Accommodation, breakfast number 1, snag with Curonian oblique

We lived at three points, because I broke a trip to three parts: Kaliningrad 2 nights, Zelenogradsk 2 nights and again Kaliningrad 1 night finally.

Booking on Booking.Com. Interesting offers were not enough, well, or I was not so deftly treated with information. But it could easily affect the New Year holidays. Immediately paid attention to the Berlin Hotel, T.To. is located next to the southern station (where we arrived and from where they stayed) – it should be comfortable, and in the picture the facade looked beautifully. While I thought the numbers on the right dates were gone, I even called directly – alas.

As a result, stopped at the Guest House Streletsky. Did not regret. He became number one in many criteria, so I highly recommend. Address: Streletskaya, 7. Streletskaya street is in solitude, and in the dark it is terrible to go, but just as it is. Located housing in a quiet park area, but it failed to rate her – yet winter.

Not hostel, not a hotel, namely home. With a dozen rooms. Two bedrooms cost 4200 rubles. For 2 days with breakfast. Let not be in the very center, although the center is not particularly compact, but cozy, with taste, warmth and homely. This is really the best proposal for price / quality ratio / convenience / location.

Before the bus stop, which go to the center, including the station, 5-7 minutes walk. There is a grocery store at the bus stop. To the amber museum – 25 minutes on foot Plus along the way too, the sights.

And most importantly, the beer courtyard "Redit" is located 10 minutes away (Lithuanian shaft, 27) with a good choice of dishes, including fish and beer of its own production. In addition, the pub is near the landmark – the royal gate.

If I did not expect a lot from a Kaliningrad guest house, but, on the contrary, I received very positive impressions, then from the Zelenograd Amber Season (amber season), positioning himself as a hotel, expected more.

Upon arrival in Zelenogradsk, I, of course, led my mother not to the other side. In just opposite. 15 minutes rolling suitcase on a blocking with a characteristic sound, in a raised arrangement of the spirit – ahead, and 30 minutes anger to itself – back)) The hotel in the dark was not so notable. We were waiting for and even called. But there was a feeling that besides us from tenants there are no one no one. For some reason I remembered "10 Negreat" 🙂

In essence, the hotel was also a guest house. We were settled overlooking the sea, but the closed door to as if the adjacent number was strained. Well damn, arrived. Now they will be settled behind the wall of the neighbors – and we will pass) but no, no one has been heard.

Amber Siaon left an ambiguous impression. On the one hand, explicit advantages:
-shore-line location,
-View of the sea,
-Friendly personnel, sincerely trying to help with an organization excursion to the Curonian Spit,
-Breakfast with champagne in Morning №2,
-More or less sound insulation,

It seemed a high price. Still, not Hi Mezon. But this is my choice, so I do not respect. And the impression was lubricated for two reasons: Breakfast number 1 and a prolonged solution to the issue of the Curonian oblique.

In Morning № 1 We descended for breakfast at the required time – 10.00 C. (surprised later time, but if necessary, they can cover before). In the lounge of anyone, including staff.

Okay, we will rise back, the eyes tumbling. Went down again in half an hour. It should be noted – in Kaliningrad at this time we already walked for the next landmarks.

In our shelf, residents arrived – 3 people. In the staff shelf, still zero. At the reception stood a plate with information where to call. Called the girl who settled us is not a subscriber. Irritation intensified.

Called the second contact – a young man named Ilya, asked whether to expect breakfast.

The man drove out something spoke to the phone, and after 5 minutes we saw him. As it turned out, the man has slept. So instead of the traditional painting of breakfast, when everything is cooked and waiting for a common table, there was a confused survey, to whom to cook.

Closer to 12.00 C. We came out because of the table. That is, tomorrow was about 1.5 hours. The cooked food was tasty, the man tried, but, of course, the impression was lubricated. Let I suppose on the full stomach))

But the morning number 2 was chic. We asked to make breakfast early, as we left for the Curonian braid, and when they descended, there was chic and glitter + champagne. Was no longer Ilya, but a man and a woman – the feeling that owners, t.To. Administrator-girl on the eve of something spoke about the owners.

Perhaps the hotel in the morning champagne in the order of things, and perhaps it was compensation for Morning No. 1.

By cons include the absence of a bar and a high price tag on water juices – the price is straightforward. I assumed that once this is a hotel, which means the minimum set of drinks and snacks should be present. From the guest house, for example, I’m not waiting for such a service – it is not expected. Perhaps the absence of an alcohol license is an explanation – nearby the shop-cafe with a lot of wines, beer and a small choice of food. But the prices are not shopping.

To the question "Where to eat" recommend their neighbors, it turns out, competitors. Apriori Hotel or Spa Hotel Zelenogradsk. When I passed by "a priori," drew attention to the prices – they seemed below. And there is a cafe at the hotel. Naturally, it became thoughtfully.

Minus not minus, but I had to cut a question for a long time with the Curonian oblique, hoping at the hotel. Yes, the administrator girl solved the question. And you need to pay tribute, I decided. True, in a different way, more expensive and had to take.

Accommodation, breakfast number 1, snag with Curonian oblique

Pre-we were hazardous that would be wishes, the group will type. An not scored. They say people frightened cold. Hmmm … we, albeit with more frosting Urals, but what to scare! Sad message The girl told at 6 pm – the next day we planned to return to Kaliningrad after braid. Now the excursion could not take place at all. The meaning of the arrival in Zelenogradsk was reset – in practice it turned out that it was quite possible to go from Kaliningrad – from there the band more often gained. We wanted it better, but I did FIGO. Get on your own – difficult. Rare buses, the more you need to move around the Curonian Spit. As a result, the girl found us an individual machine with a guide driver. True, first offered to solve the issue with a taxi to us, having told the number, but I, I think, rightly shifted this question to it: the route is visible to them, as a local, and not to us. Although I had a theoretical idea of ​​the possible locations of the visit. So it’s good that it has grown, but it is not good that in the seventh hour of the evening. Naturally, the money was already different, but we were ready.

Actually, the individual trip turned out to be better than group, distinct, but money is an investment in impressions.

I would not write Amber Diazon in bad things, by no means. Episode with a lubricated breakfast number 1 and the question with the excursion, the solution of which was delayed, should not affect the selection of this hotel. Well, the cakes are, and I will not hide, the places were angry, but I don’t want to fool. Price per room with two beds amounted to 6 480 p. For 2 days. Including breakfast. In payment, probably included a view of the sea)) I remembered, however, inconvenience with beds. They, though individual, but initially, apparently, stand together. It was noticeable on the bedside tables. And muming bed turned out to be close to the battery – drunk too. The battery did not work, or did not think.

In conclusion, I will return to the hotel Berlin, which in Kaliningrad. I put me in it to stop, taking the German, as I thought the spirit. True, it was necessary instead of one, book two separate rooms where we spent the final night in Kaliningrad.

Hotel in demand – it was visible on booking. But my hotel left a flat impression. Berlin exclusive in that it is near the railway station – you can walk for 10 minutes. And so – ok, standard. At first I was enthusiastic – a bottle of champagne and a new year postcard. But instead of a bottle of champagne, it would be better to put a glass under a toothbrush 🙂 All the same, we didn’t drink two (I had to take two single numbers together one because of the full hotel booking).

Heard was high – that cars from the street that neighbors returning along the corridor, that, sorry, toilet from above. Usually I twitch on this occasion, this time it was still.

Kroichny number. Even with T.Z. "come and spend the night". But there is everything you need to stay. You can talk about cleanliness and friendly personnel, but this is, in my opinion, standards for hotels like such type that should not be perceived as a kind.

Hotel cafe is a plus. Tasty, interesting interior, Bottle Beer Konigsberg + Some German Draft, But the price, of course, cafes and restaurant.

Breakfast paid and very expensive – 350 rubles Swedish line. Here, in the cafe. We first wanted to spend money to eat before the day train, but misunderstood the time of the end of breakfast and went to the Victoria Shopping Center Nearby at the station.

There is a sauna, beauty salon, near the car wash. Probably convenient to motorists travelers.

And what I smelled to this hotel – he is ordinary. Normal. However, Maman, he liked the most, because we were in our numbers, and she rested from me))

By the cost Single standard room came out 1530 r. subject to irrevocable instant payment after booking. If with the ability to cancel the reservation, then more expensive. Price without breakfast for a tiny number, in my opinion, Velic. But again this is my choice. So in Berlin you can safely stop, if you follow the proximity to the railway station and if not pity 350 p. on breakfast.

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