16Th county of Paris

16th county of Paris

This, relatively recently appeared on the map of the city, to a large extent, than the other districts of the French capital, Inherent in snobbery and pomp Practically in all. District is initial It is considered bourgeois.

Here Fully absent migrants, and the pace of life is Valya and measured. The district is on the right bank of the Seine and stretched to the most Parisian district road, immediately begins for which the famous Boulogne forest. Name of the XVI district ; Passion, By the name of his central street, abounding expensive boutiques and restaurants.

Within the boundaries of the district are located More than a dozen famous sights of Paris. Nearby tourists and nearest neighbors ; Triumphal Arch and Eiffel Tower, which offers a great view from the Torokdero Square.

The best view of the Eiffel Tower is from this district.

Museums of the XVI district

  • Tokyo Palace (Palais de Tokyo) On the avenue of President Wilson, 11 (Avenue du President Wilson, 11), in the right wing of which is located Museum of Contemporary Art of Paris.

It works every day(except Tuesday) from 12-00 to 00-00. Permanent exposures can be visited is free, But the cost of tickets for temporary exposures will be from 5 to 11 euros.

The collection of the museum has About 8,000 exhibits. In the historical section, you will get acquainted with the work of cubists and surrealists. The modern section is a meeting of works in the spirit of new realism, creative works of art movements Fluka and Figuration Narrative.

Among the most famous works presented in permanent exposure, grandiose Paris dance canvas Matisse and fresco "Electricity Fairy" Dufi.

  • House Museum Balzaca (Maison de Balzac) Located at Rue Raynouard, 47. You can visit it daily (except Monday) from 10-00 to 17-45 And completely free.

It is in this house that the famous writer for 7 years has hidden from the attacks of creditors. The museum was organized in 1949.

  • Museum of Crustal Bakkara (11 Place des etats-unisa) represents an extensive collection of workshops of crystal business from the French town of Baccarat. Open this interesting museum from 10 am and up to 6 pm. Weekend – Tuesday, Sunday.

Cognitive will be visits to the Movies Museums and Wine, as well as in Maritime Museum(It is located in the Majestic Palace Chaio). And, of course, visit Museum Marmotan Monet, in the walls of which is stored The most complete collection of pictures of Claude Monet.

Where to stay

  • La Clef Tour Eiffel ; Beautiful hotel with fairly expensive rooms (from 12 000 r.), which differs from many others Very convenient location. Hotel Address: 83 Avenue Kléber.
  • Three-star Hôtel du Bois Champs-Elysées At the address: 11 Rue du dome with more acceptable prices On the rooms, but with a less convenient location.
  • Hotel Elysées Union, which the Located in the XIX century building. From here you are committing Hiking to the Eiffel Tower and triumphal arc.

Where else should you go

All Big Tennis fans are worth visiting the famous Roland Garos Stadium (2 Avenue Gordon Bennett), which is annually, at the end of May, takes the same tournament at his courts.

If you stop In the 16th district of Paris, then you can easily be in the famous Boulogne forest. It was once strolled by French kings and their retinues, held noisy royal hunting.

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