About unearthly surfing on travel ; Interview with Mikhail

My native city Protvino, Moscow region. I’m 34 years old. My basic activity is sufficient for a banal, for people living outside their native edges, namely IT, web development.

Tell your sirf history: when and where it all started, what the surfing attracted you?

It all started in 2012 when, I came to live for the winter to Asia, nothing foreshadowed any surfing. My had ; Two-wheeled transport and element earth.

But the morning daily bustle of neighbors and happy satisfied faces after "something," interested me, after two months of contemplation and I Doros to what a new one, at least try.

I tried, plans were shifted, I went home to Russia after three years.

I was attracted by my complexity and spontaneity, perhaps this is the most difficult thing that I tried in my life if we proceed from progress and spent time.

I heard such an opinion that to be real sief, you need to be born on the ocean. Who is a real sief for you?

It is difficult for me to judge who this real Saerfer, I do not consider yourself.

Surfing is a high-quality daily hobby and a partly lifestyle, we will say that I felt from such a status, since the classic stereotype of surfer: ; Live on relax and enjoy the ocean ; ; really limits, and such a lifestyle is very silent, verified!

This Surfer for me is a surfer athlete.

The sea has not yet frightened you with your unpredictability?

There is no sea, but the ocean causes respect.

Each person who is engaged in surfing were critical situations when you think that you are on the grain and, of course, after this, the instinct of self-preservation and uncontrolled fear is included.

It’s fine, adrenaline still wins and you go to ride. Fears need to be overcome, but fear of fear is retail, and the correct assessment of your capabilities ; an important part.

Do not overestimate yourself and underestimate, but you should always strive and improve, since you are doing this.

Tell me more about the most memorable sirf swimming

It is already difficult. Remember good drives or good trips, but everything is mixed in the head.

I can say for sure that the new places leave an emotional splash, but homemade spots are something that you remember regularly. They are already part of the thinking and life.

What natural or weather conditions are needed for successful surfing?

Waves, waves and waves again, but not single waves surfer. It is important that these waves have been Catabelny, the wind breaks the waves and creates ripples on the surface.

So a very important parameter for perfect surf is the lack of wind. In general, any surfing is successful ; Just go into the water with a board and ride any waves will ensure the release of endorphine and a smile on the face.

In which countries you have already rode the waves? Where the waves seemed the most suitable for surfing?

I can’t boast of diversity of countries, I rode in Vietnam and Indonesia. It is not necessary to compare: in Indonesia Ocean and world-class surfing.

Probably in my situation the goal is not to visit more countries, but will learn better to ride and then you can ride and roll.

How many usually goes on the day of time "ride on the waves"?

Usually 2-2.5 hours a day.

Afraid attack sharks in the sea?

I have never seen sharks, so there is no fear, but I think that at the first meeting, the fear is inevitable, because the instinct of self-preservation works. There are no clear recommendations that you need to do at the sight of sharks, apparently somewhere learn how not to fall into hysterics!

You earn a living by teaching Surfing? How and where to find you?

No on life, this is my hobby.

I tried to work as an instructor, but it’s not for me, the surfing goes to the background, you work as an instructor when everyone ride in the morning, and you learn.

If two classes per day, then there is no desire to ride no desire, all the forces are given to the ocean and disciples.

But sometimes I teach when people have a desire not just try and learn. In this situation, this is no longer a routine, but partly the next level ; Share experience.

When the student is ready for surfing?

If the student knows how to swim and we change after passing the theory of safety on water, it is already ready for Surfing. It seems to many that surfing is when a man standing on the board slides in the wave. I agree that this is the most spectacular part of the surfing.

But the surfing begins with the ability to row and understand the behavior of sad and sea, the ocean as a whole.

More difficult if the girls learn to ride on the sirph?

In the surfing everything is difficult. Here is the main desire. Not all people are suitable for surfing.

Surfing ; horsepower sport, like run, but of course more exciting, where the award is water, dawns, sunsets and partly I do not know the reward this or something else ; Lifestyle, now it’s fashionable.

In the surfing remain those who are interested!

Tell me how to catch a wave? What skills you need to have to curb the wave? It is necessary to have a good speed of movements in water, excellent vision?

To catch the wave needed in the right place, then the case of technology.

Practice practice and once again practice, over time, it becomes natural: the waves slow down, the body knows how to behave and all attention goes on the geometry of the waves, and that the wave can be done.

Practice gives, endurance speed, vision is not so important, there are examples of blind surfers).

What cities or areas, countries seem less safe for surfing?

Surfing – extreme sport. In my opinion, learns and ride better where people ride.

By country and cities it is difficult to divide. It depends on the forecast of waves and water level: safely on full water and with a forecast to 6 feet. It would be nice to take into account so that there were hospitals, injuries are and sometimes needed medical care.

In my practice was not, but in the practice of my friends it happened.

About unearthly surfing on travel; Interview with Mikhail

What top 3 countries or certain cities you would like to visit the sake of cutting?

Hawaii, Hawaii and hawai again! ))) Everything else will go by itself, it is already inevitable.

Who does not fit the surfing?

90% by population, surfing takes a lot of time, sometimes go to work how to work, force yourself in the mornings, because you need to go.

What is the most unusual case happened to you in the sea?

An unusual case for me, who remembered and has a special color, this is one of those who are forgive with life. I had two such.

Better underestimate yourself than to overestimate. There is nothing to tell: big waves, incorrect assessment of the situation.

What negative moments exist in the surfing?

Negative on crowded linap and inadequate took, which teach where people who already have levels. Negative in principle can be found everywhere, as well as positive, but these moments are related to security.

What items, clothes you would advise to take with you, going to get up on the sirf?

If we are talking about hot countries, and I have no other experience, I advise you to take physical training with me, to not spend the first week to arrive in the form.

The rest must be provided, but in fact, it is a lycra, shorts and of course the sun protective moisture resistant cream.

Is it possible to independently learn to ride on the waves or still be sure to learn from this professional Surfer?

Based on the fact that Russian guys already ride a lot and among them there are no professional surfers, you can learn and not professional surfer.

It is better to take a few lessons. The first foundations will be understood and confidence that everything is doing right. There are a lot of nuances and is always good to be friend on Linapa, who suggests errors, or to shoot on the camera and analyze.

In general, in order to independently learn how to ride it is necessary to do this daily a couple of years.

Tell us a distinguishing feature of the sief?

It is difficult to answer this question, there are stereotypes and there is a classic image of the surfer, but on the fact when you ride, the video of real lovers and they are completely all different.

Probably the best feature of any sief ; this health taut.

What you most remembered in your travels? Tell me fragments about what people remember, what spaces, beautiful places, some funny cases can?

Probably my journey began when I only took the surfing. This hobby turned my life and now the whole way of life is spinning around the seas and oceans.

What I especially want to note this harmonization of the "nervous system" by visual images. Already, probably, thousands of dawns / sunsets were absorbed on Lainapa.

Permanent monitoring of the moon to control the phases of tides and swells already on the subconscious level.

It is difficult to allocate people, different people ride on different sleds, and especially when you ride the whole focus falls on the ocean and waves, people are secondary.

Finally, give a couple of tips for a person with a great desire to learn to surf, but which, in addition to the theory, nothing else knows about.

About unearthly surfing on travel; Interview with Mikhail

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