6 services for searching for air tickets you did not hear

Taking a weekly search for airfers the last 7 years for customers and for yourself, I find more and more useful resources for travelers.

I will share with you 6 sites that help me find the best deals save time and money on buying tickets.

1. Airport site on the map

Before searching for air tickets, I open the airport card to understand where and how best to get to the place.

For example, we need to fly to Tagbilaran Airport (about.Bochol, Philippines) from g.Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Open the map of airports (below in the photo) and see that within 89 km from g. Tagbilaran is a larger hub Cebu (CEB). He is marked with a blue circle.

Now let’s compare prices, routes from g.Kuala Lumpur to TagBilaraan Airport and to Cebu.

We see that Tagbilaran Airport to fly with change through Manila 10 hours.

Ticket price: 8.947 rubles .

Now watch tickets to Cebu.

The direct 4-hour flight for 5 is offered.092 rub . It’s 6 hours faster and 3855 rubles. cheaper .

So in larger hubs most often flew cheaper than to smaller airports.

From g.Cebu we can easily get to Tagbilaran (about.Bochol) at the local high-speed boat in 1 hour or ferry in 2 hours.

It happens that it is more profitable to fly to the neighboring country and get from it to the right place by land transport.

How do you see, airport card good thing.

2. Website that allows you to find out when it is better to buy tickets to domestic flights (at Lokester)

Do you agree with the rule: the earlier you buy air tickets, the lower the price?

I found that it is not always faithful. Especially for budget airlines.

Prices for flights Airhint tracks and takes into account price fluctuations for each airline, region and route to recommend us the best day for booking.

Everything that’s needed ; Enter the desired hubs of the flight on the site AIRHINT and see the price scale for a suitable flight.

In the photo above, under the lowest price for the flight G. Kuala Lumpur – g. Cebu from Airasia we see the inscription "Wait, The Price May Drop", What means "Wait, the price may decrease".

It’s great that you can request a price notification of the flight you need to e-mail (photo below).

When a message comes that you can buy tickets, it is best to do on the official website of the Loadoster .

Because it will be cheaper and easier to contact the airline if necessary (baggage drinks, power supplements, data replacement, etc.).

3. Site search for low prices, the best dates for the far-haul flight

I will tell you more about what a matrix is ​​and how to use it.

This site I use to find the best farm flight prices.

But they are not always 100% the lowest in RuNet. Occasionally it happens that air ticket search aggregators show even lower prices.

Need to check, compare.

Site fully in English. In general, if you are planning to travel, the basic English will be needed.

In order for Matrix to find the most favorable tariffs choose the checkbox "See Calendar of Lowest Fares".

Next, we select convenient dates for travel relying on the price and number of days.

It is important to take into account such moments as:

  • time spent on the flight and transit;
  • the amount of free luggage;
  • Airport departure and arrival;
  • Additional shipping costs and other.

For example, we found a ticket that It costs 1.000 rubles less , But with arrival in the later time. Public transport at this time is unavailable.

As a result, we will have to spend for example from 2.000 rubles for a taxi , what makes a cheap ticket more expensive!

Let’s go back to work with Matrix. We look at the details of the flight suitable for us.

True, buy found air tickets to Matrix We can not.

But! Armed by the knowledge of dates, the name of the flight, the company that displays Matrix.Itasoftware can be easily found and acquired this flight on well-known search engines, like: https: // www.Aviasales.RU, Momondo.RU or on the airline’s website.

T.E. The site assists in finding the lowest flight prices.

6 Services for searching for air tickets you did not hear

4. Wide search

Azuon collects suggestions of the most popular budget airlines and offers an application for a detailed search for low cost flights.

She is looking for flights directly from many airports in any given period and finds the lowest possible tariffs.

The point of departure and destination may be all: Choose a city, country, continent, the whole world, or create your own airport kits)

Azon allows you to choose a whole period for you, or select only the desired days of the week of departure or arrival, and even departure hours. Select all summer and click the search button.

T.O. Thanks to this program, you can visit many cities with a small budget.

This program will be useful for those who often travel. As well as for private travel agencies.

5. Comfortable search engine from Google

Google search engine allows you to enter into lines: "From where" or "where" at once, there are several airports and even at once several countries for which you need to find favorable flights.

In the picture, it is clear that I scored a few large hubs in "out", (sin), (BKK), and in "Where" put all the airports Philippine.

Thus, we see that the flights to the Philippines begin from 4.461 rubles. from g.Kuala Lumpur.

And here is another map with all directions, prices for flights from G.Kuala Lumpur.

I like to use such a flexible and convenient search for tickets.

It is very convenient if we plan a pre-profitable route.

6. For numerous flights ; Kiwi Nomad

This service from the site kiwi.COM appeared recently.

It is useful for those who plan to perform from two flights inside the continent.

In the picture we see that the service paved the profitable airmach

This service helps to save time on the development of a profitable route using a large base from the airlines.

Something similar makes a paid service Azuon.

Become an expert in buying tickets

Services from the article are not fundamental to search and buy profitable air tickets. They are more like an addition to the main.

Basic knowledge of how to purchase the best air tickets I give on my paid video course: "How to buy the best air tickets?"

This course will be useful to everyone who wants to know how to acquire always the most profitable flights. He is for those who want to fly often, do not overpay the agencies for tickets. As well as help people acquire the best air tickets.


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6 Services for searching for air tickets you did not hear

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