33 Main Attractions Tallinn

Tallinn from those cities in which you can come at any time of the year. Attractions Tallinn and its surroundings can also be watching in summer days, and in the offseason, but especially this city is charming in Christmas. At this time, the Christmas market, the flavors of Mulled wine, the needles and spices are deployed on the town hall.

In this article, I will talk about 33 main attractions of Tallinn.

Main Attractions Tallinn on the map

Attractions of Old Tallinn

The old town in Tallinn is divided into two parts: Upper city (Vyshgorod or Toompea in Estonian) and Nizhny city.

In the old days in the upper city, the rich was settled, representatives of power and know, and in the lower people easier – merchants, artisans and apprentices. Both cities were divided among themselves. In 1454. between them erected a fortress wall. But those times have long passed. Two parts of the medieval city merged into a single whole – a wonderful old Tallinn with old towers, churches and streets, paved cobblestone, which we all love.

Old Tallinn city since 1997. Included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

Virrician gate

This is one of the two of the medieval Tallinn gateway to this day.

Once Tallinn was one of the most impregnable fortresses on the Baltic coast. The old town surrounded the ditch with water. You could get into it in the lifting bridge.

Towers of the Viro Gate are built in the XV century. Tallinn was 6 gates. The second preserved gates of the Old Town – these are large sea gates with a tuss tower margarita.

Through the Virrician Gate, you go to the old town and get on ul. The virus that leads to the town hall.

Town Hall Square

Indispensable attribute of any respected medieval city. And Tallinn here is no exception.

The area is called so because of the town hall – the main structure on this area. Tallinn Town Hall preserved perfectly. The first mention of it is dated already 1322. On the spire of the town hall there is a figure of old Thomas.

Old Thomas (Toomas – so called his Estonians) – the main symbol and patron of the city. Wheel with old Thomas is installed on the spiers of the Town Hall in 1530.

All major holidays in Tallinn pass on the Town Hall Square.

At Christmas Town Hall Square – the main place that seek to see in Tallinn in winter. Here you set a beautiful Christmas tree, arrange a Christmas market. Once there, be sure to try roasted nuts with spices and hot fragrant mulled wine.

City Towers Kick-In de Kyuk

Bastion towers, underground moves, the secrets of medieval Tallinn are imprisoned in this place.

The museum complex consists of 3-parts:

  • Tower Tower Kick-In-De Kyuk,
  • Underground bastion moves and museum of stones,
  • Storey and notched towers, Cafe Museum in the Girl Tower.

Kik-In de Kyuk – the most powerful tower in the whole Baltic.

You can climb the fortress wall and stroll through it, admiring the views of the city, sit in an unusual cafe and at the same time a museum in the maiden tower for a cup of coffee and a Danish sandwich, visit one and exhibitions in the stable and notable tower.

Interesting Tower name. Translated from one of the shorter German language it means "Ploy in the kitchen".


  • Adult ticket – € 14
  • Children’s ticket – € 8
  • Family Ticket – € 28

Fat Margarita and Large Sea Gate

Tolstaya Margarita – one of Tallinn’s brightest sights.

This is a gun tower that appeared here in 1529. It was built when the large sea doors were reconstructed (XIX C).

Probably, the tower is named so because of thick and strong walls, the thickness of which reaches 5 m at the bottom. Although there is a version that it was named by the name of the Tolstoy Province of Margarita.

Toy margarita height – 20 m.

Tower and fortress wall with gates defended the city from the sea. In the first half of the XX century there was a prison in the tower. Now here is a branch of the maritime museum. In the exposition, occupying 4 floors, includes ancient diving equipment, steering cutting, cabin.

On the roof of Tolstoy Margarita there is an observation deck with which a magnificent panorama opens on the old town.

Prices and work hours See on the site (They differ in different exposures): Meremuuseum.EE

The Dome Cathedral

In Tallinn, he also has. Tallinn Cathedral is very old. Accurate information when it was built, no, but it is just known that in 1233 g. He already existed.

Cathedral dominates in the architecture of the Old Town. For centuries, it was repeatedly completed and rebuilt, so different architectural styles and epochs were mixed in his appearance.

Height of the Cathedral Tower – 69 M. You can climb. Organ concerts are held in the Cathedral.

Many famous personalities are buried in Tallinn’s Dome Cathedral. For example, Russian navigator AND. F. Kruzenshtern.

  • On Sundays at 11:00 in the cathedral passes Mesa (admission is free).
  • On Wednesdays at 17:00 – Prayer accompanied by an organ (admission is free).
  • Reading under the authority on Saturdays at 12:00.
  • Lifting to the tower is prohibited during worship and concerts.

Feline Well and damn house

The most "ominous" place Tallinn. There is a legend that in the house at: Rataskaevu, 22 (Clenectic ul.) Covered your wedding damn. Memory about this event stores stamp window on the top floor of the house.

Feline Well / Photo A. Patrikeev

Well, opposite the damn house, call the cat because of the fact that in her old times they threw cats. Local residents believed that in the well dwells an evil spirit, threatening to flood the city, and to abandon it, threw a dead cat in a well.

Well for a long time is clipped – back in the XIX. It was swollen due to sanitation considerations.

Lühike Jalg and Pikk Jalg (short and long leg)

Pedestrian street Lühike Jalg Connects the upper and lower city. She appeared in the XIII century. Street is so narrow that only one person can go on it. Her length is just 95 M.

To Lühike Jalg adjoins the courtyard in which Garden of the Danish king.

Legend says that it is here that the Danes found their national flag. This happened during a combat battle in 1219 g. The flag was the Danish troops from the sky and helped them won. In memory of this event in the garden, the holiday is arranged – the day of the Danish flag.

Lühike Jalg connects with Pikk jalg (ul. Long leg). She is much longer than his girlfriend – 270 M. It goes along the fortress wall and also connects the upper and lower city. Now it is a pedestrian and very tourist street. But once you went with carriers and horsepie.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Another main attraction of Tallinn is the current Orthodox Cathedral in the very center of Tallinn, not far from the Estonian parliament. Cathedral is very popular among residents of the city. It is beautiful and scalled. Entrance is free.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tallinn is known for the fact that once he served the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church of Alexy II – a native of Tallinn (took place from the old German nobledine ridigher).

This is the last building built in the upper city.

Schedule Services See here: Nevskysobor.EE

Nigulist Church Museum

Nigule – So Estonians call St. Nicholas, In honor of which this oldest church of Tallinn is named.

German merchants started building the church in 1230. For centuries, until the very beginning of World War II, a German arrival was located here. In the 20th century, the church suffered a lot – from bombing 1944. and fire that happened after restoration in 1982.

Now it is an invalid church. It has the status of a museum, which contains vintage altars, sculptures, paintings, icons and other objects of religious medieval art from Tallinn churches.

The most famous exhibit is a fragment of a picture of the "Dance of Death" of the German Master from Lubeck Berndt Notke.

In the church Nigulist there is a concert hall. Here are beautiful acoustics, often undergo organ and choral concerts.

Opening hours:

  • 01.10-30.04 CP-Sun 10-18
  • 01.05-30.09 Mon-Sun 10-18


  • Ticket – € 6 (€ 8 from 2020 g.)
  • Children’s ticket – € 5 (€ 6 from 2020 g.)
  • Family Ticket – € 12

Church of Olevista

Church of St. Olaf – one of the highest buildings of the old city. Height of the bell tower – 124 m.

View from the observation platform of the Church of St. Olaf

In the XVI B. It was the highest "skyscraper" in the world, but in those days the spire was higher. During its existence, lightning has repeatedly fell into it, because of which fires happened. Just imagine what types of bell tower open from the observation deck on the old town.

The church was built in 1267. And here, too, did not deal with.

According to the legend, this Tallinn attraction built a mysterious master who volunteered to build a temple with the highest bell tower, above which has not yet been in the world. No one knew his name and where he appeared in the city. For his work, he requested a very high price, but set the residents to the residents – if they recognize his name until the end of work, he will not take the board. At the last moment when the temple was almost ready, and the hell appeared. He called the Master by name when he worked on the roof, and that from surprise was broken from a huge height of Earth.

Prices for the viewing area:

  • Adult ticket – € 3
  • Children’s ticket – € 1

In the temple entrance is free. Worships take place on Sundays at 10:00 and at 12:00.

Church of the Holy Spirit

The oldest acting church of Tallinn.

For the first time, it is mentioned in the XIV century. On the facade of the church there are unique clocks – this The oldest clock Tallinn XVII century. And the oldest bell in Estonia.

It is worth going inside to see a carved altar of work Burnta Notke (the author of the famous "Dance of Death") and beautiful frescoes. For the entrance will have to pay, but the board is symbolic – € 1.50.

Site: Eelk.EE

Katarina Lane (Katariina Käik)

"Raisin" of the old Tallinn, which as a magnet attracts tourists. Here are interesting medieval samples of a stone thread on the walls. Very picturesque vintage stone overlaps.

Catarina Lane is not the main, but very atmospheric landmark of Tallinn. Street very cinematic. In Soviet times often served decoration for filming, when it was necessary to show the streets of the medieval European city. Now in this place are the workshops and galleries of artists and artisans (workshop guilds).

Viewing platforms in the old town

Tallinn is famous for its viewing platforms from which you can admire the magnificent panorama of the city. Below are the most popular viewing platforms Tallinn, which are in the old town.


Tiled roofs of old tallinn against the background of modern highlights. The site is located on the eastern side of Tompea. From here you can see the Tallinn TV Tower, and the spire of the Dome Cathedral, although all the main attractions of Tallinn are not visible . Observation platform FREE. In the summer, music often sounds, the summer cafe works. The most beautiful photos of Tallinn are made on this site.


This observation deck is located on the north side of the Tompea Hill. It overlooks the main attractions of Tallinn: a fortress wall, towers, a port and the church of the Olevist. Entrance to the viewing platform is free.

Hellemunn Tower and Urban Wall

Hellemunna Walking Tower built in the XIV century.

It is worth it for the sake of species on the old city and walks along the fortress wall. The length of the route is 200 m. The walls overlook the towers, defensive structures and roofs of the old city. Inside the tower is now open art gallery.


  • Adult ticket – € 4
  • Children’s ticket – € 2

What to see outside the old city

Now I will tell you what else is worth seeing in Tallinn, except for the Old Town.

Church of Kaarley

Not the oldest church of Tallinn – the middle of the XIX century, but very noticeable and beautiful. Church has two bell tower. Building style – neoromantism. Architect – O. NS. Hippius from St. Petersburg.

Here it is The largest organ in Estonia, Organ concerts are often held.

Address: TOOMPEA TN 10

Monastery Saint Brigitty

The ruins of this ancient monastery XV in. call the portal to another dimension. Due to the fact that the roof serves he.

From the powerful and majestic once monastery of the Order of Holy Brigitt, the largest in Livonia, today only walls remained. The monastery itself was destroyed by the troops of Ivan the Terrible during the Livonian War 1575.

An old cemetery is adjacent to the monastery. Nearby is the modern revived monastery of Holy Brigitta, open in 2001. He is very small, there are only 8 nuns. And although this is not the main attraction of Tallinn, visit the monastery is still worth.

Because of his painting, he often became an object for filming films. In the 90s, the Russian film "Musketeers twenty years later" was removed here.

The territory of the monastery closes overnight.

Address: Merivälja Tee 18

Opening hours:

  • From November to March – from 12:00 to 16:00
  • From April to October – from 10:00 to 18:00


  • Adults – € 3
  • Children, Students, Pensioners – € 1.50

Museums Tallinn

Tallinn – very "museum" city. There are so many museums in this city, where it will be interesting for both children and adults. I’ll tell you about the most popular.

Maritime Museum and Big Harbor

One of the most interesting and large Museums Tallinn – with modern interactive exposure and real historical objects that can be touched, as well as to climb and visit inside. For example, to be inside this Submarine Lembit 1936. and stroll through her compartments. Or see the largest in Europe icebreaker suur tõll With steam engines. This museum can be called one of the main attractions of Tallinn, which needs to be seen and adults.

The Maritime Museum includes:

  • Tower Tower Tow Margarita
  • Lotnaya Harbor

The most interesting and large-scale exposition in the flight harbor, which is located in the area of ​​Calamia, near the port. It is dedicated to the military and maritime history of the country.

Children will especially like different simulators, on which you can fly over Tallinn or take an underwater trip around the light on a submarine.

Address: Vesilennuki TN 6


  • Adult ticket – € 15
  • Children’s ticket – € 8

Historical Museum of Estonia

Located in the building of the Great Guild of the XV century Building.

Everything about the history of this house can be found by going down in his basement. There is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of the building. The main halls of the Historical Museum introduced the history of Estonia and people living here.

Children will be interested in shooting on electronic simulators in the weapon hall, where the collection of different types of small arms collected.

Address: Pikk TN 17


33 Main Attractions Tallinn
  • Adult ticket – € 8
  • Children’s Ticket – € 6
  • Family Ticket – € 16

Museum of the KGB from the observation platform

This museum is open in the hotel building Viru.

At the Viru Hotel in Soviet times, there was a real secret room in which KGB staff worked.

Although what a secret here, if all the inhabitants of Tallinn knew that the hotel, built specifically for foreigners, was put on wiretapping.

Now the exposition of the museum will appear to someone exotic, and someone will gladly break into that epoch. Museum is located on the 23rd floor, and on the 2nd floor there is a nostalge-style currency bar. At the very top of the hotel there is a great observation deck overlooking the city. The main attractions of Tallinn from there are not visible, but a good view of glass skyscrapers.

An excursion to the KGB Museum must be pre-book.

Address: VIRU Väljak 4

Prices: Adult ticket – € 11

Art Museum Kum

Modern Art Museum, one of the biggest and interesting in the Baltic States.

It is open in 2006., And in 2008. awarded the status of the European Museum of the Year. If you want to see how Estonian painting looks like, look here. In the collection of the museum: Vintage work, pre-war painting, works of socialism and the work of modern Estonian artists.

A visit to the museum is conveniently combined with a walk in the park Cadriorg. It is located in the park, near the house of Peter I.

Address: A. Weizenbergi TN 34


  • Adult ticket – € 8 (€ 10 – from 2020 g.)
  • Children’s ticket – € 6 (7 € – from 2020 g. )
  • Family Ticket – € 16

Theater Museum "Legends Tallinn"

Theater attraction for tourists.

Presentations here go to 4 languages: Russian, English, Estonian and Finnish. Duration – 40 min. The format is similar to the labyrinth of fear: in a dark dungeon you move from the room into a room where different historical characters appear in front of you. Some of them professional actors, some – mechanical dolls. They introduce you to the most terrible legends of Tallinn. All this accompanies music and colorful video stations.

Detailed information on programs and prices have on the site: Tallinnlegends.Com

Castles Tallinn

Stunning medieval architecture is something that distinguishes Tallinn from other Baltic capitals. I made a selection of the most interesting castles of Tallinn, which can be viewed alone.

Tompea Castle

Majestic and beautiful, he rises above the old town.

The castle on the hill was built in the first half of the XIII century Knights of the German Orden. At all times, the castle served as a residence where the government was. Above the Castle Tower Long Germany highlighted the state flag.

Once there were 4 towers, but not everyone was preserved. Now every morning of the Long Germany raise the flag of Estonia, and in the castle itself it meets the Estonian parliament.

If desired, you can get inside the castle. All information is on the official website: Riigikogu.EE

Castle Glena

Soviet children he is familiar with the film "New Cat in Boots" (1958.) who shot here.

Neo-style castle built in 1886 Russian architect of German origin Nikolay von Glenn. During World War I, the castle suffered greatly, was practically destroyed. But later it was restored. Now the castle looks very picturesque on the hill. Basically, he is surrendered for different events.

Address: Vana-Mustamäe TN 48


Kadriorg Historic Park – one of the most beloved places for walking inhabitants of Tallinn and his guests. He is very beautiful, like a baroque palace in the center of the park.

This Palace Peter I built for his beloved wife Catherine in 1718. and called this place – Ekaterinenthal (in Estonian – Kadriorg). Build the Palace Italian architect Nikcolo Micketty.

Now in the palace placed a collection of works of painting foreign art. Next to the Palace of Catherine is the summer house of Peter himself. It is more modest. Now in him the museum. On the territory of Park Kadriorg there are also a modern Art Museum of Kumu, Museum of Mikkel and House-Museum of Edward Wilde.

Curonian Spit, where it is better to rest: Lithuania vs Russia

Address: A. Weizenbergi TN 37


  • Adult ticket – € 6.5 (€ 8 from 2020 g.)
  • Children’s ticket – € 4.5 (€ 6 from 2020.)
  • Family Ticket – € 13


This is the same castle that all of us is familiar with the film "Dog Baskerville".

The history of the castle is very interesting. In 1874, Russian Count Orlov-Davydov I bought these lands and built here the estate in the style of a medieval castle, around which a beautiful park broke. He called his estate by Marienberg named Wife – Mary Tolstoy. In Estonian, it sounds like Maariamya.

The castle is located in the area of ​​pyrite.

Now in his walls there is a collection dedicated to the history of the Estonian state. In the summer hall there is an exposure dedicated to the history of the castle and its owner – Count Orlov-Davydov.

Address: Pirita Tee 56


  • Adult ticket – € 8
  • Children’s Ticket – € 6
  • Family Ticket – € 16

Unusual sights Tallinna

Top Pharmacy

One of the oldest acting pharmacies in Europe.

Be sure to go inside, there are all sorts of medieval wonders, drugs and potions, from which the modern man’s hair becomes end. Take even a crocodile scarecrow, suspended to the ceiling, or dried heroes.

Entrance to the pharmacy is free. Immediately you can buy modern medicines.

Underground moves in the Tower of Kick-In de Kök

Secret bastion moves of XVII – XVIII centuries. In the Kik-In de Kök tower – one of the most unusual sights of Old Tallinn.

Presumably they began to build already in 1630. In addition to its direct appointment for military purposes, bastion moves were used as warehouses, and like bomb shelter.

If you are going to visit this place, dress warmer. Temperature underground – about + 10 ° С. You can get there through the Tower of Kick-In de Kök or the cafe maiden tower. There is an audio guide in Russian. There is also a museum of stones.

About the tower of Kik-In de Kyuk, see the information above. Like all information on prices and contacts.

Olde Hansa Restaurant

Enters the top of the best restaurants Tallinn. Electric lighting in the halls replaces the flames of candles, the waiters are dressed in bizarre clothes for the long era, and the musicians play medieval melodies on vintage tools. Those who were in this place assure that this is not just a restaurant, but a real landmark of ancient Tallinn.

Menu and Prices See On the restaurant’s website: Oldehansa.EE

Address: Vana Turg 1

Cafe Maiasmokk

Maiasmokk – Estonian "Landca" . This is the oldest cafe Tallinn.

It works since 1864, although in 1806 there was a small bakery in this place. The interior in it is still pre-war. You immediately feel when you get inside. Place is very popular, so here is always lively.

To try coffee and pastry from our own production, you have to stand in line. But it is worth it. Desserts are delightful here, and the coffee is fragrant. The situation is very similar to the historical Viennese Coffee Shops.

In a separate hall there is a marzipanic room. There you can watch the work of the master and buy liked sweets.

Address: Pikk TN 16

See also: Top 7 Viennese Coffee Shops

Tallinn Telbashnya

The highest building Tallinn. Height – 314 m.

Built in the 80s of the last century. It is worth climbing the Tallinn TV Bashnya because of the observation deck with excellent city views. But the main sights of Tallinn are not here, because the playground is located at an altitude of 170 m (the highest in Estonia).

For Extreme lovers there is an attraction – the way out is outside – the very edge of the observation deck. The wind is stuck there with legs, but you are insured with a cable.

Address: Kloostrimetsa Tee 58A


  • Adult ticket – € 13
  • Children’s ticket – € 7
  • Family Ticket – € 27

Quarter Rothermann

Fashionable place, which has not so long ago appeared on the map of Tallinn, as opposed to all medieval of the old city.

Rothermann – Quarter of modern architecture, trendy bars, hotels and boutiques. It is located in the city center, between the port and the old town. Named manufactured by. A. Rothermann, who opened his plants here in the XIX century. For a long time it was an industrial area, a certain industrial complex in the center of Tallinn, then no one thought it would be the sight of Tallinn.

After the collapse of the USSR, he came to the launch. The quarter began to revive in 2001. And now it is a very popular place at the locals and guests of the city.

One of the most interesting places in the quarter – Museum of Architecture. It is located in the former Salt Warehouse. In the Rottermannian quarter there Alley Stalker. This referred to the film Russian director A. Tarkovsky, who removed here several episodes of this film.

Home attractions in the vicinity of Tallinn

Rocca Al Mare Museum

This wonderful ethnographic open-air museum is sure to spend time and go for a whole day.

It is located in Rockka Al Mare. Estonian farms, mills, old-supplied churches and other buildings of XVIII-XX centuries are scattered throughout the territory. Expositions are divided Geographically: North, Western, South Estonia, Islands and individual objects.

If you get tired of hiking on a huge area, you can take a horse wagon and take it to Corchma, and relax and rebuild and reinforced with satisfying dishes of Estonian cuisine.

Address: Vabaõhumuuseumi Tee 12

Prices are different depending on the season. See more details on the site: EVM.EE

Tallinn with children

Tallinn – a wonderful option for traveling with children.

This city is very friendly for children. Here the mass of places in which children will be fun and interesting. About many of them are written above. For example, Maritime Museum in the Harbor or open-air museum Rocca al-Mare. Yes, and just walk along the streets of the medieval city, descend into different dungeons and hidden corners – the most real adventure.

Here are some more kindergarten in Tallinn.

Tallinn Zoo

Located on the territory of Lesopard Weskimetsa. Walking here nice. The zoo is pretty big. There is a children’s contact zoo with goats and other small pets.

Address: Paldiski MNT 145

Prices Depend on the season. See more details on the site: Tallinnzoo.EE

Epping Tower

Tower built in the XV century. For children, this place is interested in that everything can be touched in it and try. Knight armor, chain rails and lats – all this can be put on and feel like a real knight.

Address: Laboratooriumi TN 31


  • Adult ticket – € 6
  • Children’s ticket – € 4

Museum of puppet art

Museums of dolls are in many cities. In Tallinn, he is very soulful. Museum collection collected dolls from around the world. But not only the doll is dedicated to this museum.

Here you will get acquainted with the world of puppet theater. If you wish, you can buy tickets for view. For brands in the museum there is a room of fear – with the most terrible dolls from the collection of the museum.

The museum is in the old town.

Address: Nunne TN 4


  • Adult ticket – € 8
  • Children’s ticket – € 5
  • Family Ticket – € 20

Site: nuku.EE

The main attractions of Tallinn, indicated in the article, can be viewed free of charge with Tallinn Card. If you plan to actively learn the city, Tallinn Card will help significantly save.

Here all the details on Tallinn Card.

And what other sights of Tallinn you will recommend to see? Share pliz in the comments.

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33 Main Attractions Tallinn

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