15 viewing sites of Bryce Canyon (Scenic Drive) Part 2

Viewpoints along the southern part of the park road are no longer as amazed by its color range, there are no army is thin, but there are many greenery and separate orange spraces. The combination too, it should be noted, very spectacular.

Here you will find nine viewing sites.

Swamp Canyon (Swamp Canyon)

Swamp Canyon or Swamp Canyon – One of the most miniature to see. On both sides it is limited to sandy «Ribs» And Hudu. Vegetation there is even more lush and populated with rare birds. There are ornithologists among readers?

Hence the beginning of the Connecting Trail (Swamp Canyon Connecting Trail), which results in Under-the-Rim Trail.

PIRACY POINT (Pairacy Point)

We missed this observation platform, I do not even know why. She remained the only one who did not step by foot w&A. None 🙂

The point is called «Pirate». Why? Here, allegedly there are two Rocks-remains, reminiscent of ships, which are about to fight. Straight game in the association.

If you believe in someone else’s photos, the view here is not too different from what we have seen on the previous view-point, although, of course, do not forget that the appearance of deceptive.

Farview Point (Favu-Point)

Favu-Point is very close to Pairasi-Point, they even have a parking one for two. That’s before, we got.

What do you think, why this observation deck wears such a name? Because from here you can consider endless expanses and I even am afraid to imagine how much kilometers ahead. Maybe just at the very one hundred and sixty?

Natural Bridge (Nechell Bridge)

On the next view, you can see a natural bridge, very similar to the arch. By the way, you know where we saw the most arches? Do not believe in the Arch National Park))

Six pm at the end of August, it was already late for the bridge, he turned out to be half hidden in the shadow.

Agua Canyon (Agua-Canyon)

View from this view-point I liked more than previous. Place some cozy and pleasant, and maybe pre-ordered light did everything particularly magical?

Ponderosa Canyon (Ponderos Canyon)

Canyon got its name in honor of the rustling of panderosis, filled with a carpet of the Canyon. From height, they seem very small, in fact, the height of such a pine can reach forty-five meters.

From here it takes the beginning of another docking trail leading to under-the-rim trail – Agua Canyon Connecting Trail.

Black Birch Canyon (Black Beach Canyon)

Another view-point, which opens a review view of the surroundings and cliffs-remains. I think at first glance, they all may seem almost the same. To us, to be honest, at the end began to seem as well.

Rainbow Point (Rainbow Point)

15 Viewing sites of Bryce Canyon (Scenic Drive) Part 2

Perhaps this is one of the most impressive southern looks-points. Just look at the photo, what expanses! From the observation deck you can see the valley with a scope of almost one hundred eighty degrees.

From here Takes the beginning of Riggs Spring Loop Trail, and you can also go to all the same on the UNDER-THE-RIM Trail, stretching out 23 km from Rainbow Point to Bryce Point. Oh yes, the short BristleCone Loop also starts somewhere here. Having traveled to this trail, you will see the pines of the same name, some of which almost two thousand years.

YOVIMPA POINT (Yovimpa Point)

Final observation deck – Yovimpa-Point, it turned out to be completely in the shadows for us, because we rounded in the last minutes before sunset.

I have a look-point next to the previous one (they have one common parking), only before that we need to walk a little along the path.

From this point, especially dormant travelers can see the northern tip of the Great Grand Canyon.

Lay-Point location scheme at the bottom of the park:

Please note that all the viewing platforms are located on the left (if you go from the north to south), so it may be more convenient to get to the latter first, and from there to move to the north, driving along the movement on the view-Points.

Interesting you impressions from Brysa, dear readers!

Looking in the distance Sheboldasik

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