5 dishes that are worth trying on Kamchatka

But very many dishes, common in Kamchatka, became truly "international". For example, earlier the indigenous people of Kamchatka did not know salt. And used for fish workpiece method. Such a fish can be tried and now, but, probably, not everyone will have to taste.

1. Self of fish

To be objective, it is a dish – methis. He began to prepare in Kamchatka after the arrival of the Cossacks. And was called at first these fish cutlets with filling – calm. As a filling, they used potatoes or bulbs with a small beautiful blooming locust (or srana). Of course, it is still necessary to search for a suarnet today. But large cutlets made of red fish with mashed potatoes inside on any holiday can be tried. Please! For fish minced, freshly dried fish (society, challenge, keta, pupil or salmon) is always used, which is mixed with onions, garlic and small amounts of spices. It turns out delicious and nutritional. And the side dish is not needed – here it is potatoes, already inside.

2. Kamchatka ear

Kamchatka – a great place for fishing. And the ear in Kamchatsky is a lot of fish, even a lot of fish, and necessarily clean water. Fish use salmon breeds – Kizhuh, naked, child. But the other will come. The main thing is freshly detected. To prepare a real triple ear, in the fish broth received after two nicks, the most delicious pieces of fish – heads and abdomen, as well as sliced ​​potatoes. And the first portions of the boiled fish are served separately by sprinkling their greens. This ear is good under the smoke of the fire, contemplating the giant volcanoes. By the way, while the ear is preparing, in the same stubble, you can make beautiful oven fish in foil. Just need to not forget it to pre-salt and do not regret spices.

3. Caviar

Arriving at Kamchatka, get rid of the usual installation, that caviar is red. She is here – different, or rather, from different types of salmon fish. Gentle carrot color has caviar of small pink salmon and medium-sized cup. Red carrot – large kace. A caviar of small businesses and medium-sized Kizhuch of the crimson-red shade. When billet, the caviar is solid and a preservative is added, most often – a boor, and for a respectable type – glycerin.

Good caviar should not be too salty and should never be pattering. But also saved caviar, in fact, not a big problem. It is easy to soak. I try to caviar, you should press it to the sky and to press it with the language. If the caviar of good quality, all the eggs burst. Tested? All – you can do a sandwich!

4. Fish salad with berry

It is believed that from this satisfying dishes become healthy and young. Distributed treats from different peoples of Kamchatka. Koryaki and Chukchi are preparing it with shikshi berries and called Kylykil, and the ITELENES – "Silk Forces". Russians and Aleuts talk about such a salad "Tolkush".

5 Dishes that are worth trying on Kamchatka

Freshly dried salmon. It is boiled, cool and free from the bones. Take a ships, cloudberry, a lingonberry – depending on the season, the main thing is ripe, and pre-tick into a smaller mass. Salad made of crushed fish and berries fill with melted napanese. But this hue of the taste will allocate this shade of taste. Bulbs of Saran or Grass Cypea, as well as cedar nuts, often add. And sometimes the fish is replaced with a deer.

5. Yukola

Special aroma and appetizing kind of dried fish will not give anyone to pass the fish bazaar. Yukola is obtained from valuable salmon rocks. Knit it without bones and be sure to go outdoors. Stepan Petrovich Krasheninnikov, who investigated the Kamchatsky peninsula in the XVIII century, recorded that Yukola for indigenous peoples was the main food, comparable in frequency of use with rye bread among the Russians.

For drying, fish will crack, separated from the ridge and hang out in the fresh air, protecting against direct rays of the sun and rain. In the dwelling days, the drying flows quickly. After 3-4 yukola days, it is already ready. It is outweigh under the flooring for long-term storage. Skyd heads, Chukchi and Itelmen prefer to pick up, and the ridge remaining from the fish are also dried and fed dogs in winter.

Well, and, of course, you need to understand that the dried fish is not thermally treated, so buy it better in large markets or in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Elizovo stores. It should not have any stains, sour smell, and also should not break when flexing.

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