Abroad – without bills. Pros and cons

Being on vacation abroad, I want to relax and relax. And here, at all, by the way, you can take advantage of your relaxed state. Banal theft of money – Event unpleasant even at home. And abroad is a ruined rest and a whole year of terrible memories. In order to avoid such cases, people and plant plastic cards that we call credit. Meanwhile, this is sometimes not at all. All payment cards can be divided into two types – debit and credit.

Debit cards make it possible to conduct operations strictly in the size of the balance on the account. It is convenient for the bank, so such cards usually cost cheap or generally offered for free. On free, as you know, and vinegar sweet – but only vinegar. And freeing cards have its drawbacks. Such cards serve mainly to remove cash in ATMs, and buying with their help can be done only where there are electronic terminals. Electronic terminal – device reading magnetic band. And there are not so many trade enterprises equipped with terminals – especially in undeveloped countries. In addition, not all terminals have a connection with the bank – on board the aircraft in the store Duty Free, this card can not be used.

However, for traveling students is an acceptable option. I will list the main international debit cards:

1. Cirrus – International ATM system, Card is used only to remove cash in ATMs having such a logo. For your identification requires the introduction of a PIN code.

2. EC is the European ATM system, the card is used only for cash withdrawal in ATMs having such a logo. For your identification requires the introduction of a PIN code.

3. Maestro – International Electronic Terminal System. Card can only be used to pay for goods and services in commerce and service companies that have such a logo. Your signature is used to identify.

4. EDC – European Electronic Terminal System. Card can only be used to pay for goods and services in commerce and service companies that have such a logo. Your signature is used to identify.

5. Electron – Visa International Card – can only be used to pay for goods and services in commerce and service enterprises equipped with electronic terminals and having such a logo. Your signature is used to identify. On the Imprinter it is impossible to roll such a card – there is no convex number on it.

For reference: Imprinter is a device for removing an imprint from a card on a paper three-layer check – Slip (one copies are given to you).

In general, the Visa Electron card can be accepted for payment and then when one Visa logo is present in the outlet. But taking into account – the trading point must be equipped with a terminal, and the amount of the operation must be sufficiently high to be subject to authorization. Again unfamiliar word? Authorization – procedure for obtaining a confirmation of solvency at the time of making a purchase or removal of cash from the card.

As a rule, several logos are present for the versatility of cards. For example, Visa Electron / Plus or STB-Card / Cirrus / Maestro / EDC / EC. With the help of such cards you can and remove cash in ATMs, and pay for goods and services through electronic terminals.

Credit Cards – Another Case. First, they can be used without authorization. That is, they are a guarantee of solvency owner. Secondly, credit card capabilities are much wider – in addition to ATMs and electronic terminals, they can be used where there are imprinters, on the Internet, to order goods by catalog, for booking hotels, rental cars and T.NS.

Abroad - without bills. Pros and cons

Credit cards can be divided into 3 groups. The first – ordinary, standard: Visa Classic, Eurocard Mass, Mastercard Standard. In Russia, a common card with the combined EUROSARD / MASTERCARD logo is available, which is the most convenient for tourists. You can open such a card in banks for 10-30 dollars. The sum of the initial contribution or insurance deposit varies (200-500 dollars), the main thing – do not forget that these are different things. The initial contribution you can cash in an ATM after receiving the card, but the amount of the insurance deposit remains inviolable.

Second group – business cards. These cards are issued to representatives of enterprises for business trips and t.NS. Usually in the logo there is a word Business word.

The third group – cards, in which the word Gold is present in the logo. Their holders are treated as wealthy customers. The privileges are as follows: Replacing the card for a day at any point of the globe in the event of a loss, cash issuance on the same time everywhere in the event of a loss or theft, large size of operations not subject to authorization – checking the status of an account, higher insurance payments. But the service fee of such cards is high – approximately 100 dollars. Initial fee or insurance deposit – from 3 thousand dollars. Even minus a credit card – a high penalty for a loss, because with its help you can make a lot of unauthorized operations.

However, not all the cat, then you mean the holder of the debit, freecar card, carnival. The fact is that the owner of the debit card can "get", If you try to remove a decent amount from it abroad – for example, 10 thousand bucks – with these operations it is customary to use gold or business cards. And you can not get anything at all! Although still seductive – after all, the cards have another advantage – at customs funds on the card are not declared.

Of the flaws of the cards, one is most felt – daily cash removal limits. Better specify them in advance. The second – it is necessary to be extremely attentive, performing operations – leaving the ATM, be sure to take the card! And if for some reason the operation is canceled, demand to cancel authorization – otherwise the money will be considered blocked, and you will not get them. Do not leave the bank if the authorization spent, the amount on the account is exactly there, you were issued a check and suddenly for some reason refused to issue cash. Do not run the head in the next bank – after all, if you have not demanded the cancellation of authorization, you already hear in another bank that there are no such money on your account. Make sure what they do with your card in the store to prevent dual slim rolling. Otherwise, you will write up the amount of purchase that was not. In restaurants it is better to pay cash – there the waiter usually takes a card, and then brings a check for signing – no need to substitute. And do not forget to check what amount is indicated on the check.

In stores anything happens. You made a purchase, authorization was carried out, you received a check of an electronic terminal, but decided to return it. If you return the purchase according to the rules, then you will definitely slide returns. Otherwise, the bank does not guarantee the return of money to your account. Going abroad, write down the bank’s phone service, where to call in case of loss of the card – although I hope you will not need it.

Abroad - without bills. Pros and cons

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