15 ideas on the topic "How to travel around the world for free" – part 1

Good, let’s not, not free, but very cheap. If you want to get some experience abroad, but you do not have money for this, this article for you! You will not need to spend thousands of dollars to make a conceived. All you need is a bit of originality, patience and enthusiasm and, of course, several ideas for the beginning. The ideas that we will tell, are quite real and tested on our own experience. Some of them are quite risky – it is amazing that people sometimes do to save – but no one makes listening to all of our advice, because so?

So, do not let your wallet become an obstacle to the best ride in your life. Remember: the right approach to the best moments in life (even traveling) will save you a lot of money!

1. Exchange of houses or passing your home for rent

Briefly. Became popular after the release of the film "The Holiday), this way of rest certainly requires you a house at your own disposal. If you are ready to offer your home travelers, pay attention to a huge number of sites with thematic online ads for those who want to advertise their home: HomeExchange.Com, Lovehomeswap.COM, HOMEBASE-HOLS.Com. Most of these sites offer paid registration (but your announcement visitors to the site will be able to see the whole year). The period of residence depends on the needs of two sides wishing to change at home. Another alternative for those who were lucky to become the owner of their own home, can be a rental of housing for rent.

Voice of. Preferring this kind of rest accommodation in the hotel, you get additional bonuses like equipped kitchen, phone and in some cases even internet. Also do not forget that the delivery of your own housing, when you are departure, is an excellent source of income, the amount you will receive every month with rental will be enough to cover your travel expenses in a poor country.

One of the thousands of houses in Buenos Aieres

2. Help at home

Voice of. Find such a part-time job. You will receive free accommodation in exchange for the fact that Poland plants in the garden or take a walk with a dog.

3. Volunteer work and fundraising for charitable needs

Briefly.Have you ever been a volunteer in the developer project? Debating its time to solve important problems abroad, you are engaged in collecting funds, while helping yourself – this is a certain plus of such programs. Some volunteer organizations can help you with accommodation and meals, sometimes they can pay your flight. Most of these organizations will require an essential amount of time (will have to work 1-2 years), as well as the availability of special skills and experience. Alternatively, you can participate in a more short-term project or collect funds for charitable needs. Schools, employers, communities, family and friends are always a source of moral support for multiple volunteers, most of which are always happy to assist in solving important problems. We offer to your attention the address of some local organizations: LionsClubs.Org, Optimist.Org, Rotary.Org.

Voice of. Many volunteers perfectly manage their costs and even sacrifice money to their projects. You will succeed not only to contribute, helping other people, but also learn a lot of interesting things about the corner of the world in which you work.

4. Sharing Machine or Travel Hitchhiker

15 Ideas on the topic

Briefly. You can join the driver who goes to where you need, or vice versa: you have a car, and you invite those who want to join you while traveling, thus reducing fuel costs. Machine sharing – an event that requires some preparation from you, as travelers usually plans their route in advance. The most popular site for this – Blablacar. Some tourists serve ads on the forums (Thorntree.LonelyPlanet.COM), also have sites, entirely dedicated to a similar type of travel: erideshare.com, compartir.Org. Travel announcements can also be seen in hostels and other locations of travelers. In view of the fact that the machine sharing is easier to plan than travel hitchhiking, such a trip is safer. You can meet with your fellow travelers in advance and check their personal data and phone numbers. However, do not forget that in some countries, for example, in Cuba, travel hitchhiking – ordinary.

Voice of. Sharing Machine and Travel Hitchhiker – Great way to get acquainted with local people. In addition, such a way of traveling causes less harm to the environment compared to travel alone.

5. Team Yachti

Briefly. You do not need to distinguish the left side of the right to help manage the vessel. Knowledge in the field of shipping will make you an undisputed candidate for victory, but also primary knowledge in the field of navigation, mechanics, as well as culinary abilities can bring you closer to paid position on board the ship – your pair of hands will be enough to secure free travel on the yacht. If you want to find a suitable vacancy, go to the website of British Crewseekers International (provided for by a membership fee). This organization offers a lot of opportunities, among which paid work, joint marine trips, as well as those trips in which you can work out your fare on the ship.

If you are ready for adventure or just found yourself in the port town – go to the marina and get the necessary information. Come on restaurants and bars, read the bulletin boards. During the year there are so-called "moving" – the owners of the boat remains a little time for which they need to carry their ships (hurricane season, for example). Write in the right place at the right time, and you will certainly succeed in finding a suitable ship.

Voice of. Have you ever dreamed of an adventure on the open sea? Such a trip may be a sea travel hitchhiking with a real captain!

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15 Ideas on the topic

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