8 romantic impressions in Europe

Sleep in a dream – So seen life writer Edgar Allan P. And for real adversities there is nothing that could prevent them from dreaming. And even if in the near future you do not plan travel, there is a positive moment: you have enough time to plan the next timeout with your loved one to the smallest details. And you can believe: the European continent of travel offers more romance than sommelier in the roof restaurant with candlelight. From Amsterdam channels to Rome fountains – here are eight most romantic travel impressions in Europe.

1. Enjoy Picnic on Canal Saint-Martin in Paris.

Where you can feel better to feel romantics as not in the city of love? As soon as you see shimmering lights on Canal Saint Martin, You will already feel easy happiness! Arrange a romantic picnic under chestnuts or go along the picturesque boat down the river. And if you are confident that you have your great love next to you, perpetuate your names on the castle on the art bridge.

2. Stroll by romantic Greenwich, London.

No wonder charm Greenwich So impartially time. In the end, here is the average time GreenwichZero point of time zones of the world. Your heart can beat here a little faster than usual. In any case, you will look only for an impressive Royal Observatory (or on each other), and you will not even notice how time flies quickly.

3. Hold hands at the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

It is believed that throwing coins over the shoulder in Trevi Fountain Brings good luck. According to the tradition, drink from your second half of the two sources, drowning towards each other, and your love will last forever. You already amazeing the shining water fountain and magic, from it outgoing? Then maybe it is worth postponing the second coin on Cream Italian Italian.

4. Take an evening cruise through the canals of Amsterdam.

Sit under the starry sky and look at the lights of the city – there is nothing more romantic than the evening cruise by Amsterdam. Want to bring some magic in your relationship? Channels entered in List of UNESCO, Can work wonders. View of the city, lit in the evening, probably quickly will warm her heart, especially when adding it to champagne.

Nederland, Amsterdam, 10 December 2012 Amsterdam Light Festival. Van 7 December T / M 20 Januari, Met Ichtsculpturen, Agelichte Panden, Bruggen En Boten En LichtProjecties Op Gebouwen. Hier De Lichtsculptuur Tegenover de Stopera. Foto: Klaas Fopma

5. Enjoy the view in Guell Park in Barcelona.

You trembled before Sagrada Familia? You impressed your soul mate with your knowledge Gaudi and Modernist Architecture? It’s time to admire the breathtaking view from the highest point Park Guell. And if it sounds not enough romantic, as about a passionate kiss to complete the day accordingly?

8 Romantic impressions in Europe

Entrance to the Gaudi Museum in Barcelona, ​​Spain

6. Climb together on the victory column in Berlin.

Berlin. Night capital? No &# 8211; Romantic meeting place of all lovers of hearts. This is the side of the capital, which many people do not know. And in vain! Stroll together in tandem on the multicolored foliage of the zoo. Then you can climb to the Gold Column of Victory. Hold each other by hands &# 8211; This is a long way!

7. Admire the splendor Alps in St. Moritz.

Most of your other intercepts breathing? There is a place where you can allow the landscape around you to do the same. Sit on Express Bernina And wait for one of the most beautiful travels by train in Europe. When you cross the exciting Pass Maloya, You will be lost in the manifold and beauty of the Alpine Valleys, and later – on the lake in St. Morice, In the eyes of each other.

eight. Look at Mozart concert in Vienna

There is nothing more heartbreaking than a concert of classical music. And your hearts will certainly score faster in one of Beautiful concert halls of Vienna. Eat together on a trip to the past while the Vienna Mozart Orchestra plays in historical costumes. Allow yourself to charm the elegant atmosphere, world-class musicians and, not less important, each other.

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