7 beaches of Sihanoukville – Paradise or Hell?

I think I will be not far from truth, if I say that most tourists fly to Cambodia only to pay for a few days to the Grand Angkru, and after the beaches of Sihanoukville. Many generally vacation are associated exclusively with beach holidays. If adding to this, the growth of the popularity of Cambodian direction, the overview of the beaches becomes very and very relevant.

Sihanoukville (Sihanoukville) – This is a small port town, which today is the main entertainment and tourist center on the southern coast of Cambodia. While the flow of tourists in the local places is not so great as in the neighboring Thailand, so many are sent here for exotic and solitude. Exotic is invited to search on the surrounding islands, in national parks and local beaches. About the latter just and it will be discussed in the article.

«Villa Sihanuka» (so translates the name of the city, given in honor of the father of the ruling king) located on the coast of the Siamese bay, in the waters of which and to float all visitors of this tiny corner of our huge planet. In the urban art there are seven main beaches, each of which has its own name and some of their own features that distinguish it from the neighbors. Below I will describe them all so that there is a general idea and the opportunity to choose the most suitable, and also to decide whether it is worth it for the sake of these beaches to fly for thirty lands.

Scheme with the location of the beaches of Sihanoukville

Walk to you on the following beaches of Sihanoukville: Victory Beach, Hawaii Beach, Independence Beach, Sokh Beach, Serelande Beach, Ochurato Beach and Beach Otters. Let’s start with the very northern and gradually we will move in the southern direction. Andriusix we managed to visit everyone in one day, but this is how it is not difficult to guess, there was an excursion, not a beach relax.

Between the beaches we moved on a rented bike (scooter). No problem in Sihanville, tourists are allowed to be driving themselves (in contrast to Siem Reach). In the center of the city and in the area adjacent to the beach of Serentypiti, a complete office, offering scooters and bicycles for rent. If you yourself do not drive, you will gladly take you wherever local comrades on the same bike or Tuk-Tuka. A trip to the most distant beach of rebels will cost about five dollars (the price depends on the driver’s arrogance and your ability to bargain).

Victory Beach / Victori Beach (Victory Beach)

The Beach of Victory is located at the base of the Hill of the same name (Victory HILL). Despite the fact that the beach is very close to the city port, the flow seems to be like all dirt, so many here not only bathe, but also choose the area of ​​this beach as the main place of stay in Sihanoukville. I do not know where and what does it takes, I can only state the fact that Andrews after swimming got all in pieces of black fuel oil…

Along the beach there are several cafes, in the area you can find accommodation for every taste and wallet, including popular among Russian tourists Snake House with Russian-speaking owners who can be dealt with all kinds of useful information. Also once for Victoria Beach was an unsuitable cafe club «An airport» with a plane (we still found it), which now, say, no longer. But there were beautiful curved palm trees (it seems that the only ones on all seven beaches), with which you can make cute photos. In addition to this, knowledgeable people, claim, it is for Victoria Beach who needs to meet sunsets, allegedly here is the most suitable place for this.

Beach Victory is easy to get on foot from the area Victory Hill, Where many hotels, there are casinos, clubs and other benefits of civilization.

Location and scheme: The most northern city beach, is located near the port, Victory Hill area.

Accommodation on the beach and nearby: There are two major accommodation options for housing – or rental rooms in one of the hotels / guesthouses (you can book in advance or find suitable already in place), or rental housing directly from the owners on the airbnb website.

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Below I will give a few specific examples of housing on the beach of Victory and in its surroundings.

Hotels and Booking Hotels.COM: options for living more than enough, eat and cheaper (up to 1000-1500 rubles, maximum 2000 rubles), and more expensive (from 2500 rubles and higher).

In order to find out Prices, Enter the dates of check-out on the hotel page. In addition, all the hotels listed in the article, guesthouses and bungalows are marked on the map at the end of the article.

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Impressions and reviews: In general, a very pleasant beach, if not dirty water with fuel oil. Sihanoukville beaches of the already far from the azure water of crystal purity, and here still black floating oil slices. I fully admit that we were not lucky and exactly that day the flow did not take all this bzyak away from the coast, but how to guess when the water will be clean, but when not?

A plus – Developed infrastructure in the vicinity of the beach – Victory Hill, where you can find everything you need, including housing on any wallet.

Hawaii Beach (Hawaii Beach)

South of the Beach of Victory behind a stone ledge lies Hawaii Beach. The latter is mostly popular among Khmer, who come here to rest with whole families from Mala to Great. In our visit, there were plenty of them there, but there were no foreign tourists.

The beach is far from the perfect, since the port dirt is born in the form of black plates of fuel oil in much large volumes than on Victoria Beach, which is absolutely not embarrassing local baths.

Distinctive feature of Hawaii Beach – Pine thickets along the coast, creating a thick shadow. There are several restaurants and snack-bars on the beach, a lot of canopies, umbrellas and sun beds.

Location and scheme: South of the Beach Victory, for Victory Beach Pier.

Housing on the beach: If, after all, for some reason, decide to settle near this beach, here are some accommodation options (on the beach of hotels or guesthouses, only within walking distance).

Hotels on Booking.COM:

Accommodation on AirBNB:

Impressions and reviews: in view of the fact that the beach is occupied by local vacationers, you can hardly feel comfortable here. This beach is Khmer «disheveled» tourists yourself, and not a pity, because he is not too cozy and very dirty.

Independence Beach / Independence Beach (INDEPENDENCE BEACH)

Independence Beach stretches in length more than a kilometer. This is one of the quietest places on the inhabited coast of Sihanoukville. Water and sand here are clean and pleasant, we really liked this beach, especially on the background of the two previous ones, so it’s worth looking here.

At one end, Independence Beach is located the same name Independence Hotel with private beach, on another – complex Holiday Palace Casino, Also grabbed part of the coastline. In the middle you can find several beach restaurants. In stock Sun beds that can be rented for a small fee. Heard that now a portion of the beach is in «Development». What can be said here, the popularity of Sihanoukville is growing, respectively, the flow of tourists increases, and hence new hotels, restaurants, shops and t.D., So do not be surprised if you have to live next to the construction))

From Downtowana (rings with lions) on a tuk-tuka to get here about twenty minutes. Trip cost about 2.5-3 dollars.

Location and scheme: south of the beach of Hawaii, behind a little cape.

Accommodation on the beach and nearby: options are more than enough and again for every taste and color.

Hotels and Booking Hotels.COM:

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Accommodation on AirBNB:

Impressions and reviews: The first and one of the few beaches of Sihanoukville, which we liked. Here finally wanted to swim, what we did. It is a pity that there are no inexpensive accommodation options right on the shore or very nearby, only very expensive hotels, to budget housing will have to walk at least 1-1.5 km.

Sokha Beach (Sokha Beach)

Another pretty neighbor of the previous beach – Sokha Beach. This cute beach stretched about one and a half kilometers. A small piece of its eastern part is open to everyone, the majority of the beach belongs to a huge hotel Sokha Beach Resort and visitors. The hotel has pools, spa and other pleasant things. You can get here for a fee, which includes a towel and swimming in the hotel pool. Due to the fact that the beach is constantly cleaning and cleaned the hotel servants, he is the cleanest in all Sihanville.

Location and scheme: Southeast of Independence Beach, behind the protrusion, cut into the sea and creating a lull.

Housing on the beach: As you could have guess, a great big on the beach Sokha Beach Resort, Next to which there was a place for only a couple of neighbors, there are no such budget (or it is generally some of the large whole). Only on the eastern tip there are various bungalows for those who want to live on Soyo cheaper.

Hotels and Bungalow on Booking.COM:

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Accommodation on AirBNB: right here «Oh» – Nothing)) Maybe over time there will be some options, but most likely, budget travelers will have to live next to some other beach.

Impressions and reviews: An excellent clean beach, to which you can join, enjoying through the territory of the hotel and pay a little, or be content with his oriental tail. Quiet and calmly, the coastline is wide enough.

Serendipiti Beach (Serendipity Beach)

Actually Beach Serenendipiti – This is part of the next beach – they smoothly flow one in another. Serenendipity The closest to the city center and very lively. On the territory adjacent to it, many small and inexpensive (although expensive too) hotels, bungalows and hostels, in view of which there are always a lot of tourists, especially the youth and other friki. On the beach along the shore, bars and restaurants were attached and all sorts of a laeier show were held. The day here is very quiet, but in the evenings, life beats the key. The main unpleasant moment – Crowds of beggars who are constantly swearing money and spoil the overall impression of a paradise rest.

Also near the beach are full of souvenir shops, food, clothing stores, travel agencies, etc.D. and T.NS. You can also find a berth from which boats are sent to the islands.

If you want to find the fiscal accommodation in Sihanoukville near the beach – Look for it on a segment between the beach of Serelandity and the area with gold lions (Golden Lion Traffic Circle).

Location and scheme: South Beach Sokh Beach, opposite the central part of the city.

Housing on the beach: In the area of ​​the beach of Serentipiti, the choice of housing is just a huge, ranging from 5-10 dollars per day (there is, they say, the place where you can spend the night for free, called utopia, the conditions are Spartan, but if someone is very necessary, it will come down).

Hotels and Booking Hotels.COM:

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7 Beaches of Sihanoukville - Paradise or Hell

Closer to

Closer to

Accommodation on AirBNB: From private traders managed to find in the area only accommodation in the monthly rental, the remaining the same hotels are advertised (although some on Bucking are not presented).

Impressions and reviews: If you consider the beach itself (water-sand-trees), then in quality it is in principle the bad worse than the rest, except that the garbage is more, but here is the number of people-umbrella-chaise loungers-cafes compared to the beaches of Independence and Soka simply. This is definitely not the place where it is worth going to people looking for relaxes and privacy, but here is a direct road to party members and budget tourists, because the cheapest accommodation is in the area (we, by the way, lived next to this beach). The main convenience in the availability of everything that the soul will wish – With infrastructure there are no problems.

Ochheuteal Beach (Ochheuteal Beach)

The beach of Ochuader (it is also called in Russian as a wrenchar or a person who likes how much more) – This is a continuation of Serendipiti Beach. It has a length of about three kilometers and is perhaps the most popular in Sihanville, and not only among visitors, but also among local tourists and holidaymakers. Along the sea is full of canopies with tables-chairs, under which Khmer companies are resting.

The main focus of hotels, bars and people are observed in the northern half of the beach. It is here that you will find soft round chairs, placed along the beach, which is so cozy to meet sunsets with a glass of something delicious in hand. Most of the southern half of the beach is closed for ordinary visitors (there seems to be a golf club or something in this spirit), except for the longest tip, where a para-triproke hotel is located.

Photos from City.0932.Ru.

Location and scheme: Continuation of Serelande Beach, stretching a few kilometers east to the recent.

Housing on the beach: options are also enough like near the beach and away from it.

Hotels and Booking Hotels.COM:

More expensive


Accommodation on AirBNB: Proposals from private traders in the area of ​​Ochuutul’s beach did not find it, but the hotels and gestations were not confused and decided to collapse on a popular resource. By the way, sometimes the numbers in the same hotel on the Airbnb cheaper than on Bucking.

Impressions and reviews: We did not go into in-depth walks on this beach, limiting the beach of Serentipitis and thoughtful looks along the placed umbrellas and tourists of the sun beds. In general, everything was clear – noisy, crowded, actively and saturated. Decided to quickly go to seats.

Beach Otres Beach

South of the beach of Ochuratu, there is a long beach of rebels (from the city to it about five kilometers). It is very «wild» Sihanoukville Beach, overgrown with coniferous trees. It is divided into three parts: Otters 1 – The most lively part, two kilometers to the south begins Otters 2 – Silent and calm area of ​​the beach, known as Long Beach (It is planned to equip the resort here) and the village of Rezhens (Otres Village) further from the sea, deep into the territory.

If you are looking for privacy, silence and romance – Go here. Although the number of cafes, bars, gents, islets with bungalows and other noisy establishments are gradually growing. On the bike you will be taken to the separation of dollars Stack for five (in the evening more expensive).

Andriusix landed in that part of the beach, which local guys chose, so it was not too cozy, due to the abundance of garbage and inaccurate canopies with hammocks. But the beach is long, you can find places and pretty, we simply did not have enough time for his thorough study.

Location and scheme: South of the beach of Ochuratu (about five kilometers from the city), at the end of the brace of the beaches of Sihanoukville.

Housing on the beach: Despite his remoteness, the beach is very popular among tourists who are here, of course, not so much, as in the area of ​​Serendipiti-Ochlurat. The beach attracts its silence, solitude and relative untouchability, although small hotels, gests and bungalows are pleasing here.

Hotels and Bungalow on Booking.COM: Ladies reference only on those options that are in close proximity to the sea.

More expensive


Accommodation on AirBNB: And again the same situation – Through the resource for the most part, the rooms in Gesters and Bangala are advertised, from private traders of all para-triple offers.

Impressions and reviews: I fully admit that rebels – Beach, which has great potential. Most likely, we were worth studying it in more detail, reach some other places, because we were, in which we were, it was completely far from the ideal (they saw themselves in the photo). When I read the reviews of other travelers, almost in every one found a laudatory ODD. What to say, or we did not understand anything, or were not at that time, not in the place, or we have very different ideas about the paradise beaches.

General impressions

In general, the impressions after Sihanoukville beaches remained contradictory (and they spoil them for the most part Central city beaches – Serendipitis and wrappers, which are most accessible to the wide mass of travelers). If you fly to such a distance precisely for exotic and beautiful landscapes, then, in my opinion, it is better to go to the neighboring Thailand. Cambodian coast will be suitable only as an alternative for those who have already looked in Tae and wants to simply change the situation. On themselves the beaches of Sihanoukville are nothing super spectacular.

However, the sunny holidays in Sihanville, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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7 Beaches of Sihanoukville - Paradise or Hell

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