but often good options quickly book.

And a couple more minuses – few sentences and many owners frankly bravely and for the killed storage room asked for 5 *!

Maybe the situation is different in La, but in Spain so.

And the owners do not always pay taxes, or rather almost do not pay and in Catalonia there was a big scandal with the site up to closure, because guests do not pay tourist tax. For users, the lack of taxes – the price is lower, everything is better. However and cover can.

Sheboldasik 09.12.2014

Sasha, thanks for the comment! Agree with all comments and additions! We, too, sometimes on booking found suggestions better or just found there, where Airbnb did not give anything.

I think in Europe with this service a somewhat different situation than, for example, we have now in Mexico. Still there and demand more, and book more and more actively. I don’t know about taxes, probably in different countries in different ways.

Since RBNB experience was the only one – in La settled into a chic pent house, full of homosexuals. escaped, thank God, but since then – RBNB Nini.

Yeah, you can find any accommodation at Airbnb. Really in the description of that pent-house did not say anything about what awaits you?

I noticed that the Iirbn is usually all sorts of LGBT and other communities and other sympathizers love to warn. Everything could not understand why? I, for example, deeply anyway, what orientation people around. Especially if communication with them can be reduced to "hello-dating". However, yes, many people who my glance is unlikely to share.

If there was a building, goodbye – this is one

And so the first thing that I met in the apartment is a hugged couple m&M’s without all, having fun inhabiting reasons.

The apartment chose a friend who was behind the naval turret, I was driving (drove through Route 66), he did not pay attention to "Little Queer", Well, a bit strange, well, sho.

You have a wonderful blog, I learned a lot to the places that I still plan to visit, thank you very much.

Wow, cheerful place, however. Perhaps really strange 🙂

Glad that blog like. We are just trying to do it in the form of a guide – the more useful, the better.

Kristina 16.06.2015

Hello, tell me more details from cancellation, since I’m new. I did not quite understand how to change booking, that is, I need to cancel one last night stay, how to do it ? thanks for the answer !

Sheboldasik 16.06.2015

Christina, Hello. You can contact this issue directly to the owner of the housing and agree on changing dates. He himself can make changes. Unilaterally, you can only completely cancel all booking (if the deadlines and conditions of cancellation allow you to do this without loss) and place a new on the desired dates. I advise you to discuss everything with the owner, it may be easier.

Kristina 16.06.2015

When canceling the reservation, how soon will make money on the map? And I also read that if the guest decided to leave before, it is necessary to report to the owner and the amount will return overnight. Just how to do it through airbnb.

Sheboldasik 16.06.2015

Regarding the return of money for the remaining day: if you do not solve this issue in advance, and let the owner 24 hours before departure, return the remaining money or not, will depend on the booking conditions that are prescribed on the housing page. They can be flexible, strict and moderate, read the details here https: // www.Airbnb.RU / HOME / CAN. Cies # STRICT. How soon will the money come, I do not know.

Cool service. I really like.

Out of 10 bookings, one caught not a very good apartment, in other cases, it was all or as described in the photo or even better.

But there is a risk, yes. It is always there, and the hotels sometimes attach cool, but in fact it turns out a clock)))

Sheboldasik 26.06.2015

We also constantly used airbnb while traveling. There were no significant problems. For me personally, in many cases, the pros are obvious – the price, additional buns in the form of kitchens, styal and pr., Yes, and just mentally in many cases.

Alyona 04.ten.2015

Hello! Please tell me when you change the country, in the column "Billing Address" what you write? Russian address?

Hello, Alena. Where you see this graph at what stage? We only indicated the requisites of our card for payment once, they also indicated "Russia" and all, nothing more changed.

Alyona 04.ten.2015

And one more question, if it is not difficult, please answer. Give a link where to write in the case of payment booking. My bank invites me to make a payment by breaking it for two amounts. I do not know who to contact AirBNB to implement this transaction.

I’m afraid we do not tell me, did not come across such. The Russian-language airbnb has a group in contact, so if they are registered there, you can set this question: https: // vk.com / airbnb

Hello Alain.I think you have long decided the question, but I wonder how?With payment from a Russian account or map in Europe often have problems..

I think this question can be solved by smaking a stay on the part and having agreed with the owner of the housing.

I myself often use the service in France on the coast in the summer and in the winter mountains in T.C. and as a receiving party and very pleased with it

Irina 15.12.2015

Please specify if you can.

I’m going to go on vacation with my husband. I registered on the airbnb and chose a room . She

designed for 2 people. This means that I pay the cost of the room and I can come together

with her husband or for him it is necessary to pay separately, as for the 2nd guest? thanks for the answer.

Sheboldasik 15.12.2015

All conditions must be spelled out in the ad. The final value is calculated automatically for the whole room. Further see section "Prices". Two options are possible: prices can be written in prices "Surcharge for each subsequent guest: free" Or, for example, "Supplement for each follow-up guest: $ 8 / night after the first guest". That is, if one person costs 10 dollars on one person, then when renting for two, it will cost $ 18 (so when searching immediately specify the number of guests – 2 and get the final cost, even if some surcharges are provided for the second person). If you doubt something, you’dably write the owner and check all the points of interest, and after decorated booking and paying the room.

Elvira 23.01.2016

I had a very positive rental experience in the site in Italy. The owner was the carrier, the Council to us where to go and what to see better guidebooks. Cleaning and change of linen was constantly (extra for it did not pay). The cost was low. Everything that was in the description corresponded to reality. But I very carefully read all the information and good numerous reviews were for me decisive in choosing housing.

Sheboldasik 25.01.2016

Thank you for sharing our positive experience. For the time being many more doubts, to use AirbnB as an alternative to familiar hotels or not, but thanks to such reviews, I think that will be more and more. We also have been satisfied with this service, so we recommend it with pleasure)) As you wrote correctly, the main thing is to carefully examine all the information so that there are no unpleasant surprises on arrival.

Olga ten.02.2016

Hello, the first time registered, received a bonus of 18 euros. If I book an apartment for July (this is the season, and the price per apartment is gorgeous), the conditions are canceled flexible.. Service Collection 25EVRO. So suddenly it will happen that the trip will cancel, when canceling the booking, the collection will hold 25 euros and the bonus will not return or hold the amount with a deduction of the bonus (25th collection – Bonus 18), t.E. 7 Euro? sorry, of course, if you lose 25 euros. Booking is more convenient in terms of free cancellation.

Sheboldasik ten.02.2016

Olga, Hello! Service fee will not be returned, t.To. This is a fee for the work of the AirBNB website, which will fulfill its duties (will help you find the appropriate option, book it and t.D.). Canceling the trip does not cancel the service performed, so the collection is not refundable. As for the bonus, he will be taken into account when paying automatically, if the total amount will be more than $ 75, t.e will initially pay less than 18 euros and then they will not be taken into account.

Olga ten.02.2016

Sheboldasik ten.02.2016

You’re welcome! There will be more questions – ask.

Igor 15.03.2016

For many years I use the services of Arnbnb. Only in France. What can I say. The French are terrible dirty. Many times washed over the bedside tables and under the beds the ten-centimeter dust, the outlets are almost always broken and on snot, bed linen in stains, refrigerators often with mold of ten-year-old, plinths and wires in a web and this is just what I remembered, living in the last housing, and After all, the hostess were all 45 excellent reviews. As a result, I passing an apartment I soap all right five hours. In order not to let God not fined, removed the deposits of dust and exposed to the brilliance of the cranes. It was noisy, from seven o’clock the elevator walked the chakown and the cars were parked outside the window, from 45 reviews no one wrote! Always all the apartments (and I lived in many) clogged, the water in the sink does not pass, but in no one can even. But I need good reviews in my profile, so I wrote only a good owner (by the way, I could not sleep first night, the springs were sticking out, I had to look for a few blankets and close the springs), she wrote to me in response that such a clean apartment did not see for a long time and recommends me very very. Ha, of course, washed even black window sills and scary dirty washing. But despite this, already twice the site blocked my profiles and my reservations, without explaining the reasons . Maybe because I almost did not use the year? I do not even know. In short, I do not recommend and reviews help. Want to remove one day before arrival, they want to write nasty, which is not removed. Now, on the day of arrival, there is always a photo of shoals and dust, and after cleaning also, proving that I was removed, and the owner passed the garbage, so that there were no problems, now I still think it was still to grab (there were cases that dirty underwear were given for clean and non-working The microwave was hanging at me, so check all everything while settled and make a record hidden or open, often there is no hot water, too, ask for the owners at once)

Wow, as in France everything is difficult. However, since many years use the service, it is obviously the best option? In my opinion, reviews need to write honest to help other people. By the way, as far as I remember, the owner does not see your feedback until he leaves her about you. Maybe something confused, but it seems so it was – we didn’t pay much attention and always wrote to all honestly. However, we were constantly lucky in the States and Mexico, there were almost always good apartments / rooms.

About non-working devices – everything is true, just in case it is better to check and immediately speak if something does not work. In such cases, we always fixed everything quickly or I apologized for a long time and somehow decided to solve the problem.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Igor! That’s just you know? The text for some reason from the female name.

Anna 16.03.2016

Anna 16.03.2016

We knew that we would please our own order of the hostess. And she also had a book of reviews on the table, we wrote good there. About the sockets have grown up, the springs have grown up, the five-year-old dust has grown. Because one hundred and more expensive then create a new account. We have good reviews on old. I think that the tours race for feedback makes such a single sides perception. And fear of everything.

Anna eighteen.03.2016

By the way, it is impossible to negotiate with the owners directly and extend the period of staying for cash. We were fined for this in August last year and banned us and that owner. You only need to write everything through the site and pay there. There will be more expensive this one last day, but according to the rules! Cash holder is the way to remove account.

Sheboldasik twenty.03.2016

Anna, of course, did not do that, but curious who and how he learns that you agreed with the owner outside the site?

Anna twenty.03.2016

I do not know how they found out.

But you try, and find out.

Sheboldasik twenty.03.2016

Thanks for the advice, but somehow there is no desire to get a ban, saving several hundred rubles)) I thought, you know, once already turned out in such a situation.

Anna 21.03.2016

Arnbnb is a non-cash site!

If he had been cash, then you could pay for the first day for cash!

But the rules have rules and violators waiting for removal.

It does not happen that you can cross the solid in the evening, and in the morning it is impossible, the rules are united for all days of living and these rules without payment.

Sergey 08.08.2016

You mislead readers. You paid through the Eirbnb to some number, say for 1 night. Paid by the Commission. On this contractual relationship with the Eirbnb ended. If after that you made friends with the owners and decided to stay with them for half a year – these are your contractual relations and the Eirbn BND in any way affect them

No one knows if the information on the dullness of the participants does not go beyond the room where collusion occurs. It is impossible to agree in advance: technically impossible, t.To. no in the open form of contacts of participants and banyat references to third-party resources. Yes Careful host and will not be from the threshold to drive cramole dialogs. But in the course of communication, it is quite possible to place a person to yourself and make a question personally.

Anna, KMK, – Slended Cossack with AirBNB. 🙂

As for "45 Positive feedback", then I am regularly coming to AVITO "without pale" suggestions to make pseudo-boning money and leave enthusiastic reviews. I am sure that this is a widespread phenomenon.

It is also worth remembering that the exaggeration of feedback is a long-known trouble of any social network, Hospitality Exchange in particular, t.To. No one wants to offend anyone (a) and / or to bring inadequate anger with the consequences for personal rating (b).

P.S. In general, it strains that the capitalist wolf rolls into a communist sheep’s skin: In this case, the project stupid-pro-grandmother-without taxes Airbnb is taken away with all this Hospitality-Mishur (in his case false) in the spirit of Couchsurfing.

Interesting site. I’ll try to take advantage of when I go to the work trip. THX

Sheboldasik 25.03.2016

You’re welcome! Try, great probability that you like))

Olga 28.03.2016

Please tell me, and in Thailand somebody had a housing rental experience? In Pattaya. And then I and the child will come and you will spend the night on the street. I understand that the money will be returned, but before that it is necessary to somehow live

Alas, we still did not know about Eirbnb, nothing to share. Yes, and in Pattaya were not. However, there was no problem with housing somehow, it is unlikely to stay on the street at any scenario – wherever there are tourists, a sea of ​​all of a different housing in walking distance from each other.

BBB 07.04.2016

Booking.COM also takes the commission, and their commission is 4 times more

Nelly Butenko 17.04.2016

Tell me, please, why the price of the apartment is hanging in the tape, on the page the same, however, when I enter the booking page under the preliminary calculation of the price one and a half times higher than the specified?

Sheboldasik eighteen.04.2016

It is necessary to watch carefully, for which additional cost is added: it can be a service charge for AirBNB services, an additional cleaning fee (not found in all owners, but a non-discovered phenomenon), sometimes the price is indicated for 1 guest, and inside the announcement is spelled out that second guest and t.D. An additional charge is provided (it is very rare), also some owners take a deposit for the safety of property. So you need from and before viewing, which is included in the price, and what is not and selecting the most favorable offers, where it is additionally taken, let’s say, only the collection of AirBNB, from which in any case do not leave.

Nelly Butenko eighteen.04.2016

There is another situation … I painted like this:

4000 x 6 nights = 24000

Cleaning fee = 2000

AirBNB = 3000 services fee

It seems everything is clear, but! On the page and in the tape, the price per day is not 4000, but for example 3500. If 500 R. – collection of the site, then why wear 3000 collection in a separate line? And summarize all together.

I tried to see some other apartments and completely confused … In some calculations, the price remains the same per day, in some it becomes higher, as I was, and in one at all on 150 rubles. lower than on the owner’s page! I don’t understand anything at all.. Well, everywhere, of course, this line remains with the AirBNB Commission, which is considered separately.

Sheboldasik eighteen.04.2016

Most likely in your situation there is an extra charge for the next guest (sometimes after the first guest, but more often after the second). In this case, the amount of automatic will increase. Although if you initially indicated 2 guests, then the amount must already be general. See section "Prices", there it is all described, in airbnb there are definitely there are no hidden sums, everything is always spelled out. For example, it may be like this: "Surcharge for each subsequent guest: free" or 5, 10, 15 $ and t.D. Less amount may be at the expense of discounts, informed if you rent for a week and longer than the hosts give a discount.

Send me a link specifically at the accommodation with which the problem arose, the number of guests and the date, I will try to see what may be wrong there.

Nelly Butenko 19.04.2016

But the fact is that I not only change with this apartment.. 1 guest, 1 Aug -9 Aug. Price on page 3359, and in the calculation – 4747. I tried to put one night, the price as much as something with something. Well, you need to live there that pay 3359, if the maximum of 8 nights?

Sheboldasik 19.04.2016

Understood what’s the matter. Before entering specific dates, the price was $ 49 per night. After specifying dates 1-9 August, the price has become above. This is due to the fact that summer is a high season and for this period the hosts set higher prices, and if on weekdays cost $ 79, then on weekends even higher – $ 89 and when calculating the average price per day (in your case 82 $ a day). Need to watch the calendar on the page, there all this is.

Svetlana 23.04.2016

good day! Please tell me, and my husband and I have been planning a trip across Russia, I would like to use Eirbnb. I registered on the site in my name (communicated with the owners and t.e), and the bank card is only a husband 🙂 It matters when paying is a coincidence of the name of the questionnaire and the name of the card holder?

Sheboldasik 23.04.2016

It does not matter. We have the same story – an account on my name, and you are often paid by Andrew’s card.

Svetlana 25.04.2016

Thank you very much for the answer 🙂 And more such a question is, it is possible to disturb the absence of a passport confirmation? We write on the site that money will list the owner in a day after the settlement, to make sure that everyone is satisfied. But how do they find out? If the disputed situation arises, we ourselves should call in those. support until money transfer?

Sheboldasik 25.04.2016

Yes that’s right. Money is listed in a day automatically, if no complaints were received before. So if something does not agree with something or something wrong, do not postpone the proceedings in a long box, immediately write in airbnb.

good day. We really liked your review and we placed a link to our official project site "The Tree – Stunning Web Applications" http: // the-tree.RU /

Alexandra 03.06.2016

Dear author! Tell me, please, today came the message that the owner of the apartment has changed the price and now wants surcharges almost twice, 5 days left before the trip. I booked three months ago. And now, at the same time, the ABNB service requests consent to the rules. I do not want to press agrees, I’m afraid that means that I am . Please tell me how you can do in this case ? thanks in advance

I apologize for a non-discovered answer, now on the trip – with the Internet it does not matter. To be honest, with this situation themselves did not come across and say exactly what and how I can not do. Contact AIRBNB support (with their conditions you can agree, they are not related to specific bookings and hosts). For example, VKontakte has an official group, where they will help solve the problem: http: // VK.com / airbnbhelp

Wish you luck!

Helena 09.06.2016

On this site I have a very sad experience. I am Hamaika apartments, people lived with me 5 days, and I never got the money. Contact the site itself unreal.The problem is solved for a very long time, once a day they feed me with some kind of letters like "We are all solutions". Bucking 100 times better there never had problems (thank God). People i can’t fuck. the ad took off from the site and will no longer enjoy them. Kapets some kind.

Sheboldasik 12.06.2016

Elena, I agree, it happens both positive experience and negative, including not only among travelers, but, as it turns out, the owners. It is always unpleasant. But while AIRBNB is still more good reviews.

Hello colleagues! You still have a search form AirBNB – you yourself somehow configured or exclusive conditions? I have all partner promotional materials on AirBNB throw away the shipyard after serving the service from TravelPayouts.Com.

Sheboldasik 12.06.2016

Hi, Daniel! Did nothing, redirection on the airbnb goes, but the affiliate does not work – visits are not taken into account, income are not accrued. Do not touch yet, because it’s just no time to redo something else. Why someone goes redirection to the hail, and someone does not know – I don’t know.

Yana 28.08.2016

14 Pros and 9 minuses rental housing with Airbnb Part 2

And I have a negative experience. I am the hostess. I have a private house and I rent great rooms in it. On the part of guests only positive feedback. But for some reason I was blocked, and I did not even get all the money earned for 8 armor. Since the card for payments takesout 2 weeks, and only these two weeks I have been registered. I barely achieved me to answer my complaint about blocking an account. But I wrote some kind of nonsense (I honestly did not understand) and they said that I can’t pick up my money! Here is such an experience. Worked for free.

Sheboldasik 29.08.2016

Hello, Yana! It is a pity that you are not lucky with AirBNB, unfortunately, there are everywhere everywhere. Maybe you have broken some rules of the project? If not, it is very strange why you were blocked.

Viy thirty.09.2016

I tried airbnb – and now everyone will recommend not to use it.

Within one and a half weeks changed 3 hosts in Los Angeles and this is what impressions:

1) master bedroom with San. node on the 2nd floor of townhouse.

Expectations: Purity 4.5 * Mistress 5 *

Plus: Quiet place.

Minus: dirty towels, dust, shower not cleaned, probably never. Bed linen had to buy himself.

Outcome: Cleanliness 1 * Mistress 2 * (I was surprised when I showed her towels – and what, dear, you snapped to me? Fools Looking? From the kitchen sometimes you can leave to give dinner to guests!)

2) master bedroom with San. node B "Luxury Apartments"

Expectations: Purity 4.5 * Host 4.5 *

Plus: really suite. Apartments in the original configuration.

Minus: There are no keys from one door, a dog can walk on a guest bed.

Outcome: Clean 1 * Master 1 * (I did not even see it, I was letting and released him). Of course, I refused to live in Schrel and went to the hotel. Yes, it is 2 times more expensive, but there is clean and any question we decide right away in place. Now it is necessary to return the money, for staying in the AirbnB place, I do not agree anything, at all.

3) master bedroom with San. node in ordinary apartment

Expectations: Cleanliness 5 * Host 5 * Reviews enthusiastic (more than good)

Plus: This option is better than 1 and 2.

Minus: the owner has a girlfriend, so when they "tell each other for the night of fairy tales" – I better be somewhere. Key on all only 1. Hot water in the soul heats half an hour – while I figured out, I had to wash under practically cold water (nothing terrible and, maybe even useful, but you could warn about it). There are no hangers in the closet (took with you, OK).

Outcome: Purity 4 * (the same unproken stains on one of the towels) Host 3 * (there are things that you need to warn. It is impossible to say that he lied – he just did not say everything, but it is not easier for me and confidence is undermined).

Conclusion: If there is an opportunity, then it is better to exclude the AirBNB service and to him like travel planning. Best Impressions – from the hotel. He was twice as expensive, but it was a normal place for people. In Airbnb, it seems, they are more trying to catch Lokhov, who in the 21st century are ready to rent an inflatable mattress in the room.

It is a pity that you have such a negative experience of interaction with AirBNB. Just not lucky with the owners obviously. Judging by the description, you wanted to live in a separate hotel room, while booking room. Alas, this option is good only to save money, but not for comfort (if you do not want to communicate with someone, including pets). If the hosts are not very caring, helpful and neat, then such accommodation can really turn into torture, you are absolutely right. However, removing the rooms, apartments, it is necessary to understand that this is still not a hotel with hiking staff, but renting temporary housing from ordinary people.

Irina 25.01.2018

I agree with you 100 percent! Her husband in Spain fell into a similar situation, with what the reviews were positive sea about the housing, which we removed, on arrival ! Question – who writes these reviews and why do it. Tomorrow come to the hotel. Vacation poured..

I used the site, but they have an unjustified blocking of the account even if you have already paid housing . Without an explanation of the reasons, and even with those people with whom they collaborated for a long time and those who have a bunch of positive feedback . The service was not always gorgeous ! Colorful photos were an order of magnitude more attractive, and God with them, will not survive with such orders this service for a long time. Disresponsive attitude to customers and to their funds in bank cards.

Is it completely unfortunately blocked by an account? Not explaining anything? Didn’t you fluffy with bonuses, cash of money or something else? You handed over or filmed housing? There are at least some assumptions why they blocked? Perhaps your experience will be useful to someone, and we including.

Honestly, for the first time I hear. There were cases when people blocked accounts (read about it in the forums), but in all cases themselves were to blame, tried to bypass existing rules. I do not know if they were warned from technical support about blocking. Personally, we did not come across such, although you booked ten ten times in different countries. In general, experience is positive, it was only a couple of cases recently in Europe, when problems arose with the owners (once they could not talk, in another case a dirty joined apartment was caught somewhere in France). When there was a problem with the settlement, we were contacted from technical support, offered their help to find alternative housing, financial compensation – in general, technical support was at the height.

Marina eighteen.eleven.2016

Please tell me. Booked an airbnb room, the hostess said that "she on vacation will be next week and we will come up with something!". I don’t need something, I need to be sure that I will go into my room in the requested day and I will live there for 2 weeks during a business trip. As a result, I blocked a transaction in PayPal. What’s next? If I cancel the reservation, then you need to pay the AIRBNB Commission. And as AIRBNB will remove the commission if PayPal is blocked? thanks.

Sheboldasik 19.eleven.2016

Ask your question in the Airbnb group HTTPS: // VK.com / airbnbhelp, there you will answer people competent in this issue.

Helena thirty.eleven.2016

Guys, thank you so much for useful information about AirBNB! Your advice on booking hotels was very useful!

Sheboldasik 28.01.2017

Elena, very happy! To write articles))

Tatiana 29.12.2016

Very disappointed by the work of the AirBNB website. I did not know that there is such a deception.

Three months ago, in October, booked a housing through them. And one day already

took advantage of their service, so it was not worried at all. The owner confirmed

Booking, the total cost. I’m with "Light heart" Book

Flights and quietly waited for the upcoming holiday. Suddenly today, in three months

After booking, the owner cancels the reservation. The price for housing will be different. Return me

money. Not very nice, though. I already bought tickets, they are irrevocable. So I understand,

that the owner at any time can play back. When he confirmed my reservation,

He saw the cost of booking. I calculated this trip, and now I lost

Money for tickets. It turns out, no one is responsible for this "My joy" Does not carry,

besides me. Now I do not think that it is convenient and pleasant to use this site.

I call what happened to me.

Sheboldasik 28.01.2017

Hello Tatiana! Unfortunately, all sorts of unpleasant focuses happen and no one is insured. We also had one not quite a pleasant moment associated with Airbnb – the owner left his girlfriend keys (she had to populate us), and something happened to the keys and could not open the door. I had to urgently look for another accommodation – and this is time, money and t.D. However, the blame is especially no one. I can only say that positive moments from using this service are much more than negative, and the lining is possible everywhere. Use or not – the personal matter of everyone. But if you are not lucky, it does not mean that it should not be lucky and everyone. Therefore, in my opinion, even despite the many negative reviews, people enjoy and will continue to use Airbnb.

Tatiana Elite Tattoo Sochi 21.03.2021

This is what is called dishonestly. Happens on both sides. The service here is not exactly what can punish those who cancel the reservation. You will write up $ 100, if it comforts you.

Marina 07.01.2017

I also have experience on airbnb as negative, seasoned apartments several times, arriving at rest, it turned out that the photo does not correspond to reality. Refused to population and drove to the hotel. After correspondence with airband, the money was not removed from PayPal T.To. They are removed only the next day after settling.

So and positive, a few times successfully filmed with friends + We rent our apartments on the shores of the largest and picturesque lake Italy – Garda C 2012, so I continue to use. By the way, if you want to visit this picturesque place, write to me in the social network on the Facebook;)

I will use the case and invite you to pamper yourself with rest in our comfortable tourist apartments – contact!

Riva Del Garda – Italia

Sheboldasik 28.01.2017

Just about it just wrote the previous comment))

Alexander 07.03.2017

Quality of service drops.

I am extremely dissatisfied.

I rent a villa in Egypt.

My account is blocked, because of some kind of safety for me.

Guest came to me, through service Airbnb, but the money remained in the locked account. On your bank account, I could not translate.

In the contact center on the phone in Moscow and the United States for a few days the head of the head, someone redirect my applications. Promise to settle. But so far to no avail.

For this reason, I will have to explain to the guest that he is best to search for another accommodation for rent.

Andrey ten.03.2017

I am the user of the site like the owner of housing. Site – Deceiver in my opinion. Guest from the site has lived half a day in alternative housing at a discount (I gave him in cash when settling) and did not pay at all. Keys threw out and wrote sms that he found something else. And the site workers refused to pay money. Apartment turned upside down! Therefore, if in case of unforeseen circumstances, you can not cast, it is better to immediately cancel the reservation. Better I recommend not working with the site.

Olga 01.04.2017

I like housing housing I have a positive experience. So far, no unforeseen or negative situations happened, everything goes well – guests are interesting people, I am pleased to communicate with them, from this site decent and neat (smoking only once smoked, although they smoked out on the street, but very often and slightly inaccurate) but the sensation of security in working with guests I still have no. I am open for them (and my housing) by 100 percent, and those who come for me – mystery

Garik 04.04.2017

I am the master on the airbnb website and cooperate for more than two years now, as I made guests accepted after I received payment on my bank account by international translation, I paid the site in March, but I did not receive it until. Called in their service but they say that they say that my request is noted in the appropriate department that is responsible for transferring funds, but they are not a letter from them not to call no explanation. The contact number of the relevant department also does not provide. Guests come to live and I worry that the upcoming translations can also be recipient and no one to seek search for funds. If anyone can help me with the Council it would be wonderful.

Michael 17.05.2017

My personal experience of renting an apartment through AirBNB:

In the evening, about ten in the evening a guest settled. The next day I go to the post office and find out that the guest in 23-30 complained the site administration to the "unsanitary" state of the apartment. I was given an hour to eliminate complaints. Only at this time I slept. And half the first night they canceled the reservation. Returning all the money.

I was outraged a number of factors:

-The guest had my phone and, if you wish to solve the problem, he could contact me personally. But obviously he just had to spend the night for free.

-The keys to the apartment he did not return. Just did not take the phone, I had to completely change the locks.

-The photos that he put to his claim (with a broken toilet and dirty dishes in the sink) were not even my apartment!

-After herself the guest left a broken chair and a broken plate.

But it was not possible to solve the issue with the site. At first request, they answered: "-We strictly follow the sanitary condition of the premises surrendered" and gave a reference to the sanitary requirements indicated on their website.

On a repeated request for broken things and fictitious photos, I was answered: "- I carefully considered your claim and leave the former decision in force".

By the way, here you and Lifehak how to spend the night completely free. Enter the apartment, pick up lime photos with an unsanitary apartment, send a claim at night, so that the owner cannot respond quickly to it and run away with a full wallet, but unfortunately without clean conscience.

Vikki 07.07.2017

Terrible Site! We used the first and last time! During the trip, everything was fine, the apartment corresponded to the photo. We behaved like quiet and apartment supported clean condition as possible at the resort in Spain. By arrival, the hostess wrote in the revocation that we left dirt and drops of fat after yourself on the stove! And this is $ 600 per week. You can imagine it, drops of fat on the stove! That is, according to the ideas of man, we like guests were to shake around her plate and run with a blizzard in the apartment! Or a person does not remove after guests? As a result, I can’t even answer her a comment on a personal message (everything was booked 100 years ahead), since I was only the inscribed guest, and my fellow traveler deleted my account from this site. In general, if you want to get such an experience-this site for you. Support service absolutely does not respond to such complaints. When booking housing, the initially stated amount hires all sorts of fees, and it is more from the initial cost. The site is simply designed to knock out money and no concern for those who bring this money to them!

Not lucky with the owners – it happens, although rarely, I think. Surprisingly, as far as our own experience is different from your. It is a pity that you have so happened – the first (and the last, apparently) pancake. Fat on the stove is, of course, already marasm. You paid for housing and used them. Many owners have even a separate item – payment of cleaning (paid when booking), so those generally sin complain about the dirt left (within reasonable limits, of course).

Strange why you can not write the hostess – personal messages can be exchanged regardless of employment.

Tens of time we booked housing in different countries to Eirbnb and only once there was a problem with the owner (with the settlement). And then in the event of the support service tried to help in every way and with the selection of alternative housing, and compensation.

By the way, the airbnb has a good support service in contact, we set some questions several times and we answered very quickly and thoughtfully: https: // vk.com / airbnbhelp

By the way, now I am writing a comment from Cappadocia right now, from the hotel booked on AirBNB;)

Lena 22.07.2017

Guys, thank you for articles! 🙂

Tell me, and in Mexico City, you did not book accommodation through this site?

Sergey 02.08.2017

The most stupid service I’ve ever seen. I tried to order an apartment in Stockholm received about 10 failures, and decided to finish the experiment on it. In addition, reading reviews almost all apartments were cases that in a few days was denied. And what to sleep on the street? Better Bucking, always confident that for the extra 50s you will get what I ordered. And if they refuse to subsequently, as it was in Paris, Bucking offers the best replacement for the same money.

And the article is likely to registered.

Elena 13.01.2018

Maybe you have no reviews or photos on avatar owners do not like)) If you first book, then failures can be. You for hosts – a cat in a bag..

Very curious, for the first time I hear from someone that he denied 10 times. Apparently, something is wrong with your profile, something in it was embarrassed by people.

The article is not custom-made, no one paid for her.

Svetlana 27.08.2017

good day. Registered real estate on the AIRBNB website in early August of this year. A lot of orders arrived. Many guests paid, lived and have already left. But I did not get money for their stay. According to the new rules of the site, new owners receive the first payout only in a month. The amount I have to pay the AIRBNB website is almost 2000 euros! What are me guarantees that I will get this money?! On what basis the site has entered such rules? My apartment is officially registered tourist accommodation with a tourist license number. Did someone have such experience? Asset is legitimate? What to do in such a situation? Sincerely, Svetlana.

Svetlana, it seems to me that you have not written to the address. We have described our experience in using Airbnb as customers, so we will not be able to answer your questions. I think the rules for using the service you confirmed during registration and in them for sure all the conditions were described. I understand, long user agreements and other rules few people read carefully (they are rarely doing it).

I think if you did not violate any rules of service, then the money will definitely pay. If any problems arise, I can recommend to write in the group ["AirbnB Assistant"] (https: // vk.com / airbnbhelp) in contact (if they are registered), they quickly react to statements (on our very quickly responded).

Curiously, in which city the apartment on Airbnb can be handed over to the amount of 2000 euros per month? This is in Russia at least? Send a link to your announcement?

Elena 13.01.2018

Payment in 30 days for beginners invented to reduce the number of scammers who distinguish money.. So the service has the reason to do this.

novel 27.09.2017

Based on the first and, now I am sure, my last experience of using Airbnb, I can say that this service is not suitable for the same bucking. Why? The arguments below (the events described – August-September 2017.).

1) There is practically no online booking system, spend a bunch of time to selection of suitable housing (and this is not very easy to do if you need a house in the mountains for 10 people) and sending requests, in the answer in most cases you get answers that housing is already employed. Useless waste of time.

2) winnings in price if it is, then very insignificant. The same housing on Bucking is accommodated at a similar price.

3) No guarantee that you are settled in booked housing. In our case, the mistress of the house after a month without explaining the reasons canceled our reservation. As a result, we lost a month of time and found themselves in an even worst situation, t.To. Find accommodation in the same budget is much more difficult. My acquaintances had a somewhat different situation – upon arrival at the booked apartment, they found it in such a launched state that they were bold to settle. Service, of course, destroyed the situation, but who needs these extra troubles with a search for a new apartment, when you came tired and want to fall on the bed?

4) AIRBNB payment scheme does not allow paying the score in the currency, only in rubles; In this case, the bank account is still set in the currency. As a result, some banks, in particular, my home loan bank, converts currency at the horse rate (never use the cards of this bank when paying for foreign services invoices exhibited in rubles!!); Losses amounted to 3500 rubles. With the amount of account in 1252 US dollars. On Bucking, you can pay the bill in the local currency, using the calculated card, which converts the currency at the rate of the Central Bank – the benefit is obvious.

5) When canceling the ArbNB armor, it guarantees the return of payment in full. So declared. In fact, it may be completely different, which is due to certain cases with the nuances of the conversion specified above. As a result of our canceled armor and bank conversion, I received a refund with a minus about 3,000 rubles. Total common losses – 6,500 rubles and a month of time in a while. And no one will compensate anything to you. Although, for the sake of objectivity – AirBNB offered a 10% discount on another booking through their service, but there is no wishes to use this discount.

In general, who loves unpleasant surprises – your choice of AirBNB; Pluses I did not find any. I return to the verified bucking, with which no problem arose with my two dozen armor.

I think it is not very correct to compare the service for booking hotels and service for booking private housing, this is completely different things. Although, often mini-hotels, hostels and are located in AirBNB – in this case, they can really booked anywhere at the same price. Split prices for hotels and apartments often sooo big. For example, we shot an apartment in Paris, if I’m not mistaken, for 35 euros per day, and on Montmartre (next to him). Hotels, I remember, in that area cost from 100 euros per day. And similarly to many where, besides some messy tourist areas (where there is actually no private housing or it does not give up).

In airbnb really recently abolished the choice of payment currency and it is not very convenient sometimes, here is the truth. Although, we have money off everything in rubles – exactly the amount, which is indicated in AirBNB when booking.

The main plus of Airbnb, on my, purely subjective look – is the ability to live at home in unique places. For example, a room in a dormitory of Columbia University in New York – no hotel will provide such impressions. Or private huge acende (house) 19th century in Mexico. Or boat in Ghent in Belgium.

In second place – private accommodation is still 1.5-3 times cheaper hotels and other hotels (this is a few years old travel with AirBNB).

novel 27.09.2017

Opinions can be different, taste and color, as you know, all markers are different.

On the same bucking, the variation of prices depending on the time of year and the situation can be quite significant, I think it is well known to everyone.

I shared my not quite successful experience with the nuances, which in any article about AirBNB was not mentioned. Hope to someone this will be useful.

And so, yes, the controversy arrange the meaning of the special no, suum cuique.

Andrey 13.ten.2017

I will not write long, but I will not work more with airbnb. worked as a client for removing housing and as the owner who gives. As a customer is not happy – not everything is as described, to deal with the site and quickly solve the problem when you come to settle – it is impossible. Even as a housing owner – I have no opportunity to contact quickly and no phone number for communication. To cancel the reservation and return the money from the site that he paid for the reservation (and then changed her mind or found cheaper) – Suffice it to say that it was not you booked And the account or card was stolen and you will be returned to you. But book a new thing that it is necessary to cheaper through the booking, and not they do not see this. My personal opinion is Buking, where and it is not necessary to pay on before and if the owner refuses to settle in the settlement – you will pay extra charge for the hotel, which will choose, even if it is more expensive where they had to settle. And not unimportant – money from cards began to steal if you booked through AIRBNB.

Yuri 24.eleven.2017

Hello. All over the world, hotels compete with private housing. And man always has a choice. When choosing housing, any normal tourist is interested in three main criteria.

1. Price. 2. Security. 3.Comfort. Let’s try to figure out what is better – hotel or private.

To not be unfounded, I will give an example. I am interested in a separate accommodation (without owners) in Bologna for a day from 18.01.eighteen.

Bucking issues options from 40 euros (with breakfast . ) 1.5-2 km from the center.

On Airbnb there are apartments from 30 euros. But. Without breakfast. And minimum accommodation from 2 nights. And races after lunch. And if you need only one night traveler and it flies in the morning ?

For the price, found out. There is no difference. We go further – security. Clearly, the hotel is safer. By comfort, the apartment should be preferable. Still, home furnishings. Although it is also an amateur.

As a result, we get that the hotel and private housing has its advantages. By the way, my description is in no way advertising :-)..I am really interested in accommodation in Bologna. And in my country (Ukraine) on business trips I prefer to live in apartments. Price is 3 times cheaper than in hotels 🙂

Yuliya 26.eleven.2017

Hello, please tell me – I booked a condo on Phuket Thailand, on the site and received a receipt for payment of booking. The lease agreement is a mandatory point in check-in?We have a Russian mistress, without intermediaries, thanks in advance.

Artyom 03.12.2017

The will of the fate in my hands was your wonderful promoker, who and I quickly invented how to apply, removing the expensive apartment in Moscow and surcharge

But literally every other day, two all our plans are covered with one message from AirBNB:

We noticed that you made a reservation using the AirBNB coupon, which was issued by mistake. As a result, we canceled the reservation with this coupon and offered you to translate it from your host. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you need help, visit our reference center.

And now please explain what is a promotion that was issued by mistake. And what place it concerns me why all my plans were broken?Because airbnb has erroneous promotion. Sorry, but it does not calm me. Moreover, money I will now receive only the 14th. What trust in Airbnb can now go talk, tomorrow I’ll rent an apartment, and the day before it will need to enter you write "The apartment is erroneous, we apologize, the money will be only in 11 days",So because?

I come compensation for the inconvenience.

Alas, I do not know how to help. You say that we used a certain promotion from our site, but here is not enough – we never published any promotional codes as I remember. Perhaps tell me what it was for the promotional? If somewhere there (maybe someone left in the comment), then you will definitely delete that no one else caught as much as you.

If we are talking about a discount, which the Eirbnb gives our link, we will definitely check it.

Nikolai 15.01.2018

Get a discount of $ 20 red button at the bottom of the article. Cheek and get a discount. About this conversation.

14 Pros and 9 minuses rental housing with Airbnb Part 2

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