About vandalism on sights

To write this article I was advocated the thought that came to me in the Moscow metro during the next trip to work. On the wall of the car straight shone black inscription incomprehensible content. By the way, this is another interesting idea: how something black can shine? It may be.

The text of the inscription was completely incomprehensible and I would characterize it as a "youth hieroglyphic writing". I am sure that in the car no one understood the meaning of this message. And by the way, this is another interesting idea: why write a communique that no one understands?

Probably these letters have some sacral meaning, understandable only to representatives of a certain subculture. In short, "Marketing at the level of kindergarten".

But many cultural and historical monuments on our planet are written by tourists, many of which are quite adults.

Examples of vandalism on attractions

There are many and many of them on the pages of our site. The Great Wall of the Wall on the Badalin site, most popular with tourists, in many places is covered with laundered inscriptions in different languages. During our visit, we found Russian letters named "Ira". Photos can be found in our articles about this attraction, come in, interesting there.

In the Luxor temple there was a case when ancient Egyptian frescoes were painted by hieroglyphs. And, of course, on the Egyptian pyramids you can find a lot of inscriptions, although the protection and watching tourists.

And these are only those cases that hit our pages, how many of them all around the world, it is terrible to imagine.

What makes people doing this?

The inscription on the metro car brought on this thought. What are the motives of those people who do similar things? Immediate options immediately began to climb.

Option 1 – statement of your life position

Indeed, many want to speak, but can not find a suitable tribune. I am expressed thanks to this blog. True, no one reads it, and if you got here, then by pure chance. However, in this section of the site, readers are not particularly needed. If this article is interesting, I’m glad I was

Many use social networks, but this type of Internet resources will fuss every day. I no longer remember when the last time I went to my pages in FB or VC, and many also lost interest to these services.

No podium, but I want to perform. Decent argument? Quite worthy, we respect the freedom of speech and self-expression. Only here is not enough! There is no point in the messages vandals. What part of his opinion was trying to express Ira, when Karyabala on the Great Wall his name? Of course no. Self-expression here "does not smell".

When I was a teenager, messages wrote on the walls, really expressing their life position. For example, "Tsoi alive" or "Rock – cool". In such communiques there was an informativeness and self-expression.

This hypothesis disappears.

Option 2 – Desire to bring damage

Very interesting hypothesis. For its refutation or confirmation will have to look deep into the subconscious of people.

Many will not agree with me, but I believe that in most people there is a desire to destroy and kill. By the way, many studies of sociologists confirm this.

Often such research is carried out in computer games. People who behave quite decent in life, begin in online games just try. Kill other players for no reason, attack everyone in a row.

About vandalism on sights

Perhaps with attractions people feel something like that. Just want to destroy.

Option 3 – increase its importance due to an extraordinary action with the famous object

I consider this hypothesis the most viable of all. Probably, each of us is familiar to the feeling when you understand that compared to our planet you are just a little sand. And from this feeling I want to get rid of and as soon as possible.

Many and try to get rid of writing something at the objects of cultural heritage. The way is difficult to call good, since it will not do anyone more significant. It is unlikely that the archaeologists of the future will be seriously thinking about what role Ira played in history.

You can recall an interesting story about completely ancient vandals in Egypt. If you go on a tour of the Temple of Abu Simbel, then there, among Egyptian hieroglyphs you can find a Greek inscription. Her mercenaries-Greeks were made when they retired through this place. What is written there, I can not say now, but, apparently, something like "Kisa and the axis were here". As you understand, a wide circle of public is absolutely not known for nor the names of these Greeks nor the inscription content.

Option 4 – All write, and I will write

It is noticeable that there, where someone wrote one, will soon write the second, and next and the third. It’s hard to say what’s the reason. Maybe people just lack fantasies, but, I think, the "salt" of this phenomenon lies in the nature of the person himself.

We are primates, therefore, artistic animals. And artistic animals willingly repeat everything for other members of the group. These are the instincts that helped our distant ancestors to survive in complex and changing environmental conditions.

You have noticed in big cities that there, where one phantine was thrown from candy, a pile of garbage is formed in a week? This is another illustration of this phenomenon.

However, it is only a "bottom layer" problem. This instinct in society already people have switched to another plane. A modern man thinks this: if someone did something doubtful from the point of view of the law in this place, it means that it is either not punishable in general or punishment is insignificant. And it is extremely logical, you will not argue with it.

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