About tourism during transplantation between aircraft

On this article in the blog, I was prompted by one person who called us for the second time. In both cases, he was worried about the same problem. He flew somewhere far away in Southeast Asia. I do not remember exactly where in Indonesia or Singapore. The reverse flight was held with a change in Beijing, where the difference between arrival and departure was about 16 hours.

Naturally, he did not want to spend this time at the airport. He wanted to see the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, and tried to choose a suitable tour to all time.

Once again I had to explain that he would simply do not have time to go to Badalin during this time and once again had to disappoint a person, and I don’t like it.

Question about the time of transplant

I thought, but what if I got into such a situation? I, of course, tried to take tickets with a large interval between the landing of one flight and the takeoff of the second aircraft and calmly looked at all the sights. In addition, the Chinese authorities give a special transit visa for short-term stay in Beijing, which we mentioned in the article "Visas to China for Russians".

Lighting hands, and anticipation of a quick and convenient solution to the problem, I opened the flight search system and came across a very unpleasant search feature. It turns out no settings that allow you to increase this time interval, there is no.

The search engine "Think" is very primitive: the less transplant time, the better. It gives only options with time between flights to 24 hours, and all other combinations consider unsuitable. However, I and 22-23 hours of surveillance at the airport I consider it unacceptable for myself.

You can control almost all: departure time or arrival, select a specific airline, a certain airport of departure and arrival or travel time. And the transplant time in the search cannot be installed. Hello.

Many now say to me: Buy two tickets separately. I answer: this is not the best option, because on the purchase of tickets one-time for two flights of one airline gives a significant discount. Two tickets purchased separately will cost 20% more expensive.

Let us give example

Tickets to Kathmandu on December 19th. Airlines "Qatar Airway" offers a transfer tickets to Qatar at a price of 35,52 rubles. These are flights Moscow-Qatar and Qatar Kathmandu.

Tickets of the same airline only to Qatar offer for 37,528 rubles. That is, the flight to Nepal with a change is even cheaper than just fly to Qatar!

20% that I mentioned above is a very optimistic option. It happens and worse as I led in this example.

It turns out that "tourism during transplant" will cost you quite expensive.

Why airlines do not provide tickets for buying tickets with a large transplant interval?

It is difficult to say, here you can offer several versions. First, you may just have no guessed that it is in demand. Although it is difficult not to guess when they clearly flagel about this governments of countries, introducing transit visas.

If the transit visa exists, there must be a way it takes. And it turns out that this service is rather for the participants of the sea cruises, when the ship stops in each port for several days.

On the other hand, with the same Beijing airport there is a special separate rack for passengers receiving a transit visa.

About tourism during transplantation between aircraft

The reasons are most likely in the other. The flow of passengers varies greatly from the season. Let’s see as an example of the Chinese New Year, which takes place in February. Flights to dates on the eve of the holiday are bought out for several months, prices are 1.5-2 times higher than ordinary. If you step back from these dates a few days ahead, the aircraft can simply be empty. Airlines profitably sell tickets with a small time between transplants and without seasonality.

I’m not trying to say that air carriers are bad, not at all. They work with regard to predicting their profits, and this is normal. The purpose of the existence of any commercial organization is to receive profits. You just need to accept that there is no such service now, and in the future it will not appear.

China Tips

If you want to see several cities in China, then I have a universal advice. Use trains. It’s just a fairy tale. The speed of the main locomotive in the PRC – 250 kilometers per hour, you quickly add in any city. Prices are also fabulous. I personally traveled from the city of Wuhan to Shanghai in 5 hours and 60 Chinese yuan. If we translate into rubles, then it was about 400 Russian rubles. Compare with the price of express "Sapsan"!

The only problem may be the purchase of tickets. Tickets are almost always available, except for the eve of some holidays. Of course, you should not buy them right at the station, but it should be done in advance.

In most CASS, sellers do not speak Russian, nor in English. Purchase recipe Next:

You write in advance on a piece of paper the name of the destination by Chinese hieroglyphs and the date of departure. Write big! Some hieroglyphs differ slightly from each other slightly, and if you write finely, you can go to another city.

Present this piece of paper at the checkout, and there will be no problems. You will write the desired ticket. The main thing, do not forget to check whether the right ticket is right. Check the date of departure, time and city of destination. Consider that in many Chinese cities there are several stations.

And in this case, you and the plane tickets buy profitable and the necessary cities look. And the problem of the duration of transplanting you will not worry at all.

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