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In Russia, Orthodox, of course, there was no direct guide for sex, but relations between the floors were also regulated. Considerable part of the famous "Domostroja" is devoted to the wedding rite. The bed for young was built on 27 rye snops, and the place where the newlywed bed will be frozen on the eve of the priest. What is the main board of my husband and his wife – he was universal: to live honestly.

"If someone does not live in God, not in Christian, the fear of God does not have any uncomfortable things: fornicing, for a damnity, and foul language, and angry speech, oath, rage and anger, and malleavism, with a woman not in law lives or from The wives of Blight, in Sodomsky sin flows, or holds Corchm – so, if the Mr. himself and his children and his servant, and his peasants are doing this all, and the Mr. They don’t impede them and does not save their souls, does not appear. Right all together will be in hell, and here are cursed ".

"Anang rank"
India, XV-XVI century

In India, the sex treated, as you know, not at all like in Russia. Anang rank – Poetic sex manual, describing in detail everything that can happen between a man and a woman. In essence, these are instructions for her husband, learning how to enjoy the wife, in which considerable attention is paid to the emotional component of relations – therefore it is believed that the book was designed to strengthen families.

"The first caress is in touching the girl’s hand. If the young man puts his hand on the girl’s head – this caress is called "awakening". If the young man puts his hand on the shoulder of the girl, which is closer to him, – this caress is called "approaching". If the young man puts his hand on the shoulder of the girl, which is further from him, – that caress is called "Explanation in love". If the young man puts his hand on the side of the girl who is further from him – this caress is called "Nearby"".

"Kiss with fingertips is called "Kiss a dull passion". If the young man, pulling the lower or top lip of the girl with his fingers, introduces her tongue for her cheek and it fits for a few seconds – this is a kiss "petal". Second Kiss: The young man squeezes two fingers both lips and so kisses them – this kiss is called "Delight bud". Third Kiss: A young man breeds the girl’s lips and kisses her teeth – this kiss is called "Out of rose petals". Fourth Kiss: The young man presses the bottom of the girl’s lower lip to her teeth and stretching her, introduces her mouth into her mouth – this kiss is called "Collecting nectar"".

"Garden pruburate"

Tunisia, XIV-XV century

This book is a collection of very specific recommendations for its author, Sheikh Nezayui, about everything related to intimate life. Typology poses and kisses are interspersed with parables and stories and richly equipped with quotes from the Quran.

"And God crumbled the breast of the woman with breasts, supplied her double chin and put a fresh blush on her cheek. He also gave her to the love of love with eyes and eyelashes, similar to the sparkling blade of the thigh and her buttocks, should be solid, sides – rounded and full, waist – gentle outlines, palms and feet – perfect elegance, hands – full, and shoulders – well-developed. One who looks at such a woman in front, comes charm, and looking at the back – dies from pleasure. Sitting, it is like a rounded dome, lying – a soft sofa, standing – the collection of perfection ".

About it

"Tips of Aunt EPP"

United Kingdom, XIX century

Elspet Marr was a man for his time extraordinary. She grew up in poverty, worked as a maid, then started a novel with an aristocrat ending with unsuccessful pregnancy, after fled to Paris, where the marriage was married. Then he returned to Scotland again and worked on a rustic mail. Only after her death, the relative discovered Marre Diary in the attic of the house, in which she, referring to the deceased daughter, gives a young lady. Her book "Tips Aunt Epp" – a collection of mothers of heads, where there will be advice on home economics, cooking, cleaning gold and relationships with men for Victorian maidens. Marr tips were distinguished by special democraticness and rectiality that there was almost unheard of victorian era.

"Infidelity. Distinctive feature of all men. Take impermanence as a givenness – and you will be either disappointed or pleasantly surprised ".

"Prelude. For many men, this is the question of how fast they can take off his pants. But a good opera always begins with entry. Remember: You are not only a tool in this Opera, you are also a member of the orchestra – play nicely ".

"Petrolatum. Each maiden should have a vaseline bubble with him. It will come in handy and to soften the skin, and in order to get a healthy complexion. Everything else he can come in handy in situations as difficult and pleasant. ".

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