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What beach in Abu Dhabi go swim and sunbathe? How much is the holiday in the hotel with private beach? What are the prices for the entrance to paid beaches? Read the answers in our article. As well as about 8 most famous beaches of Emirate Abu Dhabi.

Attention! As of February 2021, there are rigorous security measures on all the beaches of the UAE. Tourists are fined. Read the details on the page on the link above.

Own Beach Hotels

They are in Abu Dhabi, but there are only 15 of them at the time of updating this article in 2021. All these hotels are expensive – from 200 dollars per night. If you want the hotel of the first line of cheap, choose Sharjju, Ajman or Fujair. In detail about all the hotels of the first line in the UAE, we told in the review "Hotels in the UAE with our own beach".

These are Hotels: Emirates Palace, Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan, Jumeiirah At Etihad Towers, Intercontinental, Al Gurm Resort, Hilton Abu Dhabi, Sheraton Abu Dhabi, Le Meridien Abu Dhabi, Beach Rotana, The Ritz-Carlton Grand Canal, Shangri-La Qaryat Al Beri Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Al Raha Beach Hotel.

We want to draw attention to that all these hotels are allowed to their private beaches of third-party visitors for the fee. If any of them is nearby, then come, pay from 100 dirhams for the entrance and enjoy the sea and the sun. Current currency rate View in our article "Dirham UAE".

Public beaches

If not ready to pay, then welcome to public beaches. They are free, there are paid, but prices are more moderate – from 10 to 25 dirhams. Have to pay extra for the sun bed, an umbrella and a beach towel rental. And you can sunbathe on the sand on your own towel.

Do not forget that you need to get from the hotel to the public beach, it is unlikely to be within walking distance. It is most likely to go for a taxi. Visiting the beach will still cost money, at least for transport. About travel rates Read our article "Taxi in Abu Dhabi".

The perfect option is if the hotel organizes a free beach bus to its guests. Such hotels in Abu Dhabi are, but there are few of them. Read reviews about the hotel, there are already tourists who have already been written about it.

Which public beach to choose?

Our advice: Choose the one that is closer to which it will be cheaper to reach. Typically, tourists choose between the root and al-bat; as they are free. Choose that of them to which it is more convenient to get.

However, most Russian tourists do not think over this problem. Choose a hotel in other parameters, and then ask the hotel guide or at the receptionist, which of the public beaches is closest and traveling by taxi.

Rules of behavior

There is no strict dress code on public beaches in Abu Dhabi. Need a bathing suit and that it is not too frivolous. Naturally, it is impossible to be topless.

Here it is forbidden to drink alcohol or drunk. Read the details in our articles "What is impossible to the UAE" and "Alcohol in the UAE".

Go beyond the beach zone in a swimsuit is prohibited, it is punishable. And the phrase "I’m just for a minute of the soda of buying" will not help if you fall to the eyes of the policeman.

Another thing is private beaches of hotels where you can drink alcohol in the bar and be a little "under ShafE". The dress code here is softer, it happens that you can sunbathe topless. Rules Determines the hotel’s administration that owns the beach.

8 most-most

Tell details about the most interesting beaches in Abu Dhabi. Let’s start with free and further ascending price visits.

Cornich (Corniche Beach)

Main Embankment Emirate Abu Dhabi. Along the embankment there are beaches, everything here is 2 kilometers of beach stripes. Part of this strip is occupied by private beaches of hotels, part of paid, part free.

If you are constrained in the means, then welcome to the free part.

If you are ready to upset, then there are several options. Family Beach Section – only for families, women and children, not allowed lonely men. Entrance – 10 dirhams for adult, 5 for baby.

A few more paid sections have no restrictions – let all. The price is the same – 10 dirhams for an adult, 5 for a child. Rent a sun bed and an umbrella in any section (and free as well) worth 25 dirhams, rental towels – 10.

Along the Kornish beach zone about 600 chairs, about 30 locker rooms, Internet WiFi. You can eat or quench thirst in eateries or streets on the beach or on the waterfront, household facilities are dozens. You can combine beach entertainment with the cultural program and visit the heritage village on the other side of the canal, or with shopping and go to the shopping center Marina Mall.

Read all the details in our article "Embankment and Kornish beaches".

NEW PUBLIC BEACH (Corniche New Public Beach)

Located on the embankment of Kornish, after the eastern outskirts and the park. Now it is a semi-wild beach. the entrance is free. Sun beds, umbrellas, bars here. For five years, the authorities are planning to equip the territory, but "WHO and now there".

Ideal for those tourists who want to save and quite comfortably sunbathe on a towel. Water here is beautiful, the depth is small, for children perfectly.

Lulu Island (Lulu Island)

A large and almost empty island, located through the channel from the Quanish Quay. Construction on the island of Lulu is beginning, they stop, but in the end, nothing large here and did not build. The whole coast of the island is a beautiful and soft sand, blew and sunbathe everywhere where you have a soul and completely free.

You can get to the island by the boat of the pier village of the heritage or from the shopping center Marina Mall for 20 dirhams. Float back is not problem. You can "catch" the boat that run along the coast of the island, some boats on duty right on the island.

Al-Batin (Al Bateen Beach)

Located in the Al-Batin area, there are many cheap hotels here. Beach is about 750 meters long. The main advantage is free.

There is a small paid female part. Only women go girls and male kids age under 7 years old. Input price – 25 dirhams for adult, 5 dirhams for children (from 3 to 12 years old).

Al-Batin Beach awarded the Blue Flag. A small explanation is required here. Award "Blue Flag" is assigned only in European countries. Outside of Europe, there is no "blue flag" and can not be. Therefore, in Wildlife Management, the UAE came up with their highest award for the beaches and called it the same – "Blue Flag".

In any case, even the Emiratian "Blue Flag" is an indicator of water quality, sand and developed infrastructure. You can trust the Emirates "Blue Flag" and you need.

Yas Beach Beach (Yas Beach)

The only furnished public beach on the island of Yas. It is located on the south of the island, within walking distance of hotels: Staybridge Suites, Crowne Plaza – Yas Island, Centro Yas Island, Yas Island Rotana, Radisson Blu Yas Island, Park Inn Yas Island and Yas Viceroy. If you relax in these hotels, then the beach is the only option.

If you relax in the hotel in another part of Abu Dhabi, then there is no way to go to the island of SMA – far and expensive.

You can look at the beach, if you arrived at the Yas Island Havers – to Ferrari World Park, Yas Waterworld Waterpark, Yas Mall shopping center or Warner Bros World Park. Then you can spend part of the day in the park, and the rest is spent on the sea and the sun.

Beach is very beautiful, there is a pleasant white sand, clean blue water. For guests are provided sun loungers, umbrellas and VIP-lounges, in which you can close from prying eye with a curtain. There is a large swimming pool, a children’s pool and a cafe in tropical style. Local pizzeria is proud of his handmade pizza, made in Italy, Italian chefs from Naples work here.

Input price: 50 dirhams for adults, 25 for children from 8 to 16 years. The price includes a beach towel rental. Children under 8 years old – free. On Fridays Ladies Discount – 50%.

Abu Dhabi beaches

Guests of the island of the Islands are free of entrance. Need to get a special voucher at the hotel’s reception.

Saadiyat Public Beach

It’s eco-beach. Located on the northern coast of the island of Saadiyat. On this coast, the eggs of the Biss Turtle are postponed. Of course, visitors do not let go to the turtles, for this, environmental specialists are on duty here. "Eco" in this case means not unity with nature, but observation of nature from the distance.

Beach entertainment on the island of Saadiyat is also only "Eco" – windsurfing, sailing, yoga classes.

The beach is excellent, there are more than 300 deck chairs, umbrellas, souls, locker rooms, car wash and lockers are possible for things. There is a cafe with a wide (by beach standards) assortment of snacks and drinks, shop with everything you need.

Input price: 25 Dirhams for adults, 15 for children.

The main plus of the beach of Saadiyat is that he is not as advertised as the root. People here are always a bit.

The main minus – to get a public transport far and long. If you are going to rent a car, then saadyat will fit perfectly.

Intercontinental (InterContinental Bayshore)

This is a beach club, at the entrance you pay not only to stay on the beach, but also the entire beach entertainment program: a large adult and children’s pools, jacuzzi, chaise longue. The beach itself is small – 300 meters long, very clean, well-groomed.

Beach club and hotel Intercontinental Located near the Kornish Embankment, Hotel Emirates Palace and Abu Dhabi Skyscrains. Naturally, for guests of the hotel and all entertainment for free.

Input price: on weekdays 150 Dirhams for adults, 80 for children, 270 for couples; on weekends 200 for adults, 100 for children, 390 for couples.

Private beach Hotel Emirates Palace

This is one of the best beaches of Emirate Abu Dhabi. The beach strip of 1.3 kilometer long belongs to the most expensive (at the cost of construction and finishing) the hotel Emirates Palace.

The first option to get to this Private Beach – Rent a room in Emirates Palace. It is expensive but not expensive expensive. Prices and advantages We described in detail in the article "Emirates Palace".

The second option is to pay the one-time input "Beach Club Day Pass". The pleasure is not sues, but you receive not only access to the beach, but also in the hotel pools, you can dine in local restaurants, use the hotel’s sports infrastructure.

Input price: on weekdays 310 Dirhams for adults, 155 for children; on weekends 410 for adults, 205 for children.

Good to know

– Shark on the beaches Abu Dhabi can not be afraid, attacks on people there were never. But in other emirates were, and potentially a threat exists, as read our article "Sharks in the UAE";

– On weekends and holidays, public beaches can be crowded, because local people come here. List of holidays Look in the Article "Holidays in the UAE", about the weekend (Friday and Saturday), read the article "Weekend in the UAE";

– smoking on the beaches is allowed, but try to smoke so as not to interfere with other visitors. About the rules of smoking and fines, read in the review "Smoking in the UAE – Prices and Rules".

Good tan and warm water, and read our interesting articles about the UAE (Links below).

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