15 aircraft secrets that you did not know about

Each tripart – This is a special adventure. Even after spending thousands of hours in the air, for the next side of the aircraft, many passengers still experience excitement for someone joyful, for someone opposite..

But whether we are aware of aviation, in particular, passenger? Travel portal Tourweek.Ru will tell you about 15 facts that will be useful to aircraft.

In the entire history of aviation, 85 liners disappeared without a trace

For the period from 1948 to 2014, 85 airliners disappeared, 26 of which were passenger. 59 aircraft disappeared over water.

The last case that I remember most – Loss of the Boeing 777-200ER airline Malaysia Airlines, which performed 370 Kuala Lumpur flight – Beijing. It happened on March 8, 2014, and in January of this year the aircraft stopped looking for.

Fly economy class safer than business class

According to experts, the safest places in the aircraft are located in the tail, where the seats of economy class are located. In the history there were only a few cases when passengers or crew members were survivors in the crash.

Larisa Savitskaya – One of the few who was lucky enough to survive after the fall of the aircraft. The accident happened on board the An-24RV, who performed the flight 811 Komsomolsk-on-Amur – Blagoveshchensk. Larisa and her husband returned home from the rest and because of a large number of loose chairs moved to the tail of the aircraft, although their places were in the middle of the salon.

During the flight the airliner faced the Tu-16 bombarder. Passengers and members of the aircraft crew died, Savitskaya – The only one who managed to survive after the accident. Together with a part of the case, it on his chair with a five-kilometer height landed into a birch grove. The woman had numerous injuries: a spinal fracture in five places, fractures of ribs and hands, knocked out teeth. But she managed to save.

Airlinessetchers are very rich

Russian airlights are well sufficient, and Western – Almost millionaires. As in 2015, Fran Slater told, in the past, the employee of several British airports, on average a month, air traffic controllers receive about 80 thousand pounds (which is equivalent to more than 100 thousand dollars).

Oxygen mask is designed for 12 minutes

Oxygen mask dropping out of the ceiling airliner when depressurizing and other extraordinary situations, enough for 12-15 minutes. As a rule, there are several minutes to solve problems with depressurization, therefore such a validity of the mask is enough.

Fate attendants drink alcoholic beverages seized

Probably such cases occur not always or even worry a part. But, as the former employee of the American Administration of Transport Safety (TSA), Jason Harrington, told Jason Harrington, after the flight crew drinks all alcoholic beverages confiscated.

Emergency landing – Frequently frequent phenomenon

Emergency and unplanned landings happen often enough. There are plenty of different reasons for emergency landing of the aircraft: fighting, fire gadgets, smoking or lost stewardess consciousness. Only London Heathrow Airport annually takes more than 40 airliners who make an emergency landing.

Up to half of the pilots fall asleep during the flight

In 2012, experts of the Association of British pilots came to the conclusion that every second pilot was at least once in his life slandered her nose or fell asleep during the flight. However, the safety standards and the organization of the work of the pilots have changed quite well since. True, if you explore the non-European markets, the air safeness on which is controlled much less strictly, statistics may still disappear.

Lost aircraft luggage implement at auctions

International legislation insists that airports store forgotten or lost baggage for 90 days. Some states or individual air harbor can increase this period. But when the time of compulsory storage expires, things destroy or throw out, or implement at auctions. Only in the UK there are several trading houses that specialize in such sales: BCVA, GREASSVYS, WELLERS. In Germany, luggage left on Lufthansa flights, sell at KOFFERAURKION24 auctions.DE.

But to buy a standing thing in such a way it is unlikely to be able to succeed, since some suitcases with useless souvenirs and dirty liner do not need anyone.

Under the seat may not be a rescue vest

As Huffington Post told Aviation expert George Khobika, many air passengers decide to grab the rescue vest in memory. At the beginning of each working day, flight attendants check whether all life vests are in place, but per night the airliner can perform several flights.

Lightning often beat in the airliner body in the air, but it is not dangerous

15 Aircraft secrets that you did not know about

Lightning quite often beat into passenger aircraft when they are in the air. According to the Russian pilot, Alexei Kochhemasov, also known as Lech pilot, this happens very often. His American Colleague Blog Author Askthepilot.COM Patrick Smith clarifies that lightning enters airplanes every two or three years.

But for modern airliners there is no danger – Maximum can burn a pair of rivets on the housing. Lech’s pilot assures that in this case it is only necessary to change the rivet that can be done in a few minutes.

As explained by the Laboratory of Morgan Botti’s guiding laboratory in the British University of Cardiff Professor Mana Hudda, modern aircraft (in particular, Airbus A350 and Boeing 767) are arranged about the same as the Faraday Cell. For the manufacture of air vessels, a lightweight carbon composite with a thin copper coating is used. Therefore, when entering the plane, Lightning passes through the surface and does not penetrate inside.

Airlines deliberately lengthen flight time

For various reasons, the aircraft can fly to half an hour later the schedule, but still landed on time. This happens because carriers adjust the time of take-off and landing under the schedule of airports – So that the aircraft does not fly over the air harbor, waiting for the landing permission, the duration of some flights deliberately increase. That is, the airliner just flies slower. This is the so-called filling schedule.

The door of the aircraft will not be able to open in the air

Cases when drunk or inadequate passengers, among which came across and Russians, tried to open the door of the aircraft in the air, took place repeatedly. But the doors are designed so that they always open out (sideways or up), so because of the clamping force they cannot be discovered during flight.

Pilots will never inform about those arising

If problems arise during the flight, in 99% of cases, the pilots will not report. First, they spend all their time to eliminate these problems. Secondly, panic passengers who frighten such news, only aggravate the situation.

Airplanes should be ashtray

Despite the ban on smoking on board, the Federal Civil Aviation Office of the United States ordered to equip toilets of all aircraft ashtray. This is done in case someone from passengers suddenly decides to break the ban – throw out the cigarettes in the toilet much more dangerous.

Right now 16 thousand aircraft is in the air

According to the site FlightRadar24, which monitors all flights in the world, for about 13 thousand airliners, to any minute, make flights. In the summer, their number increases to 16 thousand.

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