20 best gifts from Austria

What interesting souvenirs and gifts can be brought from vacation in Austria? How much they cost in stores? That there is no point? Where and how to buy? How to choose the best? Read the answers in our article and our top20 top rating.

Important note

Before drawing up a list of gifts from Austria, we strongly recommend reading the list of things that cannot be taken out of the country or possible, but with limitations. In addition, not everything can be imported into Russia, and some items can be, but limited. Read our detailed article "What can not and can be exported from Austria".

And one more note. Austrians are very big lovers to eat and drink. Do not be surprised that food and drinks make up half of gifts from our rating.

And do not be surprised that the prices for souvenirs are very high. Austria is a very expensive country. According to the last study of CEOWORLD MAGAZINE from 2019, Austria was in the 18th place of the rating of the most expensive countries of the world.

twenty. Cow bells

Flusted bells for cows – this is one of the symbols of the Alpine Mountains and Austria. Such bells farmers use to scare away predators from herd or to find the lost cow. Now in Austria produce more souvenir bells than real.

Why in Austria exactly the felled form? Mystery. But it is precisely such a bell that needs to be bought as a souvenir. Usually the souvenir bells are applied drawing, less frequently chasing.

If you buy a few, you can create a musical instrument called Almglocken ("Almglocken"). It consists of a variety of pre-configured cow bells, used in folk music.

An interesting fact that in August 2019 in the western part of Austria there was a series of bells of bells straight from cows on pastures. Thieves managed to steal the bells in the amount of 550 euros. To whom and why it took, it did not find out, the thieves did not find. We hope that you will not be sold one of the abducted bells as a souvenir.

Whatever beautiful drawing, we strongly do not recommend giving such a gift to women, may not be misunderstood.

Price bell-souvenir – from 10 euros.

19. Liker Mozart

Mozart Chocolate Lickers Releases Mozart Distillerie from Salzburg. Until 1954, this was an ordinary company for the production of inexpensive alcohol entitled "HC K&# 246; nig ». In 1954, they changed the name on the "Mozart Distillerie" and began to produce lycles under the Mozart brand. The combination of the brand name of the Mozart itself and chocolate taste turned out to be a winning 100%.

Now there are five main types of Liqueur Mozart:

– Chocolate Cream (chocolate cream);

– Dark Chocolate (Dark Chocolate);

– White Chocolate Cream Strawberry (White Chocolate – Strawberry);

– White Chocolate Vanilla (White Chocolate – Vanilla);

– Chocolate Spirit (chocolate vodka).

There are seasonal varieties. For example, in September 2019, the Mozart Chocolate Cream Pumpkin Spice with spicy pumpkin flavor was released on the Limited Series Market. The product clearly came out with the calculation of Halloween. And is clearly intended for export, since the Austrians have the Anglo-Saxon traditions of Halloween (pumpkins and evil) not in honor.

Price per bottle of 0.5 liters – 15-20 euros. Wide range of Mozart Lickeres can be bought in ordinary supermarkets.

eighteen. Souvenirs with white horses

White horses is one of the symbols of Austria. The breed of these horses is called "Lipician", they were brought during the Austro-Hungarian Empire of the Selection from Spanish, Arab, Berber and Neapolitan breeds.

Now maintaining the purity of the breed and the absenteeism of lipicians in Austria is engaged in the Hofburg Palace in the Spanish School of Riding in the center of Vienna. Those who wish can see here the exit of lipicians for 15 euros per person.

Lipician souvenirs are very diverse: plush toys, porcelain figurines, clothing, dishes and bags with their image, magnets, key rings, Christmas tree toys. Choose any. Porcelain figurines enjoy the greatest demand for tourists.

The widest range of souvenirs with Lipiciana can be found in the souvenir shop at Spanish school. Address: MICHAELERPLATZ 1, 1010 WIEN. Located right at the entrance to the palace, focus on the Statue of Hercules. Herrengasse Metro Station on U3 Branch (Orange).

Metro map in Russian Look in our article "Metro Vienna".

Price for souvenirs – from 1 euro per postcard up to 1000 euros for a porcelain statuette of handmade.

17. Chocolate Zotter

The Austrian company Zotter became famous for the only one in Europe, producing bio-chocolate with a full cycle – from cocoa beans to chocolate tiles. Zotter is only 30 years old and such success!

Now Zotter produces 400 varieties of chocolate and chocolate candies. All kinds are great to taste, it is even difficult to advise any of them. Take the classic "Zotter Classic", not exactly mistaken. Zotter chocolates became famous not only with taste and quality, but also original packaging for each product.

In supermarkets, ZOTTER products are found in a limited assortment. This is usually a classic Dunkle (dark) with a picture of a wolf on a chair and a MILCH (milk) with a picture of a bear.

If you want to find more, then you need to go to the confectionery stores. Zotter does not have his own brand store in Vienna. The widest range can be found from Schoko Company, their store is located on NASCHMARKT.

Keep in mind that Zotter manufactures only 600 tons of chocolate per year. The offer is limited, the demand is high, so finding their chocolate is problematic.

Tile price 70 grams – 3.5 euros.

Almost the entire range is available for ordering on the official website. You can order delivery to the Hotel EMS, but it is very desirable to have a local number so that the EMS courier can call and report on his arrival.

16. Souvenirs with pictures of Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt is the most famous Austrian artist and pioneer of Modern style. His most famous picture "Kiss" and other works can be viewed in the Belvedere Palace in Vienna.

Souvenirs with climt paintings are very popular. These are basically dishes: plates, cups, glass wine glasses. But there are very interesting options: scarves, umbrellas, bags, souvenir boxes. If you do not want to buy anything big, then take a magnet or postcards.

Perhaps the most interesting option is a crystal ball with a kissing couple from the picture "Kiss". Such a souvenir on the desktop will definitely remind of vacation in Vienna.

In Vienna, there is an interesting store "KLIMT Megastore" with the widest selection of reproductions of Clima and souvenir paintings. Located at Babenbergerstra&# 223; E 5, 1010 WIEN ", it is 50 meters from Mushaumskaiter Metro Station (" Museumsquartier ") on the U2 branch (purple).

Especially in this store you do not need to go, it is right behind the building of the Museum of Art History, next to the Museum Quarter. Something in the area will see exactly, just go on the road.

Prices for souvenirs with Climt’s paintings – from 1 euro per postcard and indefinitely.

15. Coffee Julius Meinl

In Austria never grow and does not grow coffee. However, Austria is the birthplace of the famous Coffee brand Julius Meinl. Few people know that the brand Julius Meinl Austrian, everyone thinks that Turkish because of the image of the boy in the fez on the logo.

Already five generations of Meinl family work with the best varieties of coffee from around the world. Most of all Julius Meinl became famous for the mixtures of ground coffee, and it is the mixture that we recommend buying first of all. Advise any of them difficult because the range changes periodically.

For coffee it is best to go to the Julius Meinl Am Graben shop, where you will find not only Julius Meinl products, but also many other interesting edible gifts. This is a big gourmet store, one of the best in Vienna.

Store address: Graben 19, 1010 Wien. Located 200 meters from Herrengasse Metro Station on the U3 Branch (Orange). From the exit from the subway, go to Wallnerstra Street&# 223; E, then right, then left on the pedestrian street, the store will be on the left side 100 meters.

Price packaging of coffee Julius Meinl 200 or 250 grams – from 10 euros. Coffee Julius Meinl can be bought in Russian supermarkets, but the most cheapest varieties and in a very limited assortment.

fourteen. Ledrich and Dirndl

Let’s start with terminology.

In the word "tracht" ("Tracht") call a suit of a person, that is, a set of several clothes. Form of Tracht in the old days clearly showed social and family status of man. Now, naturally, there is nothing like this in Austria and can not be.

The word "Lederhose" ("Lederhosh") is called traditional leather shorts with suspenders, which are considered national clothing in Bavaria (Germany) and Tyrol (Austria).

The word "dirndl" ("Dirndl") call women’s dress with blouse and apron.

Naturally, these forms of national clothes Austrians are already very rarely worn. But it looks very colorful, many tourists buy.

If you like clothes, but you do not want to buy it for financial or other reasons, then in souvenir shops, buy teddy bears in national clothes. It’s beautiful and inexpensive.

Prices: December or Dirndl of good quality – from 200 euros, bearings in clothing – from 15 euros.

13. Jam Staud’s

Staud’s from Vienna is engaged in the production of canned and salty. Most of all their fruit and berry jams became famous. The main and most popular product of Staud’s product is an apricot jam.

Jam Staud’s in ordinary packaging you can buy in any supermarket, but for tourists it is not very interesting. Better Find Jam in Gift Packaging. Now Staud’s has such two types. The first are jars with pictures on the lids. The second is jars with a beautiful label with a woman with a tray. Souvenir kits for three small jars are also sold. There are absolutely baby – 37 grams.

The entire range of Staud’s products can be found in their corporate store in Vienna near Yppenmarkt, it is not far from the metro station "Josefst&# 228; DTER STRA&# 223; E »On the U6 branch (brown).

Besides Jame, you can buy and try Austrian salty cucumbers and tomatoes, marinated mixes of vegetables, sauer cabbage, syrups. Try, rate, buy what I liked.

Price jar jam 250 grams – 4 euros.

12. Deck of cards for the Schnapsen

Schnapsen is a German card game, and in Austria she has long become a national game. The second name "Sixty Sixth". For this game in german-speaking countries, they use their playing cards that are something similar to us "French cards".

Even if you are not going to learn to play Schnapsen, then the deck of maps will be beautiful and colorful souvenir. First, there are few other suit here: instead of the familiar peasons (trephies) here, "Zhöldi" here, instead of the buckets of the "bells", instead of a peak of the "leaves".

There are no ladies in the chamber of the map for the Schnapsen, instead of them the character "Manderl" (nobleman). Instead of the currency character "Unter". These two characters are distinguished by the layout of the MASTA – at Manderl from above, Unter has below.

The shock deck consists of 20 or 24 cards. There are combined decks where one half a map in a German style, the second half in the style we are familiar.

The most famous company-producer of playing cards in Austria is called "Piatnik". In souvenir shops, most likely to find their products. Their cards are considered the best. Also Piatnik releases puzzles and board games.

You can visit Piatnik’s corporate store in Vienna at: "Wiedner Hauptstra&# 223; E 87, 1050 WIEN, "it’s near the metro station" s&# 252; Dtiroler Platz-Hauptbahnhof »On the U1 branch (red), it’s near the main station of Vienna.

Price deck – 4-5 euros.

eleven. Beer glass

It is possible that this souvenir does not have to buy separately. If you buy a gift set of beer, then probably a glass will be included. But in this case, get the most ordinary glass wine glass with a brand beer logo. It’s boring!

The most colorful gift is a ceramic mug with a metal lid, which opens by pressing thumb. Very beautiful, but modern Austrians from such beer mugs drink rarely.

More practical and closer to modern reality – these are glass wine glasses. The most color are tilt. It is better to choose glasses with the image of the symbols of Austria and Vienna, or at least with the Austrian flag. Recently, glasses in the form of boots often began to appear in souvenir shops, it is also very colorful and original.

Wine glasses are: pfiff (0.2l), seidel (0.3-0.33l), KR&# 252; gerl (0,5l). Capacity MA glasses&# 223; (1 liter) in Austria are not popular, it is already borrowing from Bavaria. Austrians drink beer from such glasses only at festivals.

Price per glass – from 2 to 100 euros. Glasses with a logo of beer brands are the most inexpensive, as sold at low prices for promotional purposes.

ten. Cake Imperial

It is believed that this cake came up with and prepared for Emperor Franz Joseph Jr. Cavar Xavier Loibner at the hotel Imperial in 1873. Since then, the pastry hotel has been doing this cake, and his recipe holds in the strictest secrecy. It is known that the cake is prepared from chocolate cream, almond and marzipan, covered with chocolate icing.

You can only buy it in the cafe of the hotel Imperial or order through the ImperialTorte Web site.Com . It is best to come in a cafe (entrance from the street) Order a piece with coffee, try and already decide – buy yourself a big cake or not.

There are three types: classic ("Das Original", with almond), with orange ("Schwarze Orange") and with Malina ("Feine Himbeer"). And the latter was invented and began to prepare more recently – in 2018.

Release or large cakes weighing 300, 500 and 960 grams, or small pastries of 79 grams, or 14 grams candy. Packaging in any case Gift and very beautiful.

Price for the largest cake of 960 grams – 50 euros, for 500 grams – 42 euros. Further the less size, the more expensive per unit weight. Shelf life of the imperial cakes – up to 8 weeks in the refrigerator. Flight home he will survive normally. The main thing is to carry it only in hand baggage.

nine. Snowball

This is a crystal ball inside which there is some kind of composition, the ball is filled with water, inside small pieces of white plastic. When shaking the pieces begin to slowly fall down, which is very similar to snowfall.

Austria has two times a year to buy snowballs.

In the Christmas season (from December 8 to January 6), thousands of versions of snow balls sell, of any size, for every taste and wallet selling Christmas fairs. Plots mostly christmas, the range of widest, minimum prices.

The rest of the time, snowballs are sold in souvenir shops. Here are already dominated by the balls with the sights of Vienna and the symbols of Austria. The biggest hits are with the models of the Cathedral of St. Stephen and the Vienna Town Hall.

Snowball is a great way to buy two in one souvenir. For example, a snowball with a lipician horse or with a kissing couple with a picture of Gustav Clima. Very comfortably.

Price – from 10 euros and higher, depends on quality, size, origin. For the big and beautiful snowy ball of Austrian origin and handmade, get ready to lay out from 50 euros.

eight. MANNER Wafers and Cookies

Famous Austrian sweets depicting St. Stephen’s Cathedral on the package. Two main products are waffles with forest nuts (Original Neapolitan Wafers) and Lemon Wafers (Lemon Cream Wafers). It is these two products that do not need to be brought from Austria, it makes no sense, since we are sold at a comparable price.

Buy, try and carry any other types of sweets from Manner, the benefit of them is now selling more than 50 items: waffles with coconut, chocolate cookies, glazed biscuits, candy, cupcakes and many more.

Almost the entire range of Manner is presented in Billa and Spar supermarkets, including gift packaging. Respectively, the more supermarket, the more there is an assortment. Be sure to try the "Keksmischung Belvedere" variety is a set of biscuits of different shapes and tastes.

If you decide to buy a gift for a sweetheart, then cookies in the form of hearts "Cocoa Cream Wafer Hearts", "Orange Cream Wafer Hearts" and "Black Currant Hearts". And you can not choose, and take all three types at once, they are now sold at 3.5 euros per pack of 300 grams.

Prices – from 1 euro per pack 100 grams.

7. SWAROVSKI decorations

Famous Brand Swarovski from Austria, from Tyrol Province. Five generations of Swarovski family manage and develop a business and very successfully – Swarovski’s brand is considered the second strongest in Austria (after Red Bull), and the company’s revenue reached 2.7 billion euros (data for 2018).

Prices for products with Swarovski crystals are approximately the same worldwide. But in Austria there are shops brand Swarovski, where you can view all the collections. These stores have ART installations with crystals, so shops are actually also free museums.

In Vienna, the store is located at: k&# 228; RNTNERSTRASSE 24, 1010 WIEN. The nearest metro station – StephanSplatz at the intersection of branches U1 (red) and U3 (orange).

In Innsbruck Store Address: Herzog-Friedrich-Stra&# 223; E 39, 6020 Innsbruck.

Drive in these stores, see, choose. Can you compare the price in the store with a price on Swarovski.Com. It happens that there are stocks on the site and you can buy an important decoration cheaper.

Price of jewelry – from 50 euros and above. We do not recommend buying Swarovski products somewhere outside official stores, since there are very great chances to get a fake.

6. Schnapps

Historically, the word "Schnaps" in German-speaking countries called any strong alcoholic drinks. Now the norms of consumption of this word changed, and the Austrians and the Germans call so only their spirits.

Austrian (and German) Schnaps has no clear recipe. To taste and color it can be like vodka, brandy, brandy, liqueur or tincture. In Austria, most of the fruit jacks produced are called "obstler" or "obstschnaps". It is these screws that we recommend trying and briefing first.

The most common tastes: apricot, apple, pear, plum, cherry. Obstschnaps is a fruit flavor vodka. You can buy them in any supermarket. Price – from 7 to 25 euros in recalculation of liter.

Enzianschnaps is considered the most interesting in Austria. This is a Schnaps from the Granite Plant – a flower from the Alpine Mountains. This flower is considered one of the characters of Austria. On the bottles are usually depicted beautiful blue flower of the guilty, but the drinks do not make a drink. It is made from the roots, and more often not a blue guilty, but yellow (it is more common).

20 Best gifts from Austria

Find enzianschnaps is very difficult, in ordinary stores it does not sell it. Need or search in specialized stores, or order in online stores with delivery to the hotel. The price enzianschnaps – from 25 euros per bottle of 0.7 liters.

5. Cake Zacher

Cake "Sachertort" love to call "Sweet Symbol of Austria". It is very popular with tourists and really very tasty. Although there is nothing special in it, it is two or three layers of chocolate biscuits, an apricot jam between them, a cake top covered with chocolate icing. It is believed that the secret of the magnificent taste in three varieties of Belgian chocolate, which mixed for cake.

Cake invented in 1832 confectioner Franz Zher. Initially, the cake was served only in narrow circles of diplomats, but a few years later the son of Franz Edward decided to present him to the public. He gave permission to prepare his confectionery demo cake and in his hotel. As a result, the confectionery and the hotel has long been sued for the rights to the cake. Now only these two institutions are entitled to the name "Sachertort".

Try a piece of cake Zaher More The most convenient in Vienna in the cafe "CAF&# 233; Sacher "at the hotel" sacher ". There you can buy a cake. Drive to the Karlsplatz station at the intersection of branches U1, U2, U4. The hotel is located right behind the building of the Vienna Opera House.

Price per piece – about 10 euros. Price per cake – 29 euros (600 grams), 40 euros (1 kilogram), 55 euros (1.6 kilograms). Storage period – up to 18 days, the flight home cake will survive, but you only need to carry in hand baggles, otherwise you will get a chocolate mash.

4. Frey Wille Jewelry

These are famous gold jewelry with enamel. The highest quality of products has been achieved by the unique fiery enamel technology developed in Frey Wille. Now there are no analogues of their products in the world.

Usually on our site we do not recommend tourists to buy gold and jewelry abroad. First, they can sell fake. Secondly, in the consequence, to sell or lay foreign gold is difficult, as it will be necessary to do the examination. But in the case of Frey Wille, we will restore.

Frey Wille products are not just a golden decoration, it is a combination of gold, design and unique enamel. It’s not confused with it, it will always be highly valued. About design worth telling separately. Flowing style Frey Wille artists draw from Gustav Clima, Alphonse Fly, Claude Monet and other Matters. Frey Wille decoration style deserves stormy applause.

In Vienna in four Frey Wille branded stores (one of them in the airport building) you can see almost the entire range of jewelry. In this and the value of buying Frey Wille in Austria. Moscow has a Frey Wille boutique in GUM, but the range is quite narrow.

Decoration prices – from 200 euros and almost indefinitely.

3. Mozartkuhugel

Round chocolate marzipan candies. They first prepared confectioner Paul Fürst from Salzburg. Candies were prepared in honor of the 100th anniversary of the death of Mozart, hence the name. Since then, his factory in Salzburg produces Candy Mozartquugel.

Original Candy Mozartquugle are packed in a silver wrapper, and the portrait of Mozart is made of blue paint. Sell ​​them in several stores in Salzburg. The volume of their production is very small – 1,400 thousand pieces per year, as they make them manually. Therefore, for a tourist, find the original Mozartquugle in Austria is almost unreal.

but! Fürst patented his recipe on time, and therefore now many confectionery produce copies. However, Fürst was able to achieve the right to name through the courts, and therefore copies are called differently. Copies are very decent to taste.

Copies can be bought in any souvenir shop or supermarket. Options and brands hundreds.

Original cost 1.5 euros for the thing, you can buy in the official online store FUERST.CC with delivery.

Copies are from 3.5 euros per pack of 250 grams. If you want to buy really good copies, then focus on the price of 40 euros in recalculation for kilogram.

Austria has many national sweets and desserts. About the most, read our review "Best desserts and sweets of Austria".

2. Austrian beer

Austrians are the second in Europe. Beer consumers, 106 liters per person per year, which is even more than in Germany! Naturally, tens of varieties of delicious beer are boiled in Austria. Brands Gusser, Edelweiss, Zipfer, Ottakringer are famous for the whole world.

Unlike Russians and neighbors of Chekhov, the Austrians do not like light grades (about 10% density), they love a more dense, rich in taste and a strong grade Martz (density of about 12%).

Austrian beer is almost no exported outside the country, since the volume of its production by the Austrians is barely enough for internal consumption. In Russian stores you can find imported beer from Austria, but one or two varieties. Therefore, beer can be considered an almost exclusive gift.

Unfortunately, alcohol importation rate in the Russian Federation is quite strict – 3 liters per person for duty-free import. 2 more liters with a fee of 10 euros from a liter, but at such a price there is no reason to have a beer. Therefore, a lot of beer from Austria (and in general from any country) will not bring.

The price of a good Austrian beer – 1.2-1.5 euros per bottle (bank) 0.5 liters.

All details, prices and list of the best varieties in our article "Best Beer Austria".

1. Austrian cheese

Austria famous as a manufacturer of magnificent cheeses. However, the Austrians eat so much cheese that their production does not always have enough for their need. Latest Austrian Cheese is exported – for 2018, exports amounted to 115 thousand tons. In Russia, it is almost impossible to meet him, and even more so it is prohibited by sanctions. Cheese is an exclusive gift from Austria.

The most interesting two families of varieties of Austrian cheese.

First, alpine and mountain varieties. These are solid cheeses of partially low-fat and semi-shot milk. These cheeses produce only fresh milk cows from alpine pastures. It is these varieties that are characterized by an excellent flower taste. Already 5 of them received PDO status (geographical protection of origin) within the EU.

Secondly, cheeses of low fat milk. This is the semi-solid cheeses that the Austrians are booked by centuries. Milk is used from which the cream was already removed for the production of oil. These low-calorie cheeses, and for this reason are gaining popularity in recent years. One of these cheeses "Tyrolean Gray" received PDO status in the EU.

The price of good cheese – from 15 to 25 euros per kilogram.

All details, prices and list top12 Read in our article "The best cheeses of Austria".

Gifts not included in the list

RED BULL Power Drink Right from Austria. Some tourists want to try and bring the real Austrian Red Bull, to see what it is different from our. There is no point in that, since we sell imported Red Bull in stores, it is not produced in Russia. Red Bull We also have the same in Austria;

Steireranzug (Shattreranzug) – This is another element of national clothes – gray jacket with green elements. Here we do not recommend it, it is very similar to the German form of the Great Patriotic War;

Austrian wine considered not bad, but not the best in the world. You can try and buy, if you like it. Price – from 3 euros per bottle of 0.75 liters, good wine – from 10 euros per bottle of 0.75 liters;

Souvenirs with Flower Edelweiss also popular, but mostly in European tourists;

Oil from Pumpkin Seeds from Styria Province It is considered the best in the world from themselves. However, this product is not every taste. Price – from 15 euros per bottle of 0.5 liters. You can buy in any supermarket.

Important advice

– Many gifts from Austria fragile. Therefore, we recommend that you think about the soft packaging – bubble film or corrugated cardboard. Imagine for a second that if the bottles of beer or jam break into the suitcase? It is better not to represent, but take care of a safe package;

– If you are going to try and buy alcoholic gifts, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the rules of trade and drink alcohol in our article "Alcohol in Austria";

– If you want to bring any food, we recommend our article "Product prices in Austria";

– What are the expenses waiting during rest in Austria except for the purchase of gifts, read our article "How much money to take to Austria".

Successful purchases in Austria, and read our interesting articles about this country (List of articles below).

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I’m going to Austria, and I was asked to bring the IMCO brand lighter as a souvenir. Tell me, please, is there an IMCO brand store in Vienna?

Alexander – Glavred site

Probably he is near the IMCO plant. Guschelbauergasse 10-14 1210 Wien. Try searching there.

Many thanks! I will look for)

Well, what can be brought from Austria except impressions, we will analyze in this article. Snowball – Very beautiful souvenir . Miniatures of the most famous Austrian structures are placed inside the glass bowl.

And where Frey Wille shops? It is written 4, the addresses are not.

Alexander – Glavred site

The most affordable Frey Wille brand store goes by the Cathedral of St. Stephen. But the store is small. Another on the area of ​​Helmut Zilka, in red building.

20 Best gifts from Austria

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