If in the desert, so that the sand under the feet burned, yes lava lava splashed! If in Siberia, so in the winter! And let the calendar there in March comes spring, but the feelings are the most peak of Epiphany frost near the North Pole!

The idea of ​​visiting the Winter Baikal was born somewhere on the fourth year, when the Internet began to penetrate (underground) Internet, and the opportunity to study the world outside the walls of the Mehmat Library, from top to bottom of the Tutorials filled with teaching benefits on higher mathematics and its applications. Since then, every March broke away from a huge megalpolis on Baikal, but constantly hurt something: he herself studied, then taught others. But in the spring, as you know, not only nature awakens, but also students whom it is necessary to advise on the courses, then in the feeling of the session to bring … In general, six years old I "Preparing" to the meeting with Baikal only morally, weakly believing in the success of his venture. During this time, among the tourists, some boom swept among the tourists – in the winter Baikal, did not have been any laziness. busy! And the smaller thing was to admit that, having been in such corners of the Earth, the existence of which many people do not even suspect, I never got to my native Siberia ..

And now has the spring of 2017. And, it seems, all the stars began to line up in the right row … except for one. Weather. No, it’s not in Siberian frost and Baikal winds. And in the presence of snow.
This is how I wanted to see the largest rink of peace on the trip:

But how he looked two weeks before departure before the purchase of tickets Moscow – Irkutsk – Moscow:

"Or now, or never," I thought, and, in the hope that the Baikal winds could be blown away even the meter snow drifts, paid for the purchase of online. Two weeks began "Preparation" – percussion work in all four schools and universes so that no missed outstream did not make the plans and pass the ticket. Well, somewhere in the night Slightly looking for a gear of the capital ..

They say in Moscow you can find everything. Well, with lake skates (they are nordica or bauxes) I had to be pretty well … no specialized skates stores in which these bauxes would be available, of course, in the capital. But it was possible to find one pair on Avito. True, it became an impression that these skates each year over the past six years have performed my dream and have already managed to screw up not one hundred kilometers on Ice Baikal. For their condition left much to be desired … There was no choice, I had to take (if you prepare strongly in advance, then it is better to order new).

As a result of a long surfing on the Internet for the search for methods of pauses, and then working in the night shift of welders and stoles, it was possible to upgrade skates so that the manufacturer himself will now be visible! Is it necessary to add that all the rinks for the middle of March have already been closed, and I have been physically cheating in battle in battle. Is it possible to try happiness on some year-round rims, like "European", but I doubt that I would give it to do it. I refused to let me in the subway, finding a semi-meter "cold weapon" when scanning in a backpack! So I had to "experience" skates only at home on the carpet. ツ

With the rest of the projectile it was a little simpler. Plastic Sanki Volokushi I also took experienced (at the real extreme version of Vlad, the report of whose teams, I recommend for viewing: Very non-standard (in terms of combinations of various types of tourism) Group), knee pads – at the girlfriend-rollerwear Kati, wrapped for fastening the ice tent – Pope Fishermen, a huge winter jacket, which could be put on everything that was in a backpack (including a winter fluff sleeping bag) – My husband has a sister. It all threw it all in two backpacks with a total volume of 130 liters and gave a Friday evening to the airport.

Road and first impression

What was the plan? As usual: the plans were not planned. ツ Is it possible to plan, redeeming one ticket on the plane, the absence of neighbors on two adjacent chairs, and therefore, and a full-fledged sleep in a horizontal position after a hard work week? Of course not. Exactly, like thinking, sitting at home for a computer, will you put you on a minibus to the village of MRC, when two more passengers can fit in your "hand-made bag". And even more so planned how to get to the huzir, if officially, public transport does not go on ice, and only a taxi offer on the Internet. And only from Irkutsk.

Arriving at sunrise in Irkutsk, I safely reached the bus station, where, presenting a purchased online ticket to MRC (worth 540 rubles.), got to the minibus. The main thing was not to show the driver a true mass of a backpack behind his back and continue to smile, walking with him on the bus station. ツ

After 3.5 hours, the driver landed me and three more "Irkutsks" (two students-Polyashek and one Chinese) on the shore of the Small Sea, and he immediately dug back.

Irkutskians were a little confused: on the horizon, though they visited at home, but it was not possible to agree with some local to the boom to Khuzhir – there was no one else! After 15 minutes of pleasure, fresh frosty air on the horizon woven "Buanka". The driver of glory immediately slowed down for 250 rubles from the nose, burdened with backpacks and / or suitcases, thoroughly thoroughly.

Glory to divorce Polyashek and the Chinese on booked hotels in Khuzhir, and then decided to help me. Officially all the houses were redeemed. And I would have to wander long with backpacks on the village in search of a room for one night. But Glory knew everyone! Therefore, with it to find a cozy house did not make any difficulty!

The house of Baba Gali was in the heart of the village, directly opposite the school (even on the spring holidays it pulls me closer to school ツ). For 600 rubles Baba Galya (stunning woman!) I highlighted me a room with two heaters, a kettle, a tile and a washbasin, recommending to the water in advance – after a couple of hours, when the rays of the sun will stop touching the barrels, it will be possible to get the water from it only with an ax … There is no shower, the toilet is rustic.

Inspecting the territory of the courtyard, I could not not notice the sins near the Woodnress of Baba Gali and asked her permission to collect some bores for themselves. That not only gave good, but he was delighted that at least someone will "be wounded in the yard"!))

Above the abyss of ice - prehistory, road and first impression

Why do I like sins, you ask. To cool Baikal to pull! ツ And at the same time and the soup on it cook. Gas burner in the winter campaign I did not even consider. I am not lucky with gasoline: they spill up, soaring with their smell every thing in a backpack, they season the flavor of fuel. Therefore, in a campaign, I took the stove-shoes already loved me: the perfect device for breeding a fire on ice. But it is necessary to drown something! And even if I manage to find on the road enclosed in the ice-floer-swimming road, I can upheat him from there until the summer when I finally starts to drain ice. So "firewood" I decided to grab with you. ツ

Prudently leaving a bucket with water in the room, I decided to fulfill my long-standing dream and step on Baikal’s ice.

Looking at the shaman on top, I went down to the Small Sea just north of the famous rock and, sitting on the shore, caught the skates ..

For no reason on the day on the calendar, the date was collapsed on March 18. Probably, Alexey Leonov felt that, when exactly 52 years ago, for the first time in history, made an outdoor space. Probably, he also strongly felt the ripple in the temples when he left his spacecraft. For me, this safe "sunrise-2" was the saving coast of Olkhon, and the space is a dark blue abyss under his feet ..

I finally believed school physics with her "absolutely smooth surface" and "without friction" – Olkhon was removed from me with an incredible speed! Ice was so beautiful that, distracting on beauty on the sides, I was afraid to miss some kind of foot under my feet!

Whether the fresh air has so worked on me, whether the feeling of a fear of a bottomless precipice, but I began to overfill me quickly replacing feelings. As if someone began to scroll kaleidoscope emotions! With every push, Euphoria from a light slip was replaced by fear of falling under the ice, delight from the fall around – the horror of the fall and injury to some vital part of the body, the pleasure of the fragrance of the Siberian expanses – anxiety frostbite of the upcoming nights on ice ..

But the last broken petal of flower-seven-wheeled flowers overwhelming me at that moment of emotions was joy!

And it does not matter whether I will smile good luck and further! No matter how many kilometers and in what direction I will manage to pass! It is only important that harsh Baikal smiled at me! ツ

Above the abyss of ice - prehistory, road and first impression

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