Accessories for fisherman, what he must have with him?

In order for fishing to be successful, you must have special accessories with you. Professionals are always more, Newbies Arsenal is more modest. Many of these items are simply necessary for fishing.

What should be a fisherman with him? Successful fishing depends on many factors. For example, the clothes should be comfortable, the tackle is correct. For accessories, you need to easily monitor and update them on time, otherwise fishing can be failed.


The most necessary and important thing to be every fisherman. From the choice of fishing gear, it depends on how the fish will be caught:

• SAMIA Ordinary rod, It is also called float;
Rod, which allows you to catch fishing fish;
spinning for professionals;
Saccha or maybe there may be a submachine.

Plus, you should never forget to take a snap for fishing to fishing. And that’s &# 8211; Coils of various types, hooks, fishing line, float and t.D. In addition, it is always better to have with you fishing Stand for a rod, No need to forget to take a bucket, the pelvis, in which the catch will be kept.

Bait and bait

In fact, you can use a lot for bait. These are flies, and dung worms, and maggots and others. Of such kind bait extremely little stored, Therefore, it can not be selected. If you want to catch a large fish, as bait can be used leeches and even frogs.

There are such types of fish, for the bait of which you can use bakery products, croup, potatoes. Don’t forget about crackers, Specially prepared mixture with smell, Which will attract fish. All this is sold in special stores. Bait and bait stored in glass or iron banks.


Going fishing, a person must check his bag and think about the presence of a special tool that May come in handy. After all, often on the place of fishing you need to cut something, sharpe, fix. Therefore, such tools as a folding knife, a screwdriver, a small hatch, tape or tape must be taken with you.

If fishing is planned from the boat, then it is necessary Take materials for repair, as well as a life jacket. It is advisable to have a folding chairs or a soft rug in the case, if fishing is from the shore.

Equipment for tourist

This kind of equipment will be necessary for the one who plans fish for a few days. Fisherman must think in advance where he will sleep &# 8211; in a tent or in the car. It is advisable to have a navigator with you. No need to forget about personal hygiene subjects &# 8211; Soap, Toilet paper, Wet wipes.

If you need to breed a fire, you will need paper, matches. It is advisable to have flashlight with interchangeable batteries. In case of rain, you need to take a raincoat or just a big umbrella. Be sure to with me, the fisherman should have a passport or any other document certifying personality, cash and telephone.

Accessories for fisherman, what he must have with him

Clothes and shoes

Clothes for fishing must be comfortable and functional. It is always necessary to dress on the weather so that in the fall and spring clothes and shoes protect from rain and wind, in winter from the cold, and in the summer from the sun and insects.

Special clothing manufacturers offer comfortable fishing overalls. They are made of material that dries quickly, it is cleaned and not wet. The shoes are best to have durable rubber so that it does not wet, did not lose the form. Additionally You can take warm socks with you, if it is winter. Cap or Panama with protective nets from insects, knee pads, life jacket, glasses for underwater swimming, gloves.


The most important thing to take with you a lot of water, This is especially true of the summer period. In winter, good when there is a hot tea. You need to take those products that are long stored.

Aid kit

Sometimes fishing can be obtained and without a first-aid kit Help is difficult. There are special first-aid kits in which essential preparations are collected. If a person takes medicines on an ongoing basis, they should always be with him, no matter what time he goes on fishing.

Of course, this is not the whole list of what Fisherman must take with him. The list of these things depends on financial capabilities, from the desire, on what time it goes on fishing.

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