Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi)

Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi) – Capital and the second population city in the UAE, located in the eponymous emirate. Located on the island in the Persian bay at the quarter kilometer from the mainland, with which three car bridges are connected. Population – 896,751 people (2009).

The stormy life of the modern megalpolis is combined here with oriental traditions. This is the green city in the UAE.

The main business life of the city is concentrated in the northern part of Abu Dhabi in several quarters, adjacent to the beautiful embankment of the city – Kornish. This part of the city is quite tightly built up with modern high-altitude buildings and skyscrapers, for which Abu Dhabi was nos «Middle East Manhattan».

The rest of the city is villas and townhouses for secured citizens.

The modern view of the city was received in the 80s of the 20th century, much earlier than Dubai, who began to catch up and distinguish Abu Dhabi in improvement and construction much later. Currently, Abu Dhabi authorities have no less ambitious plans than Dubai, among them the construction of the metro and the development of the whole island of Saadyat, located in the northeastern part of the city.

One of the most visited tourists and locals in Abu Dhabi – Talomethomete Corniche Road (Corniche Road), transformed into a large park area where the most of the 90 fountains of the capital.

City Business Card – Mosque. From any of its point you can see several bugly decorated minarets, located right in the midst of business neighborhoods or in numerous parks. The most famous of them – Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – one of the world’s largest. Named in honor of the founder and first President of the UAE. He is also buried. The mosque was officially opened a month Ramadan in 2007.

Historic Heritage Village (Heritage Village)
– Located on a picturesque cape overlooking the city. This is an ethnographic museum in which you can get acquainted with the national life and culture of the country. On weekends and holidays, a demonstration of folk songs and dances is also held here. the entrance is free.

Fort Al-Husn (Qasr Al-Hosn)
– That’s all that has been preserved from Old Abu Dhabi. This building is the oldest architectural structure in the capital: it was built at the end of the XIX century., While the age of other buildings in the city does not exceed 30 years.

Oasis Liva (Liwa Oasis)
– 150 km from Abu Dhabi. Live visit is the most impressive exit to the desert, which one can be carried out in the Emirates. Breakless sand dunes rise by 100 m. Their surface is so pleased that it is almost impossible to boil upstairs.

Climate – Tropical desert. Abu Dhabi is one of the hottest cities in the world. The precipitation falls very little, the temperature in the summer can reach +50°C.

The most warm month is August, the average temperature + 35 ° C. In winter periods, the weather is cooled +19…+24 ° C.

The average water temperature in May + 27 ° C, July + 29 ° C, in November + 25 ° C, in August + 32 ° C, in January + 19 ° C, in March + 23 ° C.

Abu Dhabi city founded in 1760. There are archaeological confirmations of the settlement of settlement at this place from 3 millennia BC. NS.

On the basis of the capital of the UAE there is a beautiful legend. Arabs-hunters from one of the oases pursued Gazelle. Gazelle loops in the desert long, and then brought hunters ashore to the Persian Gulf, where it rushed into the water and Vyoda moved to the island. The hunters followed her, and the Gazelle led them to a source with beautiful fresh water. In gratitude hunters gazelle gazelles, and the settlement founded next to the source called «Father Gazelle», that in Arabic sounds like Abu Dhabi.

or the island of happiness – Artificial city-island in the Persian Gulf, erected near Abu Dhabi.

It is planned that 160 thousand people will live here. On the island it is planned to place four museums (including branches of Paris Louvre and New York Guggenheim), nine five-star hotels, golf courses and much more. You can get to the island of Saadyat with the help of two highways connecting it with bridges with Abu Dhabi.

The end of this large-scale project is scheduled for 2018.

Official site of Saadyat Island – WWW.Saadiyat.AE

Abu Dhabi International Airport is at the mainland, 30 km from the center.

Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi)

The main type of transport in Abu Dhabi is a taxi.

There is a bus network (poorly developed), part of stops conditioned. Bus routes are designed not to tourists, but at locals, stops are located near schools, hospitals, etc. NS.

Metro construction is underway, the planned year of starting – 2015.

In the city of wide streets with modern road surface and three-way movement in each direction. Usually from the north to south stretch the roads (Roads), from the west to East Streets (Streets). In the middle of the streets there is a dividing strip, which is usually planted with palm trees

From «Sheremetyevo-2» Abu Dhabi International Airport is carried out by regular flights with Etihad Airways. Duration of the flight – 5 o’clock.

From the airport to the city center you can reach:

by taxi – will cost from 60 to 75 DHS. Time in the way about 40 minutes.

by bus (901 route) – run every 30-45 minutes, trip cost 3 DHS.

If you are flying Etihad Airways airlines, then you can reach the city by free shttle bus that goes on schedule. He leaves from the main bus station, which is opposite the airport, next to the car rental office.

From the central bus station, buses and intercity taxis go both to the city of Emirate Abu Dhabi and to other Emirates, including Dubai. Bus station is at the intersection of East Rd and Haza streets’a bin zayed. Fare of Dubai – 15 DHS, travel time 2.5 hours.

The most convenient way to get to Dubai – On Emirates Express buses, which are departed every 20-40 minutes from 6:20 to 23:40, the fare of 15 DHS, on the way 2 hours.

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