7 facts about Everest in which you will not believe

Jomolungma, Everest and Sagarmatha — The highest peak of our planet. Its highest point is located at an altitude of 8848 meters above sea level. In this article we will examine the facts in which it is difficult to believe, but you have to…

Fact 1 — Everest is not the most dangerous and complex mountain for climbers

It is the opinion that Everest (she is also Jomolungma) the most dangerous and revered mountain among the climbers and climb it very difficult. Actually this is not true. Everest is the highest peak on our planet, but not the most dangerous. Mortality on Everest is only 5.7%, while the second highest peak K2 kills a little less than a quarter of the climbing (23.24%). But Anapurena (10th place among the highest mountains), kills almost half of the climbers who are climbing her.

Fact 2 — On the Everest of people more than Disneyland

It is believed that lonely climbers extremes or together, threesome climbing the high mountain in the world. In fact, it has long been one of the types of travel business. Many companies offer everyone to climb on top.

Many climbers, as well as Sherpov fill the foot and base camps. The fact is that a safe weather window, during which you can easily climb on the mountain, a small one (during the rest of the time the conquest of the vertex is promoted additional weather risks). But those who want a lot, because of what traffic jams often accumulate on the mountain.

FACT 3 — Conquering Everest is easy

Conquest the highest vertex 50 years ago and now – Different things. If in the past, the rise required a lot of strength, the stock of the warmth of warm things, etc., now it seems not to walk, although conjugate with certain dangers. Climbers will be brought straight to the base camp. All their things are carrying porters-Sherpi recruited from local residents. They also spread oxygen cylinders on tops, pave bridges through the gorge and.

Moreover, companies specializing in such tourism provide guide services that protects its customers and solves all the problems on the road.

Fact 4 — Everest is the dirtiest mountain in the world

Beautiful and snow-white landscapes of the mountains are very drooping human life products. Different trash from bars, snacks and other foods, and not only. According to the calculations of the authorities of Nepal, there are a huge number of feces left on the mountains left by climbers. Only on the basic Kepe number 2 is 8 tons of excrement, and the total camps 4.

The problem is that it is very difficult to clean it all because of snow and cold. And if you do not remove, then all this in a place with thawed waters will fall into the rivers and streams and will poison the locals who drink water from them.

7 Facts about Everest in which you will not believe

Fact 5 — Climbing Everest you will definitely see the corpses

Another Jomolungma problem – Dead. Although mortality and low, a huge number of wishes is the cause of a large number of dead tel on the route. Sometimes it will be literally necessary to overplace through them or use as a reference point. Occasionally they are cleaned, but not often. The dead man is heavy and is at high altitude, only to get there you need to spend a lot of strength: not everyone is ready to risk life for this.

But recently, the Government of Nepal still conducts similar “evacuation” Operations for a specific fee.

Fact 6 — There are no friends on top

If you think that the climbers are very friendly and will surely help each other in a difficult situation – maybe but not on Everest. One of the unwashed rules: do not help, if not confident in your power. First of all because helping another can be easily die with him. This is especially true of poorly. There are no cases when assistants died with those who were trying to help.

Fact 7 — In order to climb the mountain you need more than 1 month

Oddly enough, but yes, no one climbs the mountain in a couple of days or a week. The whole problem in acclimatization. At height, the body behaves completely differently, and if you can start a lift without acclimatization, you can earn “Mining disease” She is “Pitry” On slang climbers. Therefore, wishing to conquer the vertex for a long time are in the base camp, making test bars for acclimatization.

7 Facts about Everest in which you will not believe

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