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Somehow I already wrote about a wonderful hotel in Hurghada, who tightly spoiled domestic tourists. There was excellent management, polite attendants and stunning animators from Tunisia, and then the hotel had a ride rich militiamen and housing and utilities workers, the administration hired glory Russian animators, the hotel went to "all inclusive", to feed became worse, drink more, and behind the beach and The rest ceased to stop at all. When the people are naked right in the morning, they are all up to the light bulb. We don’t go there anymore.

Because this year we went to the "Soccer" in Sharm el-Sheikh, in which once were in the press tour and since then I have since remember with great warmth. Alas, it turned out that the hotel is now called "Muenpik" and he was struck by the same disease. Not to death, but decay is obvious.

I list the symptoms on the points. Holidaymakers in the hotel are different – everyone has everything included, someone has no, but they didn’t hang bracelets. Like, respecting himself, the hotel trusts. And then it turned out that now ordering a bottle of water and another nonsense need to report every time the waiters on what system do you rest, what tires. It would be easier to have a bracelet on the hand of the right color, and not to answer dozens times a day for persistent staff questions.

Further. Obviously, given the fact that at the hotel now relax mostly Russian and the Egyptians (on preferential tariffs), the administration hired poor Russian-Ukrainian-Egyptian animators, which every day "pleased" by the same amateur belly dance and the inhabitable rural contest " Miss Hotel ». These wisely assortment their repertoire and limited. Taking into account the cost of vouchers, badly.

But worst with a swim, for which, in fact, people and go to the Red Sea. The beach The hotel is a coral reef, in which there is a narrow, meter of two or three, bounded by the Farvater buoy, where only you can swim without fear. So every day from morning to evening straight to the boobs, and sometimes going to them, swims many boats with a glass bottom, sometimes pieces of five bones and demonstrate to tourists. Local corals, which in the Red Sea is full of anywhere. At the same time, they and looked up to you with screws, and in addition all day the beach is filled with stinky exhausts of broken motors. Go for such "ozone" from Moscow, and even for good money is not worth it.

Several times we complained about these arrogance "bombed" administration, and every time we were answered that the sea, they say, the general and do nothing can not, because democracy (this is in Egypt!?). And then she listened to the texts of the guides on these boats and everything became clear. Texts such – that’s what wonderful corals have this wonderful hotel, in which we recommend come next time and t.NS. That is, ordinary advertising. It turns out that the hotel is ready to stretch the exhaust gases of today’s guests to get new?! Oh well. I think neither "Softeer" no other decent hotel would not allow me.

About the sophilate, turned into Muenpik - Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt blogs and travel notes of tourists by

And finally, the most unpleasant is Russian managers who appeared in the hotel: sullen, rude, non-professional and, afraid, not quite clean on hand. Only one example. We had to leave the hotel in the afternoon and came to the lobby to agree about the late "Check Out". The Russian young man Artem was behind the counter, which I was gladly assured that it costs $ 50, that the lunch is not supposed to us and no later "checkout" in the hotel is not provided. We, honestly, were very surprised, but we said authoritatively confirmed another Russian administrator named Inga. And when we later came to the lobby to reprogram the key from the room, the miley Egyptian behind the counter was very surprised and said that the lunch was, of course, the Late "Check Out" in the hotel, as before, exists, so 50 dollars Youth Artyom We paid completely in vain. Here and it became clear why he reluctantly gave us a receipt for this money. His little business. I saw in Egypt a lot of things, but this and in decent seems to be the hotel – for the first time.

But the most unpleasant thing is that when we complained to the General Manager of the hotel Mr. Alain Chatel, he, as it seemed to us, was not very impressed. In any case, the promised answer, we still have not received. And sorry, it means to deceive compatriots (and not only) in the hotel it is also expected.

Apparently, Mr. Catel is bad for himself as a scoop ("sovok"), which is waiting for him. I speak on my own experience – soon the employees of the hotel quite a decent brand "Mövenpick" will begin to take bribes for everything and drag home products from the restaurant, and to lower the water in the toilet, it will be necessary to pull the water sticking out of the tank. Believe me, it’s not a hyperbole, I saw all this many times in the most respectable hotels as Soviet and the post-Soviet era.

However, there is enough negative and to finish the story on a major note, I note that Sharm el-Sheikh is becoming more paints and paints and glitter almost resembles Las Vegas, rest in those edges seemed to me completely safe – the circle is full of protection and not noticeable Not a single religious fanatics, and Egyptian traders completely stopped sticking to passersby, the Red Sea is still wonderful warm and teeming with fish of all systems and colors and even evil triggers (triggerfish), which here it is fully, I seemed to me the good normal. That’s just in the local "Mövenpick" I will go no earlier than it will turn into "Sofitel".

About the sophilate, turned into Muenpik - Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt blogs and travel notes of tourists by

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