A film about the first trip to Rome in 2008, part of the first.

In 2008, I first visited Italy. For our first time, we have made an introductory route in which there was an opportunity to see the most famous cities of this beautiful country, because no one else knew that later we would strive to return here again and again. We decided to spend 4 days in Rome for 4 days, then 3 days in Florence, making it from there to the Sienna, then move to Venice through Maralello to Venice, from Venice through Verona to Lake Garda and finish the route in Milan.

Before the trip, we revised some old films in which Rome became scenery for narrative or the main character of the picture and, thanks to which, some of us have formed the image of this place. It was extremely interesting if we will see Rome as they saw the director of these films, or he will appear to each of us completely different? Subsequently, the idea was born to mount a film about this trip and compile our filmed materials with fragments of films. Here is this film I want to show you.

The first part of the film about the trip to Rome:

Our friendly company landed at Rome Airport at 9 am. We quickly found a taxi, and after a few minutes, the White Mercedes rocked us with a breeze in the heart of the eternal city. For me, it was the first independent trip, and I, of course, was worried, but my friends and anxieties were given to the place of wondering from the upcoming meeting with Rome. Our San Daniele Bundi House is located in the very center near the imperial forums, so when, driving up to the hotel, I saw the one from the window of our snow-white taxi for the first time, I could not restrain the exclamation of delight. The taxi driver was very satisfied – 🙂

And so, throwing suitcases to our hotel, we went to meet the city. The ruins of the imperial forums were with us right around the corner, so they began with them.

Roman’s column reached the column, with her marble reliefs, depicting scenes of military campaigns of Rome. Two and a half thousand figures, you can consider long- 🙂

And we went to the Venice Square to the steps of the monumental monument to Viktor Emmanuil II rise higher

and admire the view of the Colosseum.

This time we did not rise on the elevator on the viewing area, I did it in my next arrival in Rome.

Having in love by plenty, moved to Piazza Della Rotonda to inspect Pantheon, place, from school familiar to the history textbook. It was impossible not to experience the thrill, entering it. I was straightforwarded by a hole in the dome, through which the light penetrates the temple. And it all thought that an incredibly magically, this place should look into a clear lunar night, when there is no one and only the lunar pillar of light lightly illuminates the inner space.

Looked on the Square of Minerva next to the Pantheon, to admire the Bernini Monument in the form of an elephant with obelisk on the back, which Romans nicknamed "Porcellino della Minerva, "or minerva piglets, because the elephant turned out to be rather reliced- 🙂

On this area in the building of the former Dominican Order in 1633, the court of the Inquisition took place over Galileo Galileem, in which he publicly renounced the teachings of Copernicus, and, according to legend, said his famous words "Still she spins".

The Church of Sant Ivo Alla Sapienz with her lantern in the form of a spiral, which is located on the top of the church, is not far here.

And in the meantime we reached the Navona Square, on which I immediately liked.

A film about the first trip to Rome in 2008, part of the first.

It is difficult to present at all that once this place was both the market and the stadium on which competitions were held. After all, this area in the style of Baroque is a real architectural masterpiece with its church Sant Anise-In-Agone and beautiful fountains Bernini and Gacomo della Port.

Wikipedia says that "in the XVII-XVIII centuries in the weekend in August for cooling at the hottest month of the year the area was flooded: for this, the fountains were intentionally overwhelmed with water".
That’s probably entertainment!-:)

People on the square and today there are many, here and street artists entertaining the public drawings on the asphalt.

And I remembered the favorite in childhood a tale Gianni Rodari "Magic voice Jelsomino", Where was such a character – an artist who drew on the asphalt, and the objects drawn them immediately became real. And once drew a weapon and distributed people to overthrow the usurpers – 🙂 It was very an Italian fairy tale – 🙂

A very close to the square can be seen one of the "talking statues" – Pascvino, on the foot of which leaflets were stuck with criticism against the authorities in the form of anonymous poems and Paskville, hence the word happened "libel". Here and now some leaflets are present.

A few more walks, and we at Campo dei Fiori, a very busy area, on which public executions took place in the past; Here, in particular, in 1600, Gordano Bruno was burned. And the monument is available. In the evening, on the square, kipits restaurant life.

We rested at a beautiful fountain of the turtles, built on the project Giacomo della Port, as part of the project to provide citizens with drinking water. And the turtles appeared later with the reconstruction of the fountain under the leadership of Bernini.

Twilight gradually dropped to the eternal city, and we completed our first acquaintance with Rome on the Embankment of the Tiber, enjoying the noise of water and the coming evening coolness.

A film about the first trip to Rome in 2008, part of the first.

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