Accommodation in Bryce Canyon or Overnight Side Ur

Bryce Canyon Park is very popular among tourists, especially in the summer season. What does it mean? It means that they all have to live somewhere. Situation with housing in Bryce is the same as in other parks – there is something within the park itself and in its surroundings. With the only difference that the options are at least debugging! National Forest, Campgrounds, Hotels, Motels, RV Parks, Dominics – I’ll tell about everything.

What do you think better – find accommodation in advance, pay him and go to the park with a calm soul or find something in place, having a chance to consider and engage? If you are not limited to a rigorous temporary framework, you may well choose the second option, especially since it is possible to find information on the Internet not about everything. We just did this.

Where we lived, I’ll tell you a little later, but for now I will share how to search for campsites in place and booting in advance.

How to search for Campgrounds?

Mostly this question is relevant for those who left the search for campgrounds for later and did not boast nothing in advance. It happens not from a negligence relationship, but, as, for example, in our case, from ignorance, where and when you find yourself, and not in every camping you can pre-book a place. Then the knowledge of which tools and the search algorithm can be used.

Look for details about this in the article about the Campgrounds of the USA, carefully written by Andrews for those who are first faced with this phenomenon.

Booking Campgrounds

If your vacation is clearly planned and you know the exact dates of stay in a particular park, you can safely book places, at least six months before the trip, if such an option is provided. Although, in almost every National Park there are camps providing such an opportunity. Just keep in mind that very often the places in them are disassembled quickly and for two months to your alleged visit can not be anything.

Choose camping, decide on the site and book it can be on the official website. Just work in the appropriate field the name of the park of interest and you will be offered options and in it, and at the same time in the vicinity. About what campgrounds can be booked in a particular park, read in the relevant articles about housing.

Where in Bryce Canyon we spent the night?

So, as you already understood, with the housing issue, we decided to understand the place. By the time we got to Bryce Canyon, realized that if near the park there is a national forest, that is, to spend the night with a tent for free. Next to the Bryce Canyon just turned out to be – Dixie National Forest (Dixie National Forest), part of which borders directly with the park (in the West).

Dixie National Forest

Having drove the city of Bryce and Ruby’s Inn, we turned to the second turn right and found themselves in this very National Forest. For a long time to search, where to justify, I did not have to, practically we immediately noticed a clearly hug place – Power parking of an ancient man with stones stones and a log next to him.

The place was at the intersection of the road 090 and Great Western Trail, literally 2 km from Visitor Center. Here we broke the tent.

As we knew, in national forests you can spend the night anywhere (if there are no other restrictions) or at least within the camping icon. As we tried, there were no signs of such, but the place found clearly said that there was no one tourist. Just in case they decided to clarify the Ranger on the way to the park that, yes, how.

The young servant of the park was not too confident voice that within Dixie we can tall in the tent anywhere and completely free, also allowed to burn fires, just carefully (it turned out to be very useful, because in the morning it was only +5 degrees). Said if we want, we can get a detailed map of the forest in the visitor-central, but we were without it.

All would be nothing, but his certain insecurity marked in us a seed of doubt and the next day we decided to ask the same questions to another Ranger. This time I got a uncle at the age, which said it was better to go away, because near the park is here, then there are private lands. So think after that, who can believe. As a result, we never got to the truth, but decided just in case to change the place from sin.

To this end, they went to a detour from the Northern side of the park (12 highway), as we advised us the old ranger. Curled to 087 the road on which several campgrounds looked at the navigator. The encountered information stand spoke about the same – It was conquered a scheme with ten free camping along the East Fork River, only for some reason we could not find them.

In the end, all in the same Dixie Forest, just a little away from the park – 4 km from the city center (next to 1173 expensive). Found exactly the same place with the fire and a log, only here was not so crowded, because away from Trail. To the park about 15 minutes drive.

I note that neither on the first, nor in second place no one bothered us, did not drive and Kosos did not look. I think, after all, it is possible to stop calmly there, although some doubts personally tormented us.

On the map at the end of the article you can find both points of our overnight stay.

Shower, Laundry: In the park near the GRAND STORE store.

Food, water: Food can be bought in the same store or eat at the restaurant at the hotel (The Lodge at Bryce Canyon Dining Room) or Valhalla Pizzeria & Coffee Shop. The supply of drinking water can be replenished next to the city visitor.

Organized campgrounds in the park and the surrounding area

As usual, our option is not the only one. Within the park itself, there are integer two organized paid camping, and in addition, a lot of campgrounds in Beckkaland. The latter will be useful if you are going to go hiking with a backpack behind your back and a tent of the armpit. I suggest to consider closer all options.

North Campground (in Park)

This campsite is east of the center visitors and close to the hotel.

Schedule: Camping works all year round (in winter only one of the four pieces of camping) is available).

Booking: There are 13 seats for RV, which can be booked in advance here (from early May until late September). Make it you need a maximum for half a year and at least two days before arrival. The rest of the FIRST-COME, first-served (deal in turn).

Price: 15 dollars per place (self-balance in envelope).

Places: total in camp 101 place. Loops a and b – For guests with RV, C and D – For Palatiannikov. All of them are equipped with tables with bears and bonfire. Around many trees.

Photos from WWW.Skianything.Com

Camping scheme:

Facilities: There are water toilets and taps with drinking water in camping. Amenities for RV No (sewage, electricity, water), only a dumping station in the summer season on the southern tip of camping (5 dollars). Drinking water near.

North Campground rules

  • In one place is allowed to maximize 2 cars, 4 motorcycles or 1 RV / trailer (with 1 machine).
  • 3 tents per place, the main thing is that every thing was no closer than 6 meters from the fire.
  • Accommodation in Bryce Canyon or Overnight Side Ur
  • Permitted number of people for one place – 10, of them – Maximum 6 adults.
  • Continuously in the park you can stay no more than 14 days, the total number of days a year should not exceed 30.
  • Departure time – 11:30 in the morning.
  • It is impossible to leave a burning fire without supervision.
  • It is forbidden to collect firewood on the territory of the campsite. They can be bought in General Store.
  • You can not use places in picnic campsites, for this there are special Picnic Areas.
  • It is necessary to observe a quiet clock from 22:00 to 8:00, you can use generators from 8:00 to 20:00.
  • Wash dishes needed in a special sink in the toilet, and not under the cranes with drinking water.
  • All food and garbage must be kept in the car when they are unattended.
  • If you are with animals – Do not forget to clean up.

Food, shower, laundry: General Store nearby hotel (restaurant).

Sunset Campground (in Park)

This campsite is located to the west of Sunset Point, in two and a half kilometers south of Visitor Center.

Schedule: Camping is open from the end of spring before the start of autumn, it closes on the winter season.

Booking: The campsite has 20 places for a tent and group places that are available for booking. You can place a reservation on the official website. There is an opportunity to do it in advance from 6 months to 2 days, the main thing is that the places.

Other 80 tent and RV seats are available in First-Come mode, First-Served (first came – The first took place).

Price: 15 dollars per place (self-balance in envelope).

Places: Total in campsite 102 places. As you already understood, you can get up with a tent, and with RV. Places are equipped with table benches and fireplace benches with grille. Everywhere there is a lot of shadows, for camping among pines.

There are also places for groups from 7 to 30 people. Cost 55-100 dollars per night depending on the size of the group. You can place a reservation here.

Photos from WWW.Skianything.Com

Camping scheme:

Facilities: There are water toilets and drinking water in the territory. There is no landfill stations for RV, but you can use such an North Campground from the south side (5 dollars). Functions only in the summer season.

Sunset Campground Rules: Identified rules for North Campground.

Food, shower, laundry: same.

Backcountry (in the park)

There are 12 campgrounds in remote areas of Bryce Canyon – Eight of them along the trail Under-Their-Rim Trail and four Riggs Spring Loop Trail.

If you plan to go on a hike with overnight stay in Beckqout, you will have to get permission. PermT (permit) You can get in Visitor Center in the park from 8:00 to an hour before closing. Very in advance and permissions are not issued on the Internet. Can get them maximum for 48 hours and only personally.


  • Permission for 1-2 people – 5 dollars (maximum 7 nights).
  • Permission for 3-6 people – 10 dollars (maximum 7 nights).
  • Resolution for 7-15 people (you can spend the night only on Group Site) – 15 dollars (maximum 7 nights).

Get to the right place from which you go to the campaign on the shuttle. Read more in the review article.

In remote parts of the park there is an opportunity to meet bears, so it is better to have special containers for food.

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