5 best cities in Europe for a romantic weekend

In old European cities there is something special. This makes them such romantic places that best explore with their loved one. Whether it is a difficult story or a rich culture, these megacities simply exude glamor, sophistication and romance.

In this article we will introduce you to 5 popular tourist cities in Europe, where the couples can eat, drink or engage in other entertainment for two. Each of these cities offers the perfect combination of mystery, azart and charming little things needed for a passionate journey.


Stockholm is a dynamic megalopolis combining ancient world history and modern innovation, which makes it an ideal place for a romantic holiday in Europe. Stockholm is not only modern, but also extremely liberal – In the end, this is the birthplace of ABBA! If you are a fashionable couple, loving architecture, good food, shopping and nightlife, you will definitely like Stockholm.

When you are in Stockholm, Nature is always near. And how we all know, exercises in the fresh air are useful for any relationship. Be sure to complete the ride around the city by cycling, hiking or bathing in nearby charming forests or on one of the many small islands. Or make a leisurely bike trip around the city to see all the main attractions near. The gate of the city opens exciting views on numerous reserves.

Of course, no journey to Stockholm will be complete without Typical Swedish Break Coffee – Excellent opportunity to drink coffee with cake. Or you can visit some of the numerous food markets.


Spanish coastal city of Barcelona Ideal for couples who love to sunbathe, tasty eat and enjoy nightlife. In addition, when most people think about Barcelona, ​​a famous architect comes to mind: Antoni Gaudi. You must take advantage of the opportunity to visit Some of his colorful surreal sights, which are scattered throughout the city, for example, Casa Milá, Casa Batlló or Casa Vicens. But for truly spiritual experiences, go to the Church of the Holy Family, entered into the UNESCO World Heritage List. Grasp your hands and watch how one of the most impressive parts of the building slowly changes its color.

But do not forget about stunning Beach Barcelona! Especially Mar Bella – Personal favorite of many tourists. If you are real water lovers, the evening in the sea is needed anyway. Enjoy the view of Barcelona, ​​going walking at dusk. What can be romantic than to watch how the city falls asleep at hand with your partner?


Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is known for its bizarre houses built along the fabulous canals. A leisureway walking along the shore or a romantic cruise through the channel – the best way to enjoy the charming atmosphere and admire the variety of attractions. Numerous bridges are ideal for a romantic photo in Instagram.

For those who want to relax, the ideal alternative will be Romantic picnic for gourmets in Vondel Park. On a sunny day, you can relax, right in the city center. If you are interested in art, you should check Masterpieces in Reyxmuseum, Van Gogh Museum or Rembrandtui. Fall in love again at the sight of legendary sunflowers van gogh. Professional Council: If you want to get more pleasure from your visit, you need to book a hotel in advance.

What is best in Amsterdam? No need to hide your love. Amsterdam is considered one of the most liberal cities in the world.


5 Best cities in Europe for a romantic weekend

Berlin is world famous for its unique nightlife and a techno-scene, but this exciting city will not disappoint you and as a romantic place: there are many fabulous impressions for all hopeless romantics.

Pamper each other in Three-hour culinary adventure, from which your hearts will be faster. From the delightful curryvursta in the Hipster district of Kreuzberg to Arab delicacies in the Neukel path to the heart, as you know, passes through the stomach.

Or switch to a higher transmission and try something extravagant. I bet, you did not know that you can Enjoy the luxurious menu of 3 dishes in the Charlottenburg Palace while you entertain classic musicians in traditional baroque costumes. But you can! There are a lot of hidden tips from insiders, including Divine Spa and first-class restaurants that travel to the capital of Germany even more exciting. You will always remember your holiday in Berlin, as one of the most romantic in life, as you feel like real kings!


Since Prague already looks as if she came out of the fairy tale, it is not surprising that this place has fallen into the list of the best. Some travelers can push Eastern Europe, but the Czech Republic turned into a small liberal oasis, and Prague became a pearl in her crown.

Trip to charming Vinogradi district is mandatory for every visitor Prague. During the day, you can charge the energy in one of the many good cafes so that after the darkness of the darkness you were ready for visiting bars and clubs.

Vltava divides Prague into two parts and creates ideal conditions for romantic feelings. Complete your fabulous fantasy cruise with dinner on the river. Enjoy the city view illuminated at night, gliding along the shore. You will not be able to get more magic anywhere.

Otherwise Stroll hand in hand on the charming old city of Prague, Look at the sunset over Karlovy Bridge and beautiful Prague Castle, majestically towering over the city. Even the most serious couple will have the Spirit of Romance. A trip to Prague is a real pleasure that cannot be missed.

5 Best cities in Europe for a romantic weekend

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