15 viewing sites of Bryce Canyon (Scenic Drive)

It seems, Bryce Canyon – The richest parking area park. They are already fifteen here and each in its own way. So if you like to chant on expanses, towering over the surrounding landscapes, you are exactly here!

18-Mile Picturesque Road (Scenic Drive)

Bryce Canyon (View Points) As if beads are risen on the main park road Sanik Drive (Scenic Drive), which is translated as «Picturesque road». Believe me, the name fully reflects the content! This road permeates the park from north to south for as much eighteen miles. The truth is great to go and every fifteen minutes see a new incredible landscape? It is such a prospect of all who decides to go to the auto-tour of the National Park.

To drive all viewing platforms, it will take at least 3-4 hours, if you spend ten for each minutes, so get ready for fascinating pastime!

In the review article about Bryce Canyon, I wrote that Sannik Drive is conditionally divided into two parts – Upper and lower (or northern and southern). North passes along the edge of the so-called «Amphitheater» (Bryce amphiteater), and South descends down. So, who wanted to see the Nordic View-Points, taking advantage of the services of free shuttle bass, running within the amphitheater with an interval in a few minutes. The southern viewing platforms will be more convenient to visit on your car, although shuttle goes into this part of the park, but only twice a day and it is necessary to take a place in advance.

Well, ready to see stunning landscapes?

Bryce Canyon Amphitheater (Bryce Ampheter)

The most popular viewpoints are located within the Amphitheater – Parts of the Bryce Canyon, who lasted a plateau slope. They are most easily accessible, so tourists are always full, plus the most beautiful tourist trails originate from them.

So here you can detect six viewing sites.

Fairyland Point (Fairind Point)

The first observation deck with which we happened to meet, she and the northernmost – Fairled Point. Wears the name of the Treiler of the same name, according to which we are happy to walk before that (details here). Actually, the view that opens with the view – This is the contents of trail – so-called «Wonderland».

As you could guess, the Fairyland Loop Trail is taken here, which can also go with Sunrise Point.

Sunrise Point (Sunris Point)

As follows from the name, this view-point is better to visit at dawn, although I and Grusix and later – All the same beautiful. From this point you can see the so-called «Sinking ship» (Sinking Ship) and Mesa reminiscent of the boat (Boat Mesa). Yes, yes, you will be in place, try to find them with my eyes. Do not know what «Mesa»? You can read the article about Park Mesa Verde, since once about them.

By the way, geologists believe that in total through some three million years of Bryce Canyon will not be, so they hurry))

Sunset Point (Sanste-Point)

Sanste-Point is not far from the previous one, but it is already coming here to come here at sunset, in order to fully enjoy all bringing reliefs in the pre-ordered rays of the Sun. But again, this is only a recommendation.

From here it takes the beginning of Navajo Loop Trail, some of which was named Wall Street due to the fact that the slopes of the canyon in this place are the same high as skyscrapers on the famous New York street and here as closely.

15 Viewing sites of Bryce Canyon (Scenic Drive)


Judging by the title, for inspiration it is worth going here. They say the type of local thinness can not not impress)) With the inspirer-point opens a breathtaking view of the amphitheater and its filling.

Bryce Point (Bryce Point)

This observation deck gives the best, or rather, the most complete review of Bryce Amphitheater. They say here it is also preferable to be at sunset. We got to Bryce-Point in the morning, but also did not remain disappointed.

Paria View (Paris-View)

And again the point on which it would be worth being in the evening, so before sunset here you can observe interesting shadows and light effects. In the morning the lighting here was so-so. But is it possible to be at sunset everywhere?

With Paria View, there is a view of the title-seated watershed, in the scan of which water is very quickly going to and forms a sudden flood. I did not have anything like that with Andrews.

One thing is clear that there is already a little less sandstone in paris-look and a little more than greens.

Such is the magnificent five Bryce Canyon, which will probably sees anyone who arrived in the park traveler.

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