7 Non-Russian Paradise Sites Southeast Asia

I noticed that over the past 5 years, resting at the resorts of South Asia has become much more. Well, if you do not take this time with coronavirus.

Including tourists from South Asia, who travel through their and neighboring countries (Philipps, Chinese, Malaysians, Hindus, and others.).

Thailand, O.Pi Pi Lei

The growth occurred, first of all, at the expense of such as we ; those who prefer to plan their own rest.

This is evidenced by the results of the analytical center of NAPi in March 2020.

Over the past 6 years, I visited both the best tourist beaches of South Asia:

  • Thailand (O.Phuket, O. Phangan, O.To Tao, about.Samui, O.Phi phi and others.);
  • Philippines (O.Boracay, O.Cebu, O.Bochol);
  • Indonesia (O. Bali, O. Nusa Penida, o. Gili (Eyre). Lombok);
  • Vietnam (village Muin, Nha Trang resort and others.);
  • Sri Lanka (Hikkaduva).

Also not very tourist:

  • Thailand (O.Angong);
  • Philippines (O.Pamilkan, O.Samal, O.Crown and others.);
  • Indonesia (O. Lombok, O.Gili Meno);
  • Sri Lanka (Tangalle);
  • O. Borneo (Sandakan) and others.

Honestly, I will say: Today there are few places with good beaches in Southeast Asia where tourists do not happen.

If only you do not want to pay at famous resorts $ 1000 / day for the hotel with personal access to the sea.

Phuket Islands and Samui were paraskiy 5 years ago.

Now I would not recommend these places to attend yourself because of:

  • A large number of tourists;
  • Spoiled ecology of places;
  • High prices for rest.

Agree, not very rest on the beach filled with tourists, like on the picture on the right above.

On the Internet, there is little relevant information about recreation places in Asia, not yet filled with tourists as "sprat in the bank".

90% in these articles are recommended classic driving directions, which are actually all travelers.

I hope you do not go to relax in such very tourist places.

Well, or at least combine them with non-revocual.

Due to the relevance of the issue, I decided to share my top seats in Southeast Asia. They are available at the price and are little known even to independent travelers.

1 . Redang Island and Pergtean Islands (Malaysia)

7 Non-Russian Paradise Sites Southeast Asia

Redang Island. Photo Pavel Sirtsova

Redang Island and his neighboring 9 islands ; Sea natural guarded reserve filled with a lot of fish, turtles, corals around the islands.

Coral sand and underwater world will easily compare with Maldives, Philippine and other paradise.

What can you do except for the sea:

  • Study the sunken ship under water with multi-colored corals;
  • Diving;
  • Snorkeling;
  • Study the wildlife of the island;
  • Tasty to eat in a cafe;
  • Lie in a hammock;
  • Visit Neighboring Beautiful Islands Reserves.
  • Total maximum immersion in a wild beautiful nature, where the turtles swim right under the legs.
  • Recovery, relaxation. Well, not about the "blue lagoon" we dream in the XXI century?
  • Undustful infrastructure.
  • Shops as such are missing. Only hotels, resorts.

How to get? You can purchase tickets any major hub of Southweshrons (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok). From there you can already buy a ticket to Loker Company to Kuala Terengganu Airport (TGG).

  • From g.Kuala Lumpur Flight will take no more than 1 hour.
  • Transfers from the airport: bus + boat to the island.

2 . Raja-ampat (Western Papua, Indonesia)

Carspa, Indonesia

In the eastern region of Indonesia Papua is this archipelago of 1500 islands in coral triangle. It boasts one of the richest underwater worlds.

¾ types of corals are here, Not to mention the jungle, white sand beaches, secluded lagoons and underwater caves. Really, paradise!

  • Maximum immersion in landscapes about Paradise life.
  • The world’s best underwater world
  • Very few tourists
  • No electricity and communication
  • Humidity and salt – two permanent components of life on the island

How to get? The easiest way to get to the Raja Ampat Reserve is a flight to Sorong Airport (Sorong) from Jakarta (Indonesia) or Singapore.

3 . Sri Lanka

We are not a "pop" beach in Tangalle

Wrong, of course, will be called Sri Lanka with a non-trial place.

Sri Lanka has been on the verge of tourist popularity for several years, and perhaps 2020 will still become a year of its popularity.

Despite this, on Sri Lanka full of secluded places without tourists.

Having been on this island several times and last a couple of years ago, I still consider the island worthy is in the seven of this list.

In 2020, Lonely Planet called her country number 1 in the world in which you can go. And with such an assessment I can not disagree.

There are Sri Lanka:

  • Lone and calm beaches;
  • Cool and beautiful mountains;
  • waterfalls;
  • incredible wildlife;
  • rich underwater world;
  • Huge botanical garden;
  • historical cities with ruins;
  • Friendly local and mn.Dr.

You can visit this island at any time of the year. Because in the winter season falls on the southwest part of the island, and in the summer to the eastern.

I do not recommend stopping for a long time in such tourist areas as:

  • Hikkaduva;
  • Galle;
  • Negombo.

Instead, choose less tourist places:

  • Hyricheti beach;
  • Non-Russian beaches in Tangalle;
  • Trinkomalli and many other beach holiday places.

Deloy Beach in Tangalle

Ideally, come to Sri Lanka at least 14 days and look for accommodation next to the loved beach.

  • You can even admire all vacation by luxurious beaches, and you can leave for cool mountains, to historical places or explore the diverse animal world
  • Available for any budget
  • Not everywhere "Kupabelny" beaches
  • Not strongly developed infrastructure. For example: You may not find chocolate in the supermarket

How to get: It is most profitable to buy air tickets to the capital Sri Lanka – Colombo from G. Moscow. And then move along the island as your soul: public transport, comfortable taxi / minibus or train.

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