20 dishes of Turkish cuisine, which should be tried in travel

National Turkey Cuisine is a kind of "fusion" of the East and West. Ingredients are always the freshest, spicy tastes and saturated, and traditions of cooking and feeding food ; Entertaining and generous.


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What be sure to try, traveling in Turkey

Food in Turkey ; Most of the interesting experience. Traveling in Turkey, do not limit yourself with food in restaurants (especially in hotel and / or tourist). Try street food in small cafes and with grocery trays.

1. Turkish breakfast (pitching)

Turkish bread or toast, oil, jam, chocolate and / or honey, olives and olives, welded boiled eggs, the most delicious tomatoes in the world, cucumbers are several types of cheeses, and, of course, coffee or tea. Turkish breakfast (pitching) ; It is considered one of the best in the world and is served in many restaurants, cafes, hotels and guesthouses. There are no restrictions for pitching, so every owner brings something to this wonderful tradition.

2. Memenen

Turkish scrambled eggs for breakfast ; Omelette mixed with stewed vegetables. Very tasty with warm lava) Mementa can easily find in the menu of cafes and small restaurants, often offered as a supplement to Turkish breakfast.

3. Simit

The most popular pastries that are sold everywhere in Turkey. Known since the 16th century. Probably the popularity of this sesame boiler is due to the fact that it can be a full breakfast or snack.

4. Chorba

Usually, Turkish soups (chorba) thick and saturated, based on lentils or tomatoes. Try traditional chorba from lentils and rice (Ezogelin çorbası, Ezo-Helin) or just from lentils (Mercimek çorbası, Mermest – Chorbashi, chicken soup (Tavuk Suyu çorbası, Tuvuk Sayu), Fish Soup (Balık çorbası, Balyk Chorbashi) Or fermented milk soup (yayla çorbası, Yayla Chorbashi).

5. Manta

Manti (Manti) ; Turkish dumplings, which are prepared with lamb meat or beef and either boil, or fry. Served with spicy Natural Turkish Yogurt Sauce. Considered to be a national dish of Turkey.

6. Meza

Cold Turkish snacks ; Salads, stuffed pepper and tomatoes, pickles, olives, dolma and sarma, small seafood type mussel-squid, hummus, sauces, etc. and TP. Usually snacks are served in front of the main dishes.

7. Dolma and Sarma

Dolma and Sarma ; Two spicy rice-based dishes with bow. Dolma ; Vegetables (pepper, zucchini or eggplant) stuffed with a mixture of rice, currant, spices, cinnamon, nuts and minor veal (optional). Salma ; More ascetic version, grape leaves stuffed with spicy rice. Both dishes are often served as a meza (cold snacks).

eight. Kebab

Kebab in Turkey called meat cooked on open fire, which is served with vegetables and sauces. In each area of ​​Turkey, Kebab is preparing in its own way. Often kebab wears the name of the area in which he is preparing. Be sure to try Kabab in Cappadocia, which is prepared in clay pots.

The most popular option to Kabab, which is worth a try ; Shish Kebap (şiş Kebap) ; lamb, roasted on skewers, which is served with vegetables and pita (almost our kebab)

Further in popularity and fame follow street variants ; Denger Kebab (Döner) and Düroim Kebab (Dürüm), meat with vegetables and sauces, wrapped in pita-bread (denener) or pitaash (durum).

True gastronomic pride of Turkey ; Iskander Kebab, option invented in Bursa, in the 19th century Iskander Efendi. In this embodiment, the lamb is cut into the finest slices, stewed under tomato sauce and is served with yogurt and lavash.

Adana ; kebab ; Also, classic. Prepared from the lamb minor, grilled on the grill and served, again with vegetables and pita.

nine. Ceft and Chi Ceff

Along with Kebab, Keft (Köfte) ; Traditional and beloved in Turkey dish, which are preparing almost everywhere. In fact ; These are meat balls.On street trays are served in the company Pete and Salad.

Chi Kefte (çiğ köfte) ; The vegetarian version of Keft, which in appearance very much resembles the usual meat Keft, but prepared from Bulgu, tomato paste and spices.

ten. Imam Baydi

The history of this dish is rooted in the times of Osmans. The name IMAM BAYILDI (IMAM Bayildi) translates very funny ; Khorontal Imam. Reframor ; Eggplant stuffed with a vegetable mixture of onion, garlic and tomatoes. There are also modern variations with meat fillings. Very tasty with traditional oil rice Pilaf (Pilaf).

eleven. Lahmakun and Pidet

Lahmakun (Lahmacun) and PIDE (Pide) ; two options ; Turkish Pans ;. Lahmakun ; Flat crispy pellet with filling and meat and spices. PIDE ; A more advanced option from a different kind of topping and twisted edges. Both options are quite popular as a local fast food.

12. Borek and Gezlem

20 Dishes of Turkish cuisine, which should be tried in travel

These yumshits are most often started with meat or a mixture of spinach and cheese. Borek base (Börek) ; Puff pastry baked buckets in different ways ; portion, big piece, roll. Basis for Gezleme (Gözleme) ; Lovely dough in the form of a cake. Special chic ; Boreks or Gezobi, cooked in traditional furnaces or on a disjected fire. Very Turkish baking, be sure to try!

13. Ball Emmec

Balik Ekmek (Balik Ekmek) ; literally translates as fish sandwich. Baguette, roasted or grilled fish fillet, onion, salad. Just cheap, colorful and very tasty. In Istanbul, the best fish sandwiches are looking for street restaurants under the Galat Bridge.

fourteen. Mussels Dolma

MIDYE DOLMA ; Popular street food on Stambula Streets, Bodrum and Antalya. Is mussels with spicy rice. Stuffed often right at the tray with mussels. The seller stocks and gives Mussels to the stop sign from the buyer)

15. Kumpir

Cumpir (Kumpir) ; Baked potatoes in uniforms, with butter and cheese and a variety of fillings to choose.

16. Chestnuts and corn

Grilled chestnuts and grilled corn ; Delicious I ; Healthy ; Snacks that are sold in abundance on the streets of Turkish cities.

17. Ayran

Ayran – Be sure to try this wonderful Turkish drink. It is very refreshing, tasty and useful. Ayran is preparing from Turkish yogurt, whipping it with water and salt.

eighteen. Coffee on coals

Turkish coffee – black very strong coffee, which is served in small cups. In Turkey, milk will never add coffee. Traditional Turkish coffee is prepared in small turbines on coals.

19. Pakhlava, Lukum and Halva

Very sweet, with special very delicate and, at the same time, spicy taste, Turkish sweets ; This is a special kind of culinary art. Very affordable, besides).

twenty. Dondurma

Dondurma (Maraş dondurma) ; Traditional Turkish ice cream, which is very different from the usual treats. Donadurma is preparing from milk, sugar, mastic and salspi (drink from the tuber of the Yatryshnik). Consistency of this ice cream ; thick and sticky. On the streets of Turkish cities, the sale of donadurma is often accompanied by a funny perph generation.

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