4 places in Kaliningrad, where you can see the old German house

The memory of the old Königsberg store German houses in Kaliningrad. Where do I go to feel the atmosphere of the ancient city and see what it was – a beautiful ancient Kenigsberg.

What is you have to find here, to say "Vacation was held not in vain". amber mountain?

Unlikely. Amber ; This popular brand, not why they come here. And go here for those to see if the city has retained its German soul in the body of an ordinary Soviet worker, or have nothing left that reminds of the old Prussia. Here the main interest of visitors for the first time in Kaliningrad. See the old German home, the mists of Prussian history, rather than stare at the crafts of amber, often ugly and absolutely tasteless.

See Kaliningrad Kenigsberg not given to everyone.

Many prevents the inability to take his eyes off the shelves. Therefore, there are stories on the Internet, "Oh, there’s nothing there, the Soviet government ruined everything". Truth? A Cathedral? A two rings or fortification Amalienau ; huge area? Yes, almost everything, even the church gave for theaters and concert halls, but not to demolish their.

Over the destruction of the city bother all parties – participants of the Second World War. And ours, too, of course, but not to a greater extent than was necessary to capture the city. By the way, the Soviet troops during the assault on the first assault troops used small – experienced group that has quietly captured strategic locations in the city.

But now is not about it. We need to open your eyes wide and see Kenigsberg. At the same time we find out two pedestrian route.

German house in Kaliningrad

to begin with Railway Station . Coming out of the train look up, you will see there is a huge roof. which hold massive metal farm with huge rivets. This dome of the building itself and the station built in the 30s in Königsberg. Station was badly damaged during the assault on the city, but was restored in its original form.

Street 1812

Street 1812 (Prussian name Yorkstrasse) – Unusual street almost in the city center.

It is unusual in that on the same side there are Soviet Khrushchevka, and on other old German houses. On the street there is a building of an ancient fire unit. Kaliningrad firefighters still use it for appointment. The building is built at the very beginning of the XX century, like Feuerwache OST ; Eastern fireman. WTT has been preserved here in its original form, including a massive oak gate, followed by fire equipment.

Near the building exhibited vintage German fire hydrants ; Real works of art. Previously, these were all over the city, now they are rare. Several installed here and at least one in Amalienau ; Try to find it.

A little away there is a small Store of old furniture.

Be sure to go there – there is no less interesting than in the museum. Furniture will be brought mainly from France and sell those who want to live in the interior of the XIX century. Buy here is unlikely to do something, prices correspond to what you see there. Some furniture items – real works of art.

You can get on the street of 1812 by foot from the city center on the embankment of Admiral Tributs, after passing under a large overpass, turn left. You will also need to cross the Moscow Avenue, the street is immediately behind him. After leaving the Lithuanian shaft on the street and turn right. Here is very near the Zakhaimsk gate. Come back to the embankment.


Maurenhof – District of German villas. Find it easy. Street Telman – Central Street of this Area. From the south-east area adjoins the upper pond (Lake Obereych) is one of the largest water bodies of Kaliningrad.

Maraowenhof began to settle at the beginning of the 20th century, after the trees around the city have lost their military importance. Nowadays, this is one of the most beautiful and expensive areas of the city. Maurenhof built on the English Garden City Concept.

How to get

A walk through this area is better to combine with a visit to the amber museum and allocate no less than half a day. You will visit the museum, and then not in a hurry to walk around the lake Obereych to the Maratorhof region.

Curonian Spit, where it is better to rest: Lithuania vs Russia

From the center to the amber museum you can get on buses № 11, 19, 21, 28, 29, 32, 37, 40, 44 or on minibuses 64, 68, 74, 92.

After the museum through the passage in the wall you will fall on the lake embankment. On the right you will have the Don Tower, she is the Museum of amber, and on the left of the lake. Now you can walk and slowly go around the lake. Marauvenhof will be from the opposite side.


Amalienau , Like Marauvenhof is an area built up with old German houses. Amalienau is more and divided into two parts of the prospect of the world – on one side of the villa, on the other – apartment buildings. You can walk here for a long time, considering expensive villas, built at the beginning of the XX century. Amalienau has always been and remains an elite area of ​​the city.

To learn more about Amalienau, read a separate article about this area: Amalienau .. ; There is a district map and park.

4 Places in Kaliningrad, where you can see the old German house

You can get to Amalienau on any transport that goes on the avenue of the world or through the Kaliningrad zoo. You can go to the Central Park of Culture and Leisure. From him and start.

Read more about Kaliningrad You will find out here: online guide to Kaliningrad and region

Walking along the old streets of the city, you will definitely feel the spirit of the former Koenigsberg and see German houses in Kaliningrad. Good luck to you.

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4 Places in Kaliningrad, where you can see the old German house

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