15 top directions in Vietnam

Vietnam, the pearl of Indochina, comes to life after many years of apathy. Fascinating culture, picturesque beaches, drowning in the greens of the mountain Millions of tourists attract each year.

Halong Bay &# 8211; Landing in the Dragon Bay

Halong Bay, perhaps the most popular and photographed place in Vietnam. It is located in the northern part of the country and stretches along the coast of 500 kilometers. Halong Bay consists of approximately 3,000 islands, on many of which you can spend the night and watch the magic sunrise and sunset. During excursions on a boat or kayak you will meet "Water Villages", groups of houses floating in the sea, including restaurants and schools. Since 2011, the bay enters the list of seven wonders of the world, A little longer &# 8211; List of World Heritage UNESCO.

Capital &# 8211; Hanoi

At first glance Hanoi It seems chaotic city. There is a kind of order, which tourists are difficult to decipher. The city is very well preserved and has an unforgettable atmosphere. Hanoi &# 8211; The city of scooters, therefore, moving the road, you need to learn to avoid all vehicles for which there is no red light. Downtown located park on the shore of Lake Hoanc, On weekends with the onset of darkness, the territory of the lake is closed for the movement of transport and is intended for pedestrians. There you can see the live traditional North-Vietnamese dance, which includes jumping through the moved bamboo sticks.

Ho Chimina or Saigon

Saigon – the city is noisy, but very green. In the evenings in the parks, you can take part in group exercises, whether martial arts or Vietnamese Zumba. Here you can find the most Representative French Colonial Buildings, Such as: Municipal Theater, Cathedral of the Parisian Our Lady and the main post office. If hungry, order the soup of Pho Bo with filling and drink it chilled saigon beer in a bottle.

Puppet theater on water

One of Vietnam’s most popular attractions &# 8211; Hanoic theater dolls on water. During the performance, you can watch the traditional show "Roi Nuoc". Instead of theatrical boards, you can see the water scene, which is a background for various Vietnamese legends and scenes from the life of national heroes, farmers, as well as animals. Why everything happens on the water? For Vietnamese, water is very important, they are grown by the basis of their kitchen &# 8211; rice.

Imperial Citadel Thang Long

Thhang Long (translated "Flying Dragon") &# 8211; Imperial Citadel in Hanoi, which must be visited. He was part of the royal defensive zone built in the 11th century in honor of the foundation of a free state. Here for many years Archaeological works are underway, who give reason to say that the fortress was built on the ruins of the ancient Chinese fortress, founded here in the VII century. Architecture &# 8211; This is a combination of Chinese and South Asian cultures.

Hoian city

Hoian &# 8211; City of lanterns and tailoring. Each restaurant and store has its own backlight that illuminates the sunset of the streets, creating a romantic atmosphere. An unforgettable memory will stay at dusk on the banks of the Thu Bon River, illuminated by lanterns. Hoian is famous for Atelier, which will perform any desire for tailoring, ranging from a shirt and ending with a wedding dress and a suit that will be sewn according to the latest fashion trends. Many shops provide high-end services and materials at affordable prices.

Mausoleum Ho Shi Min

Uncle Ho &# 8211; so the Vietnamese call the legendary and First President of Northern Vietnam. Man whose life was guided by the purpose of the unification of Vietnam. He did not live to his goal and died in 1969 during the war in Vietnam. He wanted his dust to be dispelled on the North, Central and South Vietnam In the sign of national unity, which he dedicated his life. However, his last desire was not fulfilled, the body (with the help of Soviet specialists) was concerned and placed in Mausoleum in Hanoi.

Tunneli ku chi

Small town Ki Chi is known for its nearby connected tunnels. Two different systems were built here, one was used by Vietnigom during the War in Vietnam, the other was built rather for the needs of tourists. The length of the tunnels is about 250 km, They are full of bends and deadlocks, most of them are a breakthrough at a depth of 3-4 meters, some even reach 12 meters. In the tunnels, people tried to lead a normal lifestyle, school worked, they grown animals, they were married and children were born.

Nha Trang

In the south-east of Vietnam are located Some of the best beaches of Vietnam. It is famous for its beautiful white beaches and blue water reaching the horizon. Nha Trang &# 8211; An important fishing port and one of the main seaside resorts. Elegant embankment leads to a 7-kilometer beach of the city.

The imperial city of Hue

The former capital of the empire Hue &# 8211; One of the most important places in the history and culture of Vietnam. The city suffered a lot of losses during the Indochinese wars, but managed to keep your traditional view. To the north there is a citadel, inside it &# 8211; Purple Forbidden City and Imperial Palaces. The fortress consists of three districts:

15 Top directions in Vietnam
  • Official city.
  • Imperial city.
  • Purple Forbidden City, which can not enter any person except the emperor.
    A fragrant river flows through the city, it can be saved to the nearby Pagoda of Theene Mu.

National Park Fong Nya-Ke Bang

Excellent types and hard-to-reach this place is extremely attractive for those who are looking for adventures. There are two most popular caves in the park: Paradise Cave and Dark Cave, and a swimming area at the Eco Trail River, There are about 300 caves here. This is a relatively new landmark, it was discovered by chance in 1991, and since 2013 some caves are open to visitors. If available a lot of time and rich wallet, You can try to book an entrance to the cave Hang Son Dung, which is the biggest in the world.

Muin: Dunes

On Muin you can sunbathe, swim, engage in kaitsurfing and windsurfing or stroll along the dunes. From Phantet to the fishing town Muin 20-kilometer white sand in the shade of palm. The area is filled with restaurants and hotels, but at the same time a quiet, real paradise for tourists who are looking for a quiet place to relax.

Delta Mekong

This is a unique region, where for centuries life has largely based on water. The best way to get acquainted with the Delta district &# 8211; on the boat. Rafting in Sampana among Palms and Shopping on the floating market Kai Ba will allow feel a little sense on the river. The water system has more than 2,800 km of channels and well developed.

FanCipa &# 8211; The highest top of Vietnam

Fan C Pang (Fanspan) call the roof of indochy, it is located At an altitude of 3143 m. Numerous travel agencies organize from the vertex, the trail to which runs through the rainforest. Since 2016, it is possible to use a cable car that will deliver passengers to the station in 15 minutes will remain just 600 steps, And it will be possible to enjoy the view of the green tops of the mountains. Each more popular and accessible to everyone gets hiking, as well as walks along the neighboring villages located between Rice fields of climbing terraces on the slopes of the mountains. Women from among ethnic minorities are actually a business card of the entire SAPA region.

Danang and Golden Bridge

In Vietnam, so many fascinating places are that the list of sights of Vietnam can be replenished. In Central Vietnam, for example, there is a Golden Bridge, which just intercepts the spirit. Kau Van Bridge, which rises by two huge stone hands, is one of the main attractions of Dananga. He was Opened in 2017 As part of the resort Syn World Ba Na Hills. If a height of 1400 meters above the Earth calls only admiration and misfortune – then you certainly need to visit this beautiful place!

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