8 Truly wild adventures in Africa

A variety of Africa landscapes invite you to the most fascinating active classes: underwater swimming, rafting, dune rowing and mountaineering. If you are looking for wild, unbridled and unforgettable adventures, Africa will definitely become an ideal place for you.

Of course, on the continent there is a lot of interesting places, but here are 9 of them from which you can start.Meet the big five in South Africa.

South Africa – True Wonderland Safari. Country literally filled with sfari reserves. The most difficult task will choose one of the set options. Kruger National Park ranks first in the list of charts, with many houses in the park and around it. However, if you want to combine a safari tour with a visit to Cape Town, you should choose one of the parks that are located near the maternal city, for example, Aquila Game Reserve, Inverdoorn Game Reserve or Addo Elephant National Park.

Immerse yourself in waterfalls waterfalls in Morocco

Leave the marker bustle behind and treat yourself a day trip to 110-meter Cudud Waterfall, One of the most amazing natural wonders of Morocco. With camera ready to go to several of the many beautiful viewpoint points and make fantastic photos before plunging into crystal clear water. If you are lucky, you can watch Berber monkeys who love to gather at the water too.

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Climbing to the top of the highest one-standing mountain in the world is included in the list of desires of countless adventure crash. Good news is that You do not need special technical skills to conquer the top of Kilimanjaro 5895 meters high. Anything you need, &# 8211; This is the average level of physical training, and your body must wear the mountain air well. With a competent approach, you really have a good chance to get to the top. In order to conquer the "Roof of Africa", in terms of traveling should be allocated 5-9 days.

Explore the depths of Hurghada

Welcome to the world famous point for divers and snorkeling lovers. Hurghada offers you many opportunities for adventure. Here You can dive all year round, For example, because even in the coldest months, the water temperature does not fall below 20 degrees. You are waiting for underwater rendezvous with dolphins, parrot fish, unicorn fish, white reefs, hammer sharks and moray. And if you do not want to dive too deeply, you can still explore the magnificent reefs during snorkeling.

Try the Great Migration of Wildlife in Serengeti

Be a witness of one of the greatest natural spectacles on Earth: Great Animal Resettlement in Serengeti. You will not forget the impressive spectacle of huge herds antelope, Gazelle and Zebras, heading through the Serengeti National Park. And even at the step above (or more precisely below): Climb about 600 meters down to the bottom of the crater NGoronoro. Here you will meet all kinds of wildlife, including monkeys, elephants and many flamingo.

Floating as the devil, in the pond of the devil from the waterfall Victoria

8 Truly wild adventures in Africa

This entertainment is not for panties. The people also love to call the devil pool with an absolute endless pool of Africa: Natural rocky pool above the point where Victoria’s majestic waterfall is immersed in depths. You can get to the pool from Livingston on the Zambian side of the waterfalls. However, it is available only in the dry season since September to the end of January. And if you are afraid of the height, you better not look down 108 meters per edge of the devilish reservoir.

Rafting in Wild Waters Zambezi

Although crocodiles, hippos and who knows what other beings are hiding in Zambezi, you can still dive to dive with a paddle in the thresholds during a rapid water alloy! This extremely stimulating adrenaline sport is very popular among Victoria Waterfall visitors. Zambezi is considered to be the international community of rafting one of the most suitable rivers for rafting, where you can check both strength and endurance. But be careful: these thresholds can be very complex.

Go down on the Chobe River on River Safari

If you are passionate about safari, you need to visit Chobe National Park in Botswana, Because it is home to one of the most extensive populations of wild animals in all Africa. Meet the Park during the picturesque river safari on the Chobe River. Listen, how hippos are crying, allow crocodiles to slide past you, watch the antelopes graze on the shore and birds move in their orbits in the sky above you. And if you really lucky on safari, the Pride Lviv will even look at the river to get drunk. National Park is located in the north-west Botswana, so Chobe is also ideal for a day trip from Victoria Waterfall.

Landing through the dunes of Namibia

Explore The oldest sand dunes in the wilderness of Namibia on the all-wheel drive car. Prove your outstanding talents of the rally driver, driving through the narrow passages of the dunes between the desert and the Atlantic. Discover the mysterious Bay of Sandwich Bay, where sand dunes are lost in the ocean. You are waiting for a breathtaking landscape, full of giant sand dunes, hidden salt pita and charming wild animals.

8 Truly wild adventures in Africa

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