14th County of Paris

Safe area, which is since time Modigliani and Picasso Wears a certain flare of bolery. District is known in that it is the famous quarter MONPARNAS and the cemetery where many world celebrities are buried. These places are also associated with the name NS. Hemingway, Which for a long time lived in Paris and dedicated to this city one of the brightest books "Holiday, which is always with you". The only drawback of the district is the distance from the center of Paris, to its central attractions will have to get transport.

Main attractions

Montparnasse cemetery

Z Del is buried by many famous writers and poets who lived and worry in France. Some of the most famous names ; NS. BEDLER, NS. Ionessko, H. Cortasar, Gi de Maupassan, J. NS. SARTR, S. GENSBUR, composer Saint-Sans and DR. The cemetery was Based in 1824. On vintage graves you can see stunningly beautiful tombstones ; Real works of art.

Paris catacombs

Another object belonging to a rather gloomy topic. In the catacombs rest the remains of a huge number of citizens (more than 6 million. person.) who were brought here with old town cemeteries. The total length of the route (museum and oxuary) is about 2 km. The most gloomy place is an omensional, where all the ways you will be accompanied by piles of skulls and bones, isolated on with neat rows.

Interesting fact: at different times of the catacombs, in addition to its main purpose, a number of additional functions were performed. The monks kept wine here, Napoleon arranged secular evenings, and now, according to rumors, champignons are grown here.


One of the oldest world observatory, Founded in 1667 g. The entrance to the observatory is open Only 1 time per month, In the 1st Wednesday of each month, 2-hour excursion is held here. Visit it is possible by appointment.

Sculpture of Belfort Lion

A reduced copy of the famous work sculpture f. Bartholdi, Symbol of Belfort Fortress. The giant lion is depicted by the wounded, he personifies the imbibeble spirit of defenders of the Belfort fortress, reflecting the attack of the German army (1870-1871.). Sculpture is located in the center of the square DENFERT-ROCHEREAU.

Alternative attractions

Monsuri Park

Vintage I Very picturesque park, Founded in the XIX. The most interesting places are a pond with ducks and herons, a monument to the Paris Meridian, a meteorological station. There is a restaurant and cafe on the park. It’s pretty cute green Oasis in the 14th district of Paris and excellent picnic location in nature. Nearest station Metro: Cité Universitaire.

Rue des Thermopyles

If you want to feel Spirit of old Paris, Stroll on this street. It was incomprehensible to prevent her initial appearance during the reconstruction of Paris (st. Metro Pernety).

Quarter Montparnasse Known by its cozy cafes in which it is pleasant to sit in the evenings with a glass of good wine, enjoying dishes of French cuisine. In many of them, evenings sound live music, And the kitchen is so gorgeous that is marked by the stars Michelin.

The most famous cafes of Montparnasse

La Closerie des Lilas – Famous cafe on Montparnasse Boulevard. Cafe was open here in the middle of the XIX in. At one time there were. Zola, O. Wilde, A. Rembo, G. Apolliner, NS. Hemingway, F. Fitzgerald, F. Sagan, A. Modiganiani, NS. Picasso, WITH. Dali and etc.

La Rotonde – Another religious place with more than 100 years of history. From the list of those who attended this institution, we can note all the above names, adding our poets to them – A. Akhmatov, M. Voloshina, B. Mayakovsky, as well as revolutionaries – V. Lenina, Trotsky, Krasina. The place is famous not only by its history, it has an excellent cuisine and Noted by the star Michelin. Especially delightful here desserts.

Where to stop better

DU MIDI Paris Montparnasse 3 * ; Not far from the hotel are Paris catacombs, Metro Station and Speed ​​Rer. The hotel is convenient to get into both airports.

Berkeley 3 * ; Hotel with a good location. 200 m from him is Montparnas Tower, in 160 meters ; Metro station. Also nearby there is a market near a lot of cafes and restaurants. Convenient to get to the airport (nearby).

Additional Information

14Th County of Paris

In the 14th district there His gallery lafayette, True, it is more modest sizes. Accurate Address: 22, Rue du Départ (Montparnasse).

On Rue Daguerre is wonderful food market, where you can buy French delicacies, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Lovers of antiques may be interested to visit Antique market on Rue Marc Sangnier.

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