A selection of interesting facts about life in Germany

The Germans are known for their punctuality and accuracy, they love accuracy and immaculately comply with the laws. Also successfully Work and unlawful rules, Regulatory relationships, etiquette, behavior manners. All this does not mean that Germany is like inhabited by robots. The Germans also know how to joke, pronounce love, arrange romantic meetings and receive pleasure from life. Just they believe that and to these aspects It is important to relate to responsible, in order not to cause, for example, discomfort surrounding.

Germany is beautiful that it was formed here own unique model of existence, which can plunge into a shock of a tourist or a foreigner who has come to PMZ.

True German accommodation – Combination of practicality and comfort. All elements of the house are carefully thought out. Each detail, be it light, heat or water supply, it is arranged so as to live comfortably and inexpensively. Despite the fact that Germany is a progressive country in the technical plan, conservative views impose their imprint at home improvement. Everywhere can be traced Restraint and laconicity.

Many Germans Prefer to rent housing, Since buying a house or apartment – a significant blow to the budget. Taxes are also very burdensome. Find the living space in a good place – the problem is not simple, so rental is usually delayed for decades. Also important carefully study the contract With landlord. The document is prescribed a plurality of nuances and trifles, for example, a "graph" of garbage removal or temporary windows when It is allowed to make noise Construction tool or play musical instrument. Violation of any point is unlikely to entail a conflict with tenants nearby, but they easily submit a complaint.

Now in Germany a new trend – House on wheels. It is just the Germans and buy with pleasure. Pros are obvious: mobility, the ability to travel around the country all life, no binding to utilities. In such a nest, you can easily accommodate all the necessary rooms – bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Usually home trailers are made of wood.

Noisy neighbors – Huge rarity in Germany. Attitude towards sound stimuli extremely strict. And hammer knock, and loud children’s laugh is equally not welcome. Construction firms in the construction of houses usually do not buy on sound insulation materials of walls, overlaps and even ceilings.

In Germans your approach to ventilating rooms. Usually houses are not supplied with ventilation. Open windows that are, by the way, and the bathroom, you often have, otherwise the mold will appear in the dwelling.

In private houses, two bathrooms are often equipped – one for hosts, the other, closer to the entrance, is intended for guests. Indoors You can see the valves. For visitors, they look strange, actually devices perform the role of a crane for water overlapping.

Despite the fact that in Germany in the summer the temperature rises to + 35 ° C, Germans Do not complain air conditioners. First, for the sake of saving electricity. Secondly, an alternative to the instrument is the outer blinds that protect against heat. Uncomplicated devices also absorb the noise and prevent small flying insects. Hence the small popularity of mosquito nets.

Common wall decoration – Punching paper-wood wallpaper. The material is cheap, does not cause allergies and is environmentally safe. The only drawback is difficult when dismantling, especially if the wallpaper was painted.

Many houses connected to central heating. In some regions, water is supplied from geothermal sources. Batteries are equipped with a regulator and counter to adjust the comfortable temperature and for the body and for the wallet.

Germans pay great attention to sofas, because they spend a lot of time on them, watching TV and playing on the console. The rest of the furniture is also carefully chosen and Differs manifold. Huge wardrobes and all the more storage rooms are not popular. But there will always be a place for a countersunk box with documents, jewels and cash.

Kitchens are notable for individuality, so they even move when changing residence. Leave new residents with kitchenware, shelves, countertops and lockers Germans do not like, Yes, and it turns out so economically.

When moving from removable housing, Germans Painted walls leaving the dwelling of light paint. This often requires an agreement with the landlord.


The Germans build a personal relationship in certain framework, that is, without excessive spontaneity, unexpected surprises and bright romantic feats. Such an approach It seems a foreigner strange. If you understand and figure out, everything becomes in place, some logic can be traced.

On cash payments Expenses between partners are divided. Germans are offended when the worsens are uniquely trying to pay the bill in the restaurant. You don’t need to accompany the young lady. Otherwise, it will be considered as a hint of an intimate continuation of the meeting. A man, still offered to ride or walk with the lady to her house, Must delicately give to understand, What does not count on.

In Germany do not suggest compliments. In addition, both men and women may seem too straight and rude, but everything will be told honestly and sincerely.


Germans tremitally relate to friendship. A friend in Germany is not just a person with whom the time is often held. You can always rely on it, he will not leave in trouble. If the buddy gives a promise, he will fulfill him, waiting for the same relationship to himself.

Germans do not go to each other on a visit with empty hands. On the threshold they usually Appear with a treat or bouquet. Flower "Code" is observed strictly. Cheap bouquets, red roses are not welcome (give only a loved one) and white roses (they bring them on the cemetery).

Birthday celebration in German not always passes (Exception – Anniversary). Inviting to the event, the birthday boy should understand that only he pays. Celebration can be given almost everything, just not shoes!

If someone from the Germans firmly and demonstratively clenched fists, fight It is unlikely to begin. This is a gesture that in Russia is usually replaced by crossing the fingers for good luck.

In German Offers end in verbs. So do not interrogate interlocutor. It is important to listen to the end and pass the pause before answering.

As greeting, the Germans love puff.


A selection of interesting facts about life in Germany

Germans – Responsible and attentive buyers. Shopping here is an important thing, and not fleeting care. Any discount or action causes interest and even joy. Germany is one of the few developed European countries, where they first try to acquire something cheaper, and in quality, budget goods are not much inferior.

With cash, the Germans try to give a cashier accurate amount without passing. A large bill, stretched out of the seller, will bring surprise at the store employee.

If in Germany in the store does not put a separator on the register of the cash register, the displeased glances of the following buyers will rush in the back, which will wait until the last, If at least finally marked the border between the goods.

The Germans have their own Philosophy of services. It is not popular here with the popularity of the client’s client, and consultants will not be able to disturb and advise you to acquire anything.

Germans Seriously refer to education issues. Parents are very worried about the child, but they seek to give it as much freedoms as possible.

Name for baby father and mother Plan in advance. Unisex options, geographical, commercial and other names are not allowed. The name must be named in the usual understanding, as well as clearly designate sexuality.

Strong parental caregue manifests itself in the Germans through how they dress their children. Hat on the head of the kid – Mandatory attribute not only early in autumn, but also sometimes in the summer to protect from the heat. Testing in warm things, scarves, sweaters, thermal underwear – just would not catch a cold.

The more the rules assimilate the child More independence gets a reward from adults. It can be, for example, independent walks in the territory of kindergarten.

Queues for kindergartens are in Germany. But here each child is guaranteed reception in the institution without such monstrous wires and especially corruption, as in Russia. There are "forest gardens", where kids get closer with nature and spend more time Surrounded by trees, birds and animals.

Little Germans from the earliest years learn to appreciate your own things. If the child does not share a toy, his no one considers it to be choke.

After elementary school follow Three options Further training: Gymnasium, real school and basic school. The first two lead to higher education. The latter is like a technical school or a school, where you can become, for example, a mechanic or a carpenter.


Germans love and know how travel. The cost of expenses is often commensurate with the cost of the car. Vacation is planned taking into account all the trifles and nuances. The farther the trip, the earlier the route, hotels visited by sights are thought out. Common vacation in German – Stay on the Mediterranean Sea.

Instead of gorgeous hotels, Germans prefer Modest hotel rooms, Hostels or campers. In other people’s edges, the Germans are very Carefully and conservative belong to food. Instead of exotic food, they usually choose a nickname portions of familiar dishes.

A selection of interesting facts about life in Germany

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