16 advices – in Tunisia with children

What to take with you and provide if you fly to relax in Tunisia with children? What you need to know in advance so as not to ruin your holiday? Which moments need to closely follow the children, and at what moments you can relax? Read the answers in our article.

Prices and other information in this article was updated in March 2020.

1. Dangers on the road

This problem is so serious that near some hotels even posted stands with a warning guests (watch the photo nearby, click on the photo to enlarge).

In Tunisia, the road movement is organized weakly, and the drivers chronically do not observe traffic rules. For many drivers, the red light light does not mean “it is impossible”, it means “not desirable”. Yes, and traffic lights here only in the capital, and only the transitions “Zebras” are in the resorts. And Tunisian drivers do not believe that on zebra you need to pass pedestrians.

The results of this situation are sad. In Tunisia, 154 people perdition per year per year per 100 thousand cars. For comparison, in Russia only 48 people are calculated by 100 thousand cars.

The chances of getting under the wheels of the car in Tunisia three times higher!

Watch out for children when moving the road. Better keep children away from the roadway.

2. Choosing a unbalance resort

Children want to have fun much more than adults. And they are not particularly interesting to the ruins of Carthage or Dugg. Even a huge amphitheater in El Jam touches far from every child. Children need water parks and amusement parks, and in Tunisia they are not so much, it is not Dubai and not Abu Dhabi.

So you need to choose the right resort. To have a general idea of ​​the location of Tunisian resorts and airports, see the map in our article “Resorts Tunisia”.

Sousse and El Cantaui resorts (located nearby) the most rich in entertainment. Here are two large Aquasplash and Acqua Palace Aquapark, as well as Hannibal Amusement Park.

Hammamet and Yasmin Hammamet resorts also have a decent set. There is a water park flipper, a large amusement park CartorseLand with a small water park Aqualend.

On the island of Djerba for children will be interested in a crocodile farm and a small water park pirate.

There are almost no resorts for children of entertainment, except for water slides in hotels and rocking facilities in local shopping centers.

3. Panibrate with children

This feature is not only Tunisia, but also most Arab countries. Here they love children very much and do not hesitate to interact with them.

In the hotels of waiters can touch the little child behind the nose, can joke into the stomach. Many of our tourists such behavior is very annoying. Local residents, especially elderly, can come and kiss the child, here it is also considered normal behavior.

But there are positive moments. In the cafe, it is often poured for children to gas or juice for free. For children in restaurants and cafes without breaking, simple dishes will prepare: potato mashed potatoes, boiled pasta or rice, and even if there is no such dish in the menu.

Try to use all the advantages of love Tunisians to children, and try to avoid minuses. Or try to treat the tunisis behavior loyally.

By the way, in Arab countries, people suffer a few times less neurosis, panic attacks and phobias. May be the reason why attitude towards children? After all, it is in childhood that the overwhelming majority of human psychological problems are formed.

4. Water water

In Tunisia, a complex tap water situation, since there is no single water quality standard for all regions.

In the main cities, the organization is engaged in organizing Sonede, which guarantees the suitability of drinking water. However, they guarantee only the fact that water is suitable for drinking at the time of exiting water treatment facilities. Water pipes in Tunisia often in a deplorable state, in them many pipes have already served warranty period. And therefore water at the exit of the crane can be contaminated.

In small cities, local companies are engaged in local companies, and most of them do not guarantee water quality so to confidently drink it. Quality is guaranteed only for sanitary needs – to wash, shave, wrapping clothes.

Therefore, drink children only with bottled water. A bottle of water of 1.5 liters stands in Tunisia about 0.7 Tunisian dinar. Actual course, see our review “Tunisian Dinar”. Agree, low price for tranquility and guarantees from the intestinal disorders of the child.

5. Do not take the stroller, take the “kengurushka”

With a carriage inconvenient, since in Tunisia there are not so many smooth asphalt surfaces for pedestrians. Pedestrian zones are paved either tiled or paving. Folding strollers have small monolithic wheels, and with such wheels there will be more problems than comfort. How little child will be pleasant chronic vibrator massage? The question is open.

If you go to see the famous Tunisian Medina, then in narrow streets you will tash the stroller of countercadst passersby. There are not customary to make rods for strollers, and you have to wear a stroller on stairs – dubious pleasure.

Hotels in Tunisia usually 2 or 3 floors high, and elevators in this case are not provided. If you get into the room on the third floor, you have to wear a stroller up-down each time. Pleasant little.

Better for excursions, take the “Kenguska”, with which will be held everywhere and always. At the same time get a reasonable level of physical exertion. In addition, with a kenguushka there will be less delays in flight.

6. Do not forget about marine inhabitants

Dangers in the sea in Tunisia a little. Sharks in the Mediterranean are only small, and in coastal waters they do not enter. Poisonous fish are extremely rare, this is not the Red Sea. By the way, all poisonous fish in the Mediterranean are now “visiting” from the Red Sea through the Suez Canal.

However, there are marine species that can deliver trouble. First of all, jellyfish, which is painted hurt, although without much health hazard. The most common types: “nighttime” and “Ropiles”. Children are inquisitive, they want to touch everything new, and jellyfish periodically puts on the beaches.

The second danger is marine hedgehogs, but fortunately they appear on the beaches only at night. Watch out for children if they are very small. And more adult children explain that maritime people should not touch. All the details in our review “Sharks and other maritime residents in Tunisia”.

Good advice: take a disposable gloves with you. If the child really wants to touch and play with jellyfish, let it wear gloves and plays how much the soul.

7. Baby food – take with you or buy on site?

For a long time in Tunisia there was no baby food at all, but more women work and they have no time for cooking. Last 5 years, the baby food market in Tunisia grows in a huge pace.

Now (approx.: This article has been published in 2020) Baby food is on the shelves in large stores, but not in all. That is, we can not give guarantees that in the resort of your holiday in the supermarket it will be. In addition, Tunisian or French baby food may be unusual for the child.

For these reasons, we are still recommended to take a complete set of baby food with you from Russia. For a day you need about 1 kg, that is, on vacation 7 days long days you need to take 7 kg of weight. Usually, on flights to luggage per person can take 23 kg. Agree, allocate 7 kilograms in baggage – meager fee for the health of the baby.

eight. How to reduce weight baby food

Weight and baby nutrition can be reduced if you follow a few simple rules.

Do not take mashed potatoes in a glass container, as this container weighs even more than the product itself. For example, a glass jar of apple purees Frutonian weighs 206 grams, of which 100 grams of puree and 106 grams weighs the glass.

Take in a soft package (see photo near, click on the photo to enlarge), weight is clearly less. Vegetable puree in soft packs are rare, but you can find (watch photo), it would be desire. Meat puree are almost always sold in glass jars, but are found in tin, for example, under the brand “Tyoma” (see photo). Metal bank weighs less and will not break.

Dry porridges in the plant pack in packages, and then in cardboard boxes. Throw boxes, take with you only packages, so save the place in the suitcases.

To brew porridge, take a small boiler with you (see photo). Such a boiler weighs about 100 grams, costs about 200 rubles.

nine. Milk and dairy products

Naturally, there is milk in Tunisia, but a set of dairy products is completely different here. There is no kefir and cottage cheese, and even more so children. But there are yogurts of all kinds, Lben (something resembles kefir) and Raib (similar to sour cream).

Baby kefir and cottage cheese are better not even trying to bring. These products require storage in chilled. To fly to Tunisia from Moscow for more than 4 hours, plus time traveling from home to the airport and after flight from the airport to the hotel. Flights in Tunisia Cottage cheese and kefir just do not survive. Read the time of flight from different cities, read in our article “How much to fly to Tunisia”.

And even if you bring kefir and cottage cheese, then where to store it? The hotel’s room will most likely be a refrigerator, but often it or does not work at all, or does not cool until the desired temperature.

Milk needs to children first due to calcium. Take with you long-playing baby milk (see photo), Milk Porridge (watch photo), Mix puree with cottage cheese (see photos) or cream (watch photo).

ten. Diapers and other goods for hygiene

Does diapers with them or buy on site? The answer to this question is not so simple.

From the point of view of finance, the answer is obvious: take with you. At home we buy diapers with big packages and often on shares, it turns out cheap. For example, at the time of publication of this article, Pampers 3rd size costs 10 rubles. In Tunisia, you will take a small packaging about 30 pieces, and one diaper will cost 1 dinar (25 rubles). Price difference – 2.5 times!

In addition, you will need to take a taxi to the nearest major supermarket, where there are diapers. But time I want to spend on the sea, the sun and the pool, and not to find diapers. Of course, most often you can buy diapers in the store at the hotel, but then 1,5-2 dinars are already paying for a thing.

However, dimensional diapers – occupy a lot of space in baggage. On average, PAMPERS packaging from 30 pieces (3rd size) has dimensions of 25x25x12 centimeters. Not always in the luggage there is so much free space.

Therefore, there is no unambiguous solution to this problem. Everyone decides for itself. In Tunisian supermarkets there are brands: Pampers, Libero, Lilas.

Other hygiene products – Wet wipes, creams, oils, cotton wheels and sticks in Tunisia. However, these things are better to take with you, so as not to waste time on their search. Napkins and creams a lot of space in the baggage will not take.

eleven. There are no fences on sights

This is a serious problem. Many fortresses and sites of excavations in Tunisia are very ancient and now not in the best condition. And here on top there are no fences. And the children love to climb, the genetic past of primates “plays”.

Bright examples of such places: Walls of Kasba Hammamet and Kasba Sousse, Amphitheaters in El Jam and Udna, Fort Kelibia.

In Ribat Sousse and Ribate Monastir there are not only walls, but also the towers for which you can climb. And on the balconies at the top of the fence fences symbolic.

On the photo nearby you can see Ribat (Fortress) Monastir. Click on the photo to enlarge.

At such sights you need to follow the children, which spoils the impressions of the adult. I want to see ancient times, and not for children to follow.

The most significant potential danger represent the South Ksar – Berber Grannels. For example, KSAR-Caltal Soltan near Tatavina. Xaras were built from the similarity of the clanobeton, and now these designs are very harvested.

12. Danger of Sun

Get a sunny burn or a thermal blow – this is not only a spoiled rest, it is also expenses, because the treatment of sunburn is not paid on tourist insurance. Details in our article “Insurance in Tunisia”.

Children are more careless, they often do not even notice that they burn in the sun. Notice the redness of the skin is already parents, and when it is too late.

So that burns do not happen, observe simple rules.

– The sun is most actively from 12 to 15. This time, try to hold in the room – at dinner, for desktop games or watching the film;

– Be sure to use protective cream. Children recommend SPF 50-60. And do not forget that the cream has a limited time, it needs to be updated;

16 Soviets - in Tunisia with children

– If the child is resting, then try it to be under an umbrella. Or, as a last resort, cover your shoulders with a towel, because it is exactly the shoulders always burn first.

13. How to survive flight

Flight in Tunisia from Moscow lasts 4-4.5 hours. Not all adults can stop so much time in place, but children and especially. Ideal if the child is sleeping all this time, but such joy happens only with the units of parents. The rest has a child to entertain.

Smartphone or tablet with games or cartoons is a proven solution solution. However, for sight is not at all useful.

We recommend in advance to please some small and cheap, but new to the child toys. It is easy to eat everyday items with which the child has not yet dealt with, if only the items were safe – stationery trivia, stickers, small board games.

The main thing is not to dump all these items on the table at the same time. Call one by one, so it will be much more interesting.

Some parents are trying to take a child learning: read, write, teach something. In practice, it is very rarely working.

fourteen. Features of Tunisian cuisine

In the hotels of Tunisia, they love to serve national dishes at the buffet. This is the difference between Tunisia from Turkey and Egypt, where tourists prefer to serve casual dishes. Details in our article “What is fed to All Inclusive in Tunisia”.

First, many Tunisian dishes are sharp, and children may not like and harm. The main source of acuteness of Tunisian cuisine is a sharp sauce “Harisa”, read our article “Harisa – the main sauce in Tunisia”.

Secondly, Tunisians add tomatoes or tomato pastes in almost all dishes. In Tunisia, tomatoes are very cheap, as the climate is here for them perfect, crop records. If the child is allergic to tomatoes or the taste does not like, then the choice of dishes for it is narrowed by about twice.

Thirdly, Tunisians use olive oil everywhere. Even mashed potatoes make with olive oil. If the child is allergic to olive oil, which is extremely rare, the baby from the buffet can eat only fruits, fresh vegetables and bread.

Read about all the features and best dishes of Tunisian cuisine in our detailed review “Tunisian cuisine”.

15. Features of Tunisian sweets

Tunisian sweets are very interesting and varied. Children will probably like many species of local cookies and other sweet baking. However, many sweets in Tunisia contain potential allergens.

Cookies “Macud” contains almonds and dates, less frequent figs and (or) sesame.

Donuts “Kaak Cooking” necessarily contain almonds and pink water.

Donuts “Bammaluni” contain only flour, yeast, sugar and salt. They are unlikely to cause allergies.

Cookies “Greyba” necessarily contains nuts and almonds.

Donuts “Joyos” may contain orange, almonds, mint, honey, and from above can be sprinkled with cedar nuts or sesame.

Tunisian halva traditionally made only from sesame. Tunisian Pakhlava is traditionally prepared with almonds, less often with pistachios.

We hope that your children have no allergies to none of the above ingredients. In this case, allow children to have any national sweets in Tunisia. Read our review “Sweets in Tunisia”.

16. Antiseptic napkins

Another country is other bacteria from which the body may not be protection. And even more so in children who have immunity not yet “trained”. It is better to rebuild and actively use antiseptic napkins.

Some tourists complain that cutlery and plates in hotels are not very high quality. However, such reviews are not only about Tunisian hotels, but also about Turkish and Egyptian.

Packaging of antiseptic napkins 30 pieces now costs about 100 rubles. Wipe cutlery for a child will take about a minute of time. Agree, the costs of time and money are small. Safety is more expensive.

What else is important to know

– Many tourists are asked: what excursions in Tunisia you can drive with children, and what are not worth. This is a difficult question. At the excursion to the Sahara, we definitely do not recommend. For other excursions, it is possible, but interest in the sights will be directly dependent on the age and the floor of the child;

– The best excursion for children is a trip to the Frigia Zoo with Dolphinarium or African dinner. All the details in our articles “Frigia Zoo” and “African Dinner in Frigia”;

– Entertainment for children can be arranged at any resort. Take a taxi and go to the carrefour supermarket, Monoprix or Magasin General. There will be dozens of new for the child of Tunisian and French chocolates, bars and candies. The child’s delight is guaranteed. Trips to Tunisian taxi inexpensive, official tariffs see the article “Taxi in Tunisia”;

– Be sure to feed the children with tasty and environmentally friendly tunisy fruits that deliver to shops and hotels already ripened and sweet. Details in our article “Fruits in Tunisia – Prices and Calendar of Collection”.

Successful holidays with children in Tunisia, and read our interesting articles about this country (List of articles below).

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16 Soviets - in Tunisia with children

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