3-4 days on fjords without a car (from Bergen or Oslo)

Sognefjord ; One of the most famous and picturesque fjords in the western part of Norway. To get to him by public transport will not be difficult both from Oslo and from Bergen (see more here).

We recommend as the main base in Sognefjord, the village of Flom, since this village is best developed infrastructure and is located, as it were, in the center of all attractions and pedestrian trail available by traveling without a car.

About how to get to Floma read here.

Our choice of housing in Floma: Flåm Marina & Apartments ; Apart, located 500 meters from the center, is simultaneously close to everything and slightly away from the part of the arriving cruise ships. Very pretty rooms with species on the fjord and cozy terraces. In the rooms ; Small kitchens, useful option in Norway. Rooms in the apartments are large, pretty budget for families or companies.

Accommodation in Floma and Tickets for long-distance trains Book in advance, especially for the summer season!

Alternative accommodation options in Sognefjord: Gudwangen and Aurland

Day 1. Railway Flower, Walking and Farm on Fjord

Start your trip from the Flome Railway, laid in the 40s from the Alpine Village Moldal to Aurland Fjord through the Flomal Valley. From the windows of the old train you will see color landscapes with rivers, waterfalls and tiny villages. The train stops near the Kyosphossen waterfall, during the stop you can go to the platform and substitute your face under wet drops that fill local air.

Upon arrival in Flea, settle down, look around the surrounding area, go to the info center, check the schedules, take the cards, find the store and local bakery, buy products if you plan to prepare yourself.

After Lunch, walk along the fjord to the old farm Ferlner. Here it will be possible to eat pancakes with coffee by setting up on one of the benches overlooking the fjord.

You can finish the day you can walk in Fretheimshaugane’s park, with the paths of which are opening luxurious views of the fjord.

Day 2. Waterfall, Old Flom and Undered

Early in the morning, go to the Museum of the Flome Railway, go through the bridge across the river, roll up the opposite fjord to the road and follow the pointer to the Brekkefossen waterfall (Brekkefossen). Returning from the waterfall on the road, continue the way to a small bridge over the river and follow the signs in the direction of the Flåm Church (Flåm Church). On this tracking will leave 4 hours, plan a day, respectively.

Plan to spend in the village for an hour or two, take a walk in the surrounding area, buy a local cheese and come back in a floss last ferry or the last bus (check all the schedules in advance).

Day 3. Stegist, Viking Village and Neorrow-Fjord

Day on the Neorrow-fjord you can spend standard as all or more adventurously)

On the first shuttle, get to the observation deck stent, from the parking lot, find the pointers to Bjørgåsen, the rise to the view-Point takes about half an hour. Go to Stegisten and return to AURTRAKE on the next shuttle (adjust further route for schedule).

3-4 Days on fjords without a car (from Bergen or Oslo)

Sit on a cruise ship towards the Goodwangen. On arrival, spend a couple of hours in the village of Vikingkov, take a walk around the surrounding area and return the bus in Flow.

More adventurous option ; When booking tickets for Goodwanggen, order a stop on demand in the village of Styvi, visit the world’s smallest in the world and head along the Fjord on the old post road in the direction of the Bleiklindi village. Distance between the villages ; about 6 kilometers, on the way there will be interesting stops of the type of tiny beaches and waterfalls, the track will take at least 2 ; 3 hours. To get from Bleiklindi to Gudwangen, you need to order a boat taxi in advance or wait on the pier of the passing cruise ferry (there is a signal option to have a signal option that the ship is supplied).

The second version of the acquaintance with Neurou-Fjord is undoubtedly more authentic and interesting, but requires more thorough preparation. Check and dock all the schedules, order all the tickets, transfers and stops on demand in advance in Flom Info Center.

If you are planning departure for this day, go back from Stewl in Flom Steet, hang out of the hotel and sit down to the ferry to Goodwagna. Visit Viking Viking Vikings You will no longer be able to leave things in Goodwagen nowhere. Is that if you are traveling lights) in Floma you can buy a connection ; tickets ferrom ; bus ; Train to Bergen or Vos. In Oslo, you can return to the train from VS (tickets Book in advance)

Day 4: Fjord ; Safari or Kayaking Tour

Your last day on the fjords spend ; on water ;. Choose between a kayaking tour half a day from Goodwagna (see more details on the Gudwangen page) or Fjord Safari. Flomer offers different Fiord Safari formats ; one and a half hours of auraland fjord, two-hour ; To Neorrow Fjord, 5-hour ; With Hayeking and TP.

Plan departure to the second half of the day. In Oslo, you can return to the train after VS (a little more than an hour by bus up to Vos) or by bus, watch online tickets here.

Additional day: Tracking in the AurlandSdalen Valley

If you are in good physical form and you have the opportunity to spend an extra day on fjords ; Spend it in the AurlandSdalen Valley, which is often called the Norwegian large canyon. Big, very spectacular 25 -kilometer track starts in the village of Østerbø and ends in the village of Vassbygdi. Both villages are connected to a flomment bus service. Tracking will take at least 6-7 hours. Check the bus schedule on the spot, reserve food, water and mobile communications.

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