21 Secret of Good Independent Travel

I’m traveler ; Christina Endless and author of this blog with a 6-year experience of independent travel on Europe, Asia, USA and Russia.

In this article, I will share Lifehaki and recommendations of novice travelers based on your experience and many years of tourism practices.

For me, independent travel ; The best way to know the world and yourself, become more conscious, get closer to wisdom.

In travels, this is happening by itself thanks to the eventful lifestyle: new sensations from the kinds of environmental and life of people, other worldviews, religions, because of new states outside the comfort zone and others.

In travels you begin to better find out what kind of people you are: what are your shortcomings, the advantages of what interests.

So, below I led the recommendations based on travel experience.

Interesting directions with departure from Moscow

Use the mode ; incognito ; in browsers

Always for buying tickets, hotel booking Use the mode ; incognito ; in browsers.

Booking Services can use your personal information for your own purposes: How often and from which device you are looking for tickets where you are, for how many people, what age and gender.

So that you do not figure out the booking system and did not happen to undesirable price increases. Take advantage of this advice.

In travels try to be a neat person

Such a person thinks his head, makes decisions deliberately, regards his strength, does not run after the crowd ; Vasya and Anja ;.

Do not try to repeat what has never tried if it concerns: driving, diving, swimming, jumps from the cliffs, lifts on high mountains, pouring cold water, multi-day starvation and t.NS.

Preparation is needed, training for such unusual-active, stressful classes.

You do not want your monthly colorful journey in Thailand quickly ended on the fact that you broke the leg trying to repeat ; crown trick ; His friend?

Often, it was necessary to deal with similar on the participants, where the recrunts absolutely not regarding their strength: they took the bike, not having rights, tried to be ; no worse ; Travel neighbors and broke up to the head, got into hospitals.

Use modern alarm resources and applications

Now a lot of modern opportunities, resources for the organization of competent and profitable travel starting with offline cards, ending with an online visa.

Below in the picture I led resources that recommend for economical travel.

Knowing only them can be organized to themselves a favorable journey almost to any country.

  1. To search and buy tickets This is the site ; Skyscanner.RU;
  2. Booking private housing ; Airbnb.COM;
  3. Free travel accommodation ; Couchsurfing.COM;
  4. Trips to distances in neighboring cities in private car (in Russia and abroad) ; blablacar.RU;
  5. Offline Card (Internet Not required) ; Maps.Me for phone.

Everything that’s needed ; Inquire the best apps and travel resources.

Fear as a hidden resource

Fear ; Interesting thing in the journey. Be prepared to face it in travels.

At the critical moment of fear, it is important to realize that he appeared..remember that the universe will protect you, trust in some cases, and in some eliminate your own panic, it only harms to make an accurate solution.

At the same time, before riding the abroad, make sure that there are no typhoons, earthquakes in those places, the sea does not spread, certain diseases are not distributed, infection among the population and T.D.

If there is knowledge or trust, then fear will not arise.

Start opening miracles that next to you

If you are afraid to start traveling abroad, you can start with the nearest neighborhoods, cities and regions.

In Russia, a large number of natural reserves, beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes.

For example, in the photo below, the sacred mountain was depicted, which is in Ufa. It is only 700 km east of my hometown of Cheboksary.

Travel in nature

I lived in New York, in Paris, in Amsterdam, in Singapore and in DR. large megalopolis, but better natural attractions, the sea, the ocean in the journey in my opinion there is nothing.

It is natural places that are fascinating with their wealth, awaken, heal, fill with powerful energy, inspire to travel and leave indelible and pleasant sensations.

Planning your future trip Try to include in the program and natural places.

For example, planning a trip to the west of the United States, in addition to the cities of Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco will be greatly included in the program National Parks, Lakes, and DR.

Promotions, Sale, Last Minute Tours and Discounts

About promotions, sales and discounts of airlines, hotels not notify the search engines of air tickets.

Also, a lot of shares, the last-minute offers are coming from the site notifier sites: Vandrouki.by, 100500miles and group in Telegram https: // Telegram.Me / Samokatus.

Thanks to cheap flights, tours and hotels can be started to travel more often and more.

English is needed

Sometimes there are very interesting people from the abroad, with whom we want to talk about everything, to hear how people live somewhere in Hawaii, in London, what are there salary, interests in people, the worldview for everything around, attitude to Russia, anything.

But if English begins with Hallow ;, and ends with ; War from Taylet ? ;, then it turns out the sad situation and the bummer that you can not explain and take part in an interesting conversation.

In general, throughout the trip, many unpleasant situations are collected due to ignorance of not difficult English.

I am at an interesting conversation with Richard and Simonova (Right from Hawaii and London) on travels

Therefore, learn English, at least 100 popular words need to know for travel abroad.

List of 100 most popular English words with pronunciation. See here: http: // englishvoyage.Com

Choose Malopopular Resorts and Travel Islands

Now travel has become publicly available and admitted in Thailand on the islands you will have to hear the Russian voice everywhere, meet many travelers from China in almost any country.

I even on one uninhabited island in Angong Park in Thailand met her friend from the USA.

Beaches and beautiful sights are now clogged with people, many of the same travelers and tourists as we.

For example, in the photo below, the beautiful Mauti Beach is depicted on. Lombok in Indonesia on which I did not meet a single person in the spring of 2016.

Before going to the long-range edges, set yourself in yourself and look around

If you are interested in the topic of reasoning about ; who I am ;, ; Why pull me to travel ;, then there will be a topic that it makes sense to look for fabulous, beautiful places on the planet, where it will be fine.

The meaning is to learn how to create this prosperity anywhere in its presence.

The fact is that many of those who travel often cannot be in one place alone with themselves. There is a problem.

; passion for traveling there is a sign of deep damage, which broke into our mental abilities.

Our mind is confused, the way of our upbringing is even more molded it there and here; That is why the mind is chased by us by the other, although the body is unwitting sitting at home. ; Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is only my opinion, remark. You decide to take it seriously or not. 😉

Don’t take a lot of things in travel

Traveling Frequently I can say that the hand-made size suitcase (in the photo) is about 10 kg + permissible additional bags of 3-5 kg ​​should have enough to you for everything in travel, unless you travel with children.

For the registered luggage on the name-in-law flights, it will be necessary to pay additionally to the ticket price.

Yes, and wearing heavy suitcases traveling for a long time and often not easy.

I myself travel for several months and for half a year only with manual loop at 8-10 kg + small bag on the shoulder with a laptop or backpack.

After all, all the most necessary can be purchased and upon arrival. It is not worth a lot of money: clothes, personal hygiene objects, kitchen appliances or something else.

Everything is no accident

All that happens to us in travels I believe that it is not just like that.

Whether negative moments: theft, deception, accident, etc. Whether it is joy, gifts, new acquaintances and opportunities.

During the trip, you will attract exactly what you need: surroundings, events will allow you to learn the moment, think about health, become conscious.

It is important to learn to be aware of any situations (negative, positive and others.) as an experience as a doctrine.

While we do not make a lesson, ; Negative ; Experience with thieves and loss of things will be repeated again and again.

Plan in advance

Plan the purchase of air tickets and book your stay in travel at least 2 months before departure not to overpay.

Before you remove cash from a bank card, abroad need to notify the banks in advance. Otherwise the cards can be blocked by banks.

Offline map of the new country is preferably downloaded on the phone even before the arrival in this country.

Travels are not only entertainment

Travel involves not only joy, sea and recreation.

In the journey we are confronted with the reality of different worlds, with a different life of people and sometimes this reality can be torn our emotional state.

For example, we, having learned about the children in Cambodia who remained without parents after a natural disaster living in school on the river we brought them 20 kg of rice and I could not not cry, seeing how they live.

Do not be lazy to always carry a first-aid kit, clean water, personal spoon and insurance policy

21 Secret of Good Independent Travel

In order to protect your body, the health in the journey is not lazy to always take a first-aid kit, clean water, your personal spoon, insurance policy.

On the plane, you can ask the stewardess to pour into our bottle of water (this is free) and ; do not dry ; In flight. 🙂

With long flights, some airlines can be ordered a special menu.

Travel with loved ones

Probably there is no more joyful feeling than to travel with your favorite people, when it is possible to divide the incredible emotions and the beauty of seen with them.

You can arrange a picnic near the Eiffel Tower, to ride a taxi on the night Hong Kong, attend together the best rides, like ; Universal Studio ; and rampide laughing together.

Also travel together and large number of people work more economically in the budget plan.

Loners always overpay for housing, because the single room in the hotel costs as much as double.

But the cost of a triple room is slightly higher than the cost of double.

If you are recruited from 4 to 6 people on a trip – even better: you can find in the private sector very and very inexpensive apartments, villas.

Get minimum 2 bank cards on a journey

I recommend to make a debit and credit card on travel.

Debit card allows you to pay for all purchases of abroad with a minimum commission from banks, make purchases via the Internet (purchase of air tickets, booking of housing, you can make a visa online to various states and many other usefulness).

Credit card can help you make a deposit for: car, accommodation. Very helpful in case you block the main card, and this is possible.

In the case of cash dollars, double conversion is obtained. It is doubly not profitable.

When we buy dollars at home and then change them in banks to local currency, for example, Sri Lankan Rupee.

Debit card Choose Visa (not electron), MasterCard (not Maestro) and so that you can take abroad to remove cash in ATMs without commission.

For example, it allows you to make a map of Tinkoff Bank.

Credit is desirable to choose with the maximum number of days for installments ; from 30.

There are millions of ways to steal cash, but how to steal from a bank card no more than ten ways.

When choosing a card, rely on the following questions:

  • Is there a commission for performing operations in another currency?;
  • What Commission when removing money in another currency? It is desirable that it was not at all;
  • How much will the annual maintenance of such a card cost? What ways to replenish account without commission?;
  • Will the card be chipped? (for additional card protection from theft of data);
  • Will 3D Secure support? (confirmation via SMS when buying).

Use local transport

When you travel always use local transport and make up travel to save.

Local transport is for example:

  • Jeepni in the Philippines (in the picture below);
  • Tuk-Tuki in Asia;
  • buses (almost everywhere);
  • underground;
  • ferry and T.D.

If possible, buy travel.

In most European cities, you can buy unlimited travel day, week or month.

  • In Paris and San Francisco, Even if you stop just 5 days, it is more profitable to place weekly travel, rather than you to buy a ticket. It is valid for any type of public transport (RER, subway trains, bus, tram).
  • In Dubai it will be more profitable to buy not a one-time ticket, but checkout the Silver NOL Card map.
  • In Germany Group tariffs operate on internal trains, for example, a 2-5 ticket ticket. So, if you are traveling threesome (and sometimes, even together), it is more profitable to buy one such a ticket than individually for each.
  • In Hong Kong You can make a special travel card, put on it some amount and pay for any transport, right up to a taxi – it is, firstly, more convenient, and secondly cheaper. In addition, the card can be paid in some stores.
  • In Amsterdam, the price of travel one by the same passage decreases if you use it quite often.

Buy food in supermarkets and in local markets

The TripAdvisor website you can always learn about the best (delicious) and inexpensive cafes in almost every city on Earth.

  1. For this we go to the site: TripAdvisor.RU;
  2. Next, choose the city of travel, section of restaurants;
  3. Sleva Press the checkbox where: Price ; ; delicious and cheap ;.

Much cheaper will be purchased by products in the markets and in large hypermarkets than in ordinary shops or in private shops.

The most inexpensive in Europe – Chinese restaurants and Turkish snack bars.

The average value of the account there is two times lower than in any other cafe. At the same time, for the quality of the kitchen, you can not worry – almost always and efficiently, and delicious.

Poor students in Berlin give preference to kebabam, large, tasty, nutritious and – the main thing – with the strength of 1-2 euros .

In most Asian countries, a plate with rice, curry and vegetables will cost cheap.

Free accommodation

By registering at www.Couchsurfing.COM Get the opportunity to stay for free from people around the world.

It is safe and quite comfortable!

You can select a host on filters: gender, age, hobbies, knowledge of languages ​​and t.D.

If there is no need for housing, then this resource can even be used for meetings and a joint dinner (although it is often a room that Kauratsurfer offers, it may be better than the hotel).

In addition, they are often aware of events in their city, can tell what time is it better to visit.

So there will be more opportunities to learn about the life of other nations.

Use discounts on the group

Groupon is widespread in Europe, in the USA, as well as in major cities of Asia.

I have been bought on the website of the GROUPON.COM in different countries Very favorable coupons in local cafes and restaurants, museums, cinemas.

Visited the popular attractions of foreign cities with discounts 30-50% of those offering in hotels, local offices with excursion services, spa salons with discounts up to 80% and even booked at the group.

The article may be useful 25 ways to reduce the cost of travel

I hope this article has proven to be useful and interesting. Then I will be very grateful if you tell about it on social networks, share with friends.

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