58 interesting facts about Ibiza

1. On Ibice the sun is shining 10 hours a day 300 days a year.

2. Earth Ibice Orange color. This is due to Sossel, which grow throughout the island. As it feels, the needles penetrate the substrate, painting it into a characteristic Orange color.

3. On Ibice More than a dozen different owners of yacht parties, and boats for parties go swimming Each day of the week.

4. The biggest nightclub in the world &# 8211; Privilege Ibiza Came up to 11,000 people And boasts Own pool.

5. The oldest club in Ibiza &# 8211; Pacha, B-founded 1973.

6. One day Freddie Mercury arranged a two-week party in Soldek.

7. Legend Techno Sven Wat For the first time arrived on Ibitsa v 1980 After the car distance Frankfurt.

eight. Trying to achieve a more quiet and cultural tourist scene, the advice now ensures that all night clubs close in 6 a.m.

nine. On Ibice Six different superclubs &# 8211; Pacha, Space, Amnesia, Privilege, Eden and ES Paradis.

ten. Some DJs earn more 200 000 zlotys For every performance on Ibice.
eleven. Bottle of Water B Club Ibiza may cost from 8 to 15 euros.

12. Until the rules changed according to which clubs should close at 6 am, on Ibice You could have fun 22 hours a day.

13. At night you can often visit Foam parties, where the crowd is filled with foam during dance.

fourteen. On this little island there LGBT scene. Here more 30 clubs, Bars and hotels in LGBT.

15. When famous DJ Karl Cox For the first time arrived on Ibitsa, Sleeping in the back seat machine. Today he has Millions, And he already 16 years manages its very successful Nightclub B Space.

16. International DJs awards are awarded every year on Ibice.

17. Privilege &# 8211; now the largest night club in the world &# 8211; started like a swimming pool for visitors.

eighteen. The entrance to the clubs on the island may cost 10 to 80 euros.

19. Puff Daddy &# 8211; Frequent guest of a popular underground facility DCten, which is so close from the airport that it seems that it is easy to reach low-taut aircraft. Paris Hilton, too, often can be seen in the club Amnesia.

twenty. Club DCten used to be an anti-aircraft hangar and got its name from a three-dimensional aircraft.

21. One of the most hedonistic events ever held on the island were the evenings of the liberation, which were once recognized Book of Records Guinness The largest event in the world.

22. Own VIP-table in one of the superclubs can cost up 6000 Euro.

23. Nostradamus predicted that thanks to unique winds around the island Ibiza may be the only place where it will survive the impending death.

24. Previously Ibitsa considered their property Spanish, French, Greek and Roman Empire, as well as Norwegians during the crusade in Jerusalem and British sailors On the path between Gibraltar and Menorca.

25. Settlers founded Ibitsa, Originally called it Zeboim And dedicated to the island Besu, God Music and dance.

26. V 2007 The government announced that all New hotels in Ibiza must be 5 stars (or higher), that is, only the best for this beautiful place.

27. Cemetery Puch de Moline in the town Ibiza It is a house for the world’s largest collection of Punic Artifacts &# 8211; Most of them were discovered in Tomb, where they buried people with Tools and Items, who will help them in their next life.

28. In the Middle Ages Monks Ibiza started doing their own Herbal liqueurs &# 8211; And you can still buy a bottle with taste Anisa.

29. Ibitskaya dog, Sometimes known as Ivichen, originated from the ancient Egyptian Hunting dogs.

thirty. Hotel Espana on Ibice was the first hotel that opened on the island September 18 1932. Shortly after that he, unfortunately, collapsed.

31. Montesol &# 8211; The oldest hotel on the island, working so far. He first opened as the Grand Hotel in June 1933.

32. Every Sunday on the beach Bennis You can see dozens of drummers playing the sun.

33. Though Ibiza There was less island White, She had her own football team SD Ibiza.

34. Worth to visit Dalt Vila &# 8211; Old city Ibiza, To see ancient Castle and harbor, as well as the Cathedral 14th century and Church of Santo Domingo 16th century.

35. Ibiza &# 8211; it’s not just a paradise for lovers Clubber, But the object World Heritage of UNESCO Thanks to its architecture, coast and coastal life.

36. Not many know about it but Ibiza &# 8211; Excellent manufacturer guilt, and connoisseurs appreciate the perfect bouquet red and white wine.

37. 20% of the local population &# 8211; Foreigners, mainly from countries EU, Moreover Germany is the largest supplier of foreign workers.

38. 75% of the population Ibiza Lives at the expense local tourism.

39. On Ibice There is own aquapark Aquamar on Playa d&# 8217; En boss.

58 Interesting facts about Ibiza

40. Ibiza Express &# 8211; it is small train v cartoon Style, which is the most economical way to move on the island.

41. Rocky Islands east of Ibiza Consider Third magnetic place v world. They say that Es Vedra Contains such an unusual mixture Minerals and Elements, that they interfere with work Magnetic equipment. Some communities hippie, which existed in 1960s, still insist that Es-buckets &# 8211; this is Lighthouse, leading Aliens on the ground.

42. On Ibice Five nudist beaches, Although official are only two.

43. Ibiza &# 8211; The second most expensive place to buy a house in Spain after Madrid.

44. Annually on Ibice stop more 120 cruise liners.

45. First beach bar on Ibice &# 8211; this is Tropicana, immiscated popular song Wham.

46. On Ibice no fresh water, at least on the surface. The only river on the island is practically Drinking.

47. Ibiza was not Island. Millions of years ago Mediterranean pool was flooded Atlantic Ocean, Forming Mediterranean Sea And leaving behind Mountain peaks, which are now Balearic Islands.

48. In addition to abundance of lively night clubs on Ibice Also there is hundreds of yoga sites For vacationers who want relax.

49. In summer, when water evaporates, Day of lakes remains sparkling layer of pure salt, What gives a stunning effect on the photos.

50. On Ibice 57 different beaches.

51. Average temperature Ibice It remains above 20 ° C more 8 months in year.

52. Water around the island is so transparent due to Herbs algae, which retain water clean.

53. Wherever they were on the island are always in Hour ride from the beach.

54. The longest beach on the island &# 8211; Playa D&# 8217; En boss. It offers the widest range of water sports opportunities and is home to numerous clubs and bars.

55. For the last 20 years on Ibice only twice snow fell.

56. Ibiza &# 8211; second largest island Balearic Islands.

57. Ibiza not only good for entertainment on the shore, but also has many excellent places for diving.

58. The highest point of the island &# 8211; Sa Talayassa, 475 meters above sea level.

58 Interesting facts about Ibiza

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