8 books with the atmosphere of different countries

At the other end of the world, in a new situation, in the heart of an unfamiliar city or town life takes on new meaning. Anyone who has ever strolled at sunset on the beach, sitting in a street cafe European metropolis, watching the sunrise on a new scenery, knows that in any place of the earth there is a special atmosphere, a philosophy. Feel it – an easy way to become happy. One problem: not always possible to suddenly move to the other end of the world. And this complexity able to cope books.

"Sitai-City" represents 10 books with a dive effect that will help to feel the pulse of life in different parts of the world.

"First eyes, then mind and only then the heart. So love masters man. ".

"You marry a girl not from our village and not even from our country; She will be a musician, she will have their own jungle, "the oracle predicted. And the young Indian artist, armed only with tassels and faith in prophecy, sat on a used bike and crossed all Asia and Europe to find their own woman.

"Wherever I appear, I was met everywhere with generosity, openness and responsiveness. The result of all these meetings and has become this book "(Eric Fatland).

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are described with sympathy and love, even passion. Hospitality and features of traditions, history of peoples and their culture, social life and entertaining dating.

"Travel – not just a change of scenery, and jerk to the will".

Real stories about the city of the last steam locomotives of the planet, the marriage bazaar and the market of living toys, the human zoo and a lot of such, which is impossible to believe the first time. In this book, so many wonders of China are described that you begin to believe that there are dragons there. "My Planet" published an excerpt from the book in article "China, whom you didn’t know".

"PhotoEctification has turned into an exciting adventure. The author lived in the picturesque corners, met the dawns surrounded by the pristine nature, drank water from the purest lakes, washed to the thread, removing the torrential rains, and in the evenings he warmed with fires under the cloudless sky, the stars.

Book of love for a special country: in it the whole world, incredible nature, unusual perspective for each corner of Russia. We go on a trip to Vladimir Medvedev, a photographer who has opened the beauty of our country for more than 12 years.

"As they say, to smile, you need to use 40 muscles, and to click on the trigger – only four".

Let’s smile each other, because the most interesting stories begin with this, and yesterday’s strangers become friends. Famous writer and public figure Maria Arbatova talks about how she saw New York. Personal experience that you want to try on.

8 Books with the atmosphere of different countries

"Hvad Udad Tabes, Skal Indad Vindes (which is lost outside, will be found inside)".

They got from Philosophy Hyugg? Learn the whole truth about Scandinavian countries. The English journalist dispends stereotypes from the scene: Danes, Swedes, Finns, Norwegians, Icelanders as they are, their quirks and disadvantages, dark sides of life and the cause of success. "My Planet" has already published an excerpt from this magnificent book.

"Old Norwegian saying reads: "One person can not know one thing can not burn"".

Recipe of happiness and freedoms from Norwegian woodcutters. Amazing metaphor book, representing life in an unusual perspective. After all, the fire brings warmth, safety and comfort, and the furnace furnace firebox is more than just mechanical work.

"For someone Ikigai – it is an opportunity to meet dawn every day, for others – a meeting with friends or reading books, the development of attentiveness and immersion in other worlds. And for someone, the search for the very "Meaning" Maybe his Ikigai ".

Features of national happiness from the country of the rising sun, a new word in the dictionary of self-knowledge – Ikigai. How to find your own way to joy, keep it in every day and what can tell your favorite books and happy memories. Book that changes all for the better.

8 Books with the atmosphere of different countries

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