About the pros, minuses and criticism articles about flights to the UAE

While this is the most useful comment on our site. It was sent to us by the user "Fantometta". In connection with the big long of this comment, we published it on a separate page of the site, and not on the main page "How much to fly to the UAE" for which he was made.

We express special appreciation to Ms. "Fantometta" for constructive criticism and tips:

Liked that the article is detailed and thorough. Many additional materials. Good Illustrative Material – Table, Schemes. Photos of rare beauty! Perhaps they do not add anything to information available for some group of readers. But me "Pictures" helped feel the grandeur and technical power of the air liner. Such scales still border with miracles and are always impressive.

Personally, I hardly have to fly to the UAE in the near future, but among my acquaintances there are lovers of long-distance travel and just experimenters. Moreover, there is one person who wins tourist tickets with enviable constancy in various quiz competitions. I, in general, have no time to follow, where the next competition for erudition is carried out and what detects are played. But the hobby of my friend allowed him to go to China, Indonesia and several European countries, and expenses turned out to be the most modest.

Review (Critical) from the point of view of the editor

If I have no questions about the actual side of the article, then the language of the presentation was not impressed. No, style can not be called bad. But he is a little better than the tolerant.

You can add a refinement: not just "From other cities", And, say, "from other major cities" or "from other cities of Russia".

The beginning is a bit tightened. The impression that the author recently woke up and therefore faces the same information. ("How much to fly to the country? That is, I want to say, not to the country, but before her capital, or rather, to the airport. ")

Further. How many authors write an article? Who are "we? "our company", "our company"? If so, then there is no specific information. In such cases, the name and creation of the company’s activities indicate, and preferably at the beginning of the text. ("We, the company N, do the same. ")

In the text too high the density of the names of the Latinian, it tires. Some of them can be translisted.

And finally the final. The last paragraph seriously spoils the impression of the article. It would be reformatted, remove the innovative listing of titles in indirect cases. If 100500 (there should be any number of more than five) geographical names to issue as a list, information will be perceived faster and easier, it will be possible to focus freely. Here only the author decides that it is more important to him: save space on a page or structuring text. Well, if the principle is immediately clear, according to which the listing is drawn up: geographical or alphabetically. Or, for example, according to the degree of importance. But not in any order.

Specifications from the corrector

1. Fragment: ". She owns a whole terminal – this is a terminal 3. Two stations of Dubai metro station at the Dubai Metro at once – these are the stations "Terminal 1" and "Terminal 3"."

It would be nice to reduce the number of repeating words per unit text.

About the pros, minuses and criticism articles about flights to the UAE

2. "This fact is positively distinguished by the UAE in comparison. " Actually "Profitable distinguishes" or "positively characterizes" To choose from. AND "compared with. "

3. Word order: "Tell about, perhaps, the most interesting passenger plane. " Oh, perhaps! Option: "about the most interesting. "

4. Here is punctuation: ". The plane is the largest airlinener in the world of Airbus A380 – the only. " Prevent two dashes in one sentence (not to mention two "Passenger aircraft"). There are other options, for example, colon instead of the first of them.

Taking into account paragraphs 3 and 4, you can offer the option:

This article has become a great reason to tell us about the most interesting aircraft: about Airbus A380, the largest airliner in the world and the only full-fledged two-plane passenger plane.

Of course, it’s a little strange that my own article has become a reason, but what does not happen in life!

5. "We hope that our country will overcome economic problems, and we again. " The last comma is not needed: both additive proposals refer to the main one – "We hope".

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