15 best carnival parties in the world

It’s time to go crazy. So join Carnival.
Do not fall into the winter depression, just enjoy life! Spend Carnival season On one of 15 best events on earth!

1. Carnival on Tenerife

No need to wait until "Vianca»Mind from temperature above zero join people Tenerife, which are very serious about Carnival. Celebrations last month, from the presentation of candidates to the queen before the announcement of the winner. At this time there are parades, dancing, concerts, show Fairverkov and people wear many crazy costumes. Every year almost half a million people come to Tenerife On concluding Party, during which … huge Paper Sardin!

2. Venetian Carnival, Italy.

February, 15 &# 8211; March 4

Put on a wig or at least a mask on one of most extravagant and elegant events in Europe. There may be many strange outfits and crazy Party, but they are all really fashionable. At least from what you saw. Get your ticket today on the most famous ball masked in the world &# 8211; Gran Ballo Delle Maschere.

3. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

28th of February &# 8211; March 8

Mother of all carnavalov and at least, First dozen in her prenetsion list. Rio already quite crazy in everyday life, so imagine what is happening there with the addition The rhythm of samba, heat, body dancing and a huge amount of fun. The most colorful and sparkling suits, the best dance movements are presented on giant parade on sambodromes. So compete with each other The best schools of Samba. Make an order by the plane, because places end!

4. Benss, Belgium

Wise people UNESCO include the festival v BENESH To "elusive heritage mankind". Well, we will not argue. And in version without censorship every year the funny citizens from Carnival society housing run around the city, sow chaos and swing the batons to drive evil spirits. Warning: They can also throw Apples in the crowd.

5. Mardi Gra, New Orleans, USA.

February, 15 &# 8211; March 4

"I thought my life would be Mardi Gra", Pela Marge Simpson in the song "Oh, tram!". What would her life be if it were possible, you can check every year for three weeks in New Orleans. Marge May be shocked. There are many parades with disguise people on moving platforms, but here the highlight of the program is Festival clatters, Showing Nude parts of their bodies public that is in response Rushed sweets.

6. Carnival in Cadiz, Spain.

February 27 &# 8211; 9th of March

Customs New Orleans may seem strange but not less fascinating carnival v Cadis. Famous for their own sense of humor and Love for fun, Residents Cadiz not only fit into bizarre costumes, but also sing mocking songs. Those who know Spanish, It is necessary to visit Teatro Fall, where they pass Big contest. Or just listen to them anywhere in the street even without understanding the meaning of words, you can laugh to tears, just looking at performers.

7. Carnival in Orro, Bolivia.

If Panorama Mardi Gra looks like Cotton Petarda, then Carnival Orry can be called explosion. it The largest annual event in Bolivia, during which Giant 20-hour parade tells The story of the victory of good over evil. At the end of the play actors "wash off all heat»From the battlefield huge Fire hose.

eight. Carnival Viareggio, Italy.

February 16 &# 8211; 9th of March

Carnival Carnevale DI Viareggio, Along with Venetian, is Main carnival in Italy. Daily quiet seaside town takes Millions of spectators, who come to watch parades with huge (sometimes before 20 meters) Dolls from papier mache, from Foreheading Dragons before images of politicians.

nine. Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago

Juices, Limbo, Calypso and Many Roma: Caribbean spirit is adequately cultivated on a tropical island Trinidad At the coast Venezuela. Fights on sticks can be funny, although visitors are better focused on Colorful Stream of Musicians in the capital of Trinidad, Port Of-Spin.

ten. Sitges, Spain

25 February &# 8211; 5th of March

15 Best carnival parties in the world

Who is who, and Spaniards Come on celebrate carnival, and Sitges &# 8211; one of The oldest and The most famous arguments in favor of this. During the week, this quiet town outside Barcelona turns into Grand party outdoors. Not alone, but Several parades with Masquerade costumes and music. King carnavala overthrew the local government and maintains its strange rule to Ash environments, when it publicly burned and buried.

eleven. Carnival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

February, 15 &# 8211; March 8

No worse than on Tenerife, Carnival Grand Canaria has in its program the choice is not only Queen, but also Queen Dragons Festival. Street musicians and moody in masks Fill the city.

12. Carnival in Ivrea, Italy.

Carnival in Ivere famous for its unpredictability not only in Italy, But in All world, Thanks to the famous Battle for oranges. Gathering there, do not need to wear your best clothes. Battle for oranges reflect Civil War between the people and the royal army.

13. Carnival in Toreloh, Spain.

February 27 &# 8211; 5th of March

Those who grew out not in Barcelona, probably did not hear about Taurelo. Enough insanity to drive Remains of winter frosts, including Senoretse and Gomenota Day, where women and men’s roles change in places. Men dressed as women, go out on the street, showing a little more than it is supposed. A Alcohol Drinking much more.

fourteen. Antroxus, Asturias, Spain

February 26 &# 8211; 5th of March

"Antoxus"Celebrated in Asturias, Green Earth in the North Spain. His epicenter Aviles, where in "Thursday gossip»Out of the streets crowds of women, Walking to dawn. Special guns produce Huge number of foam, which flows down the streets with them Cheerful crowd.

15. Carnival in Notting Hill, London.

Although The biggest party in London passes Outside carnival Season And, as it believes British, quite Restrained, She deserves attention. Giant Carnival on Notting Hill – this is a holiday Caribbean Community in London, where 2 million people simultaneously Dance on urban streets and Eating dried chickens "in Yamai".

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