5 drinks that are worth trying in Istanbul

We have already written than certainly to take ourselves, arriving in Istanbul. And if you have already completed all items, we are ready to voice new recommendations.

The city located immediately in two parts of the world is famous for gastronomic temptations. You will help you choose intuition and aromas, coming from each shop. And we will tell about drinks that you should try in Istanbul.

1. Tea (çay)

Most popular Istanbul drink. Served in glass cups having a tulip shape – revered here flower. Tart, firmly brewed tea Istanbuli drink breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are also quenched thirst between feeding food. He stands cheaply, sometimes nothing worth. If local treats you in tea, do not refuse. This in Istanbul is considered impolite.

This is not just a drink, but tool to establish links and transfer information. Tea will be offered everywhere – in stores and in the bazaars, while you are trapled with the seller; in banks and offices, while you are awaiting a response or commissioning; They necessarily treat at the end of the meals in cafes and restaurants. And street peddles, even rainy at night wanderings with fancy drinks, can meet and in a small square near Taksim Square. But the most pleasant thing is to drink a cup over a cup, comfortably sitting right on the embankment of the Asian shore in the Achadar area. Here the stone stairs are eliminated by carpets, and in two hundred meters from the shore from the waters of Bosphorus, the maiden tower rises. Agree, excellent conditions for thoughtful tea drinking.

2. Coffee (Türk Kahvesi)

Another drink that seems can be tried elsewhere. However, Coffee in Turkish, drunk in Istanbul, may forever fall in love with the most indifferent. Because a small cup with thick walls, half filled with thick, can overtake the tourist completely unexpected. For example, in a two-storey store of sweets. While you wander along the shelves from Bul-Bul-Yuvasa, Tawuc Göksu, Kazan Dibe and Ashura, the smiling seller already boils for you the steady drink, which is correct to drink in a few sips. Here you will understand what is a coffee balance – spices for drink (usually it is carnation, cinnamon and muscat) Some harmony of taste.

This drink can be served at breakfast or lunch, he also, in a duet with a traditional bagel-simit, can become an excellent "snack" before walking on the ferry from Kadykoy’s pier.

Coffee is served in Turkish coffee with a glass of cold water, which is taken to drink to the coffee, and sugar. Specify how long it is the cubes to put: a little (AZ), medium (ORTA), a lot (çok şekerli – Kok Shike).

3. Freshly squeezed juice (Meyve Suyu)

Sellers of juices from fresh fruits and vegetables – Istanbul face. And they are always welcome to cook you a cup of useful drink. On some streets, for example, in the "mouth" of the Istklyl and at the foot of the Galat Tower, the trays of these guys are found almost every hundred meters! Among the collaps of juicy fruits there are also familiar oranges (Portakal Suyu), and feed turnip (şalgam suyu). In addition, the counters were swept on pineapples, apples, grapefruits, carrots, grapes and kiwi.

Squeeze juice manually, with the press, right in front of the delighted buyer. During cooking, no drop passes by your cup. They say there are not too honest vendors, diluting drink with water. We didn’t come across, but urge to keep vigilance. Otherwise you will not be able to feel all the juice of these juices.

Prices Available: A glass of orange juice can do in one line, Mixes are more expensive – up to seven lir. The cost depends also from the volume.

4. Salep (Salepçi / Sahlep)

Trolleys, crowned with brass samovars, heated by travelers who were in Istanbul in winter. Salepa traders are saving – drink made from dried tubers of mountain orchids. Caloric and hot, it instantly makes forgot about choking hands.

5 Drinks that are worth trying in Istanbul

Yatryshniki Powder (Salepen Flour) – Main Ingredient. Also part includes milk, pink water, cinnamon, vanilla and sugar extract.

The drink, popular since the Ottoman Empire, is considered a powerful aphrodisiac. Thanks to the content of glucomanna in the plant, the Salepa has other useful properties: it helps to fight with colds (especially angina) and digestive problems.

You can drink this miraculous drink, hiding in the trees of the coastal cafe overlooking the Golden Horn bay or while walking on the ferry. And if he loves you from the first throat, you will have the opportunity to bring the packaging of homemade powder.

5. Rakı (Rakı)

National alcoholic drink of Turkey is especially appropriate to try in Istanbul. Why? Tell me.

Anisian vodka, diluted first with hot water, and then ice (in such a sequence) flawlessly combined with seafood. Fish restaurants, as you know, – Otrada Gourmet in the Primorsky city. You will go to Kumkaps on an unassuming terrace (the more simpler fish in Istanbul is cooked, the fact that she, according to experts, is better) or in a noisy cafe near Emino, not so important.

Milk-colored alcohol, with a fortress from 38 to 50 degrees, successfully let off any fish dish. Whether it is fried mackerel sold with boats swinging on water, or spectacularly filed with a seal kingdom. We recommend drinking cancer under fish meze (set of small but infinitely served snacks). We heard that the format of such a feast is called "Rakı – Balık", which means "cancer – fish". They say if the fish on the table is without cancer, it will cry.

Drink is served in high narrow cups. Most popular varieties: Yeni, Efe and Tekirdağ.

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