8 reasons to visit Georgia

Georgia became a completely unknown direction for the middle tourist, and there are reasons for it – the region behind the black sea is bad, restless and with unknown as attractions. The first and second, probably, but the third is not true. We will tell What to see in Georgia, The country is located on the territory, where thousands of years ago there was already civilization, and the Christian heritage is huge there.

Cultural influences are noticeable, the mountain relief offers enchanting landscapes, and in the historical sense, we remember that one Georgian (Stalin) turned over the life of millions of people all over the world. Look, what are eight reasons to visit this country.

In Georgia there is something to see and where to go tourist:

  1. Tbilisi

From the hanging balconies in the old part of the city and the Persian sulfur baths of Abanotubani with turquoise mosaics, to unique modern buildings, and futuristic glass designs – Tbilisi is a city of diversity. The capital is located on the shores of the MTKVARI River and is surrounded by the majestic mountains from three sides. According to the archaeologists, the first settlement in this place was based up to 4,000 years before our era, and the name of Tables comes from the old Georgian word „Tbili“, What means „warm“, which is undoubtedly connected with sulfur sources.

Walk through the old Tbilisi will open you the many old Georgian and Armenian churches, mosques and synagogues, as well as the ruins of the Northern Zoroastrian temple. If you arrive in the capital in the fall, you can visit the International Theater Festival, which takes place here from September 25 to October 8.

In the Caucasian Mountains, at an altitude of 2,200 meters, is the highest settlement in Europe. The village is known for its medieval protective towers associated with all the houses. The location was cut off from the outside world for a long time, and that is why the authentic spirit of antiquity carries, with grazing horses near the dilapidated towers.

Many people think that the birthplace of France, Italy or Greece, but Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions. According to the country’s tradition, fermentation technology occurs in clay vessels, known as Kversvis, is very ancient, and the results are achieved wonderful. Today in Georgia there are many varieties of grapes from which beautiful wines do.

Start with red wines from Saperavi grapes, which is kept in oak barrels in the wine region Kakheti or with white cyannali, made from a mixture of grapes of Rkaziteli and Mtvani.

In Georgia there are some of the most unusual rock objects in Europe. The oldest is relisha – Ancient settlement that resembles the lunar landscape. Another David Gareci – Large monastery complex, cutting in the rocks of Mount Garea, as well as the unique cave city of Vardzia.

Remote areas of Kustsureti and Tusheti in the Caucasian mountains are home to impressive medieval villages with a small population that still keeps their pagan customs. It is largely due to the complex infrastructure of the district.

In this area there is a destroyed fortress MOTCA and the village spared, which seemed to come out of fantasy-novel. In Tusheti, also full of vintage towers, churches, villages and impressive mountain landscape. There are a lot of a path for hiking, and the locals are very hospitable.

To learn more about Joseph Stalin, visit his hometown of Gori, where his museum is located. Stalin is local pride, and his spirit was saved in this museum where you can see a lot of photos, his statues, frescoes with his image, his posthumous mask, a carpet with his face, his personal green wagon and his children’s bed, which is perfectly preserved. The museum represents most of the life and life of the Red Chief, but intentionally or not, everything that concerns the repression was missed among the exhibits, photographs and documents.

Georgians adopted Christianity in 324 g. Our era and since then the country is filled with an impressive number of churches and cathedrals. UNESCO Cathedral of Svetitskhoveli and Cathedral of Bagrati, and one of the most impressive buildings is the Kazbegy Church, which is located on the top of the mountain.


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8 Reasons to visit Georgia

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8 Reasons to visit Georgia

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