Accommodation in Glen Canyon: camping, RV, hotels, units, boats, houses and yachts

The Glen Canyon as anywhere plenty of accommodation options, because to the usual camping and hotels are joined by such exotic options like boats, houses and yachts. Needless to say, it’s recreation area on the lake, and very popular. I enjoyed this place popular not only among tourists but also among the local population.

We Andryusiksom as budget travelers, again opted for camping, so this topic will be given a little more attention. However, I will not forget to mention the other options, which in a lot of Glen Canyon – parks with excellent in-house on wheels, hotels, yachts, boats, where you can live and family units. I’ll start with the most simple and cheap – with campgrounds.

How to search for Campgrounds?

When never faced with the search for organized campgrounds and other places suitable for an overnight stay in a tent, the question of how to search for them is quite natural. To answer this question, Andryusiks took courage and wrote an article, manual. In addition to tools for searching, there raised questions of payment, rules of reservation, as well as written, where you can spend the night for free, without breaking the rules.

Our accommodation in Glen Canyon

To begin with, in Glen Canyon, we are not going to. We just had to spend the night somewhere in the town of Page, the area where we were after the inspection of the Navajo Bridge and Horseshoe. It was in mid-August, which meant that the high season was still going on. Search for something in Paige was pointless – either busy or expensive (the next day, one of Austria’s uncle said that the cheapest room in the hotel, which he found, was worth about $ 300). So it was decided to go to the Glen Canyon (near Wahweap, closest to Paige) and settle down somewhere in the camping. Let me just say that afterwards we did not regret that they were in this park because it was very unusual and beautiful. Read more in the article about Attractions Glen Canyon, and now let us return to the camping.

Lone Rock Beach Campground

Initially, we stopped at Wahweap Campground (more about him write below), and even paid for the place, but then he refused and went to another place – Lone Rock Campground, located on the same beach (Lone Rock Beach).

Location camping on the map:

Schedule: camping welcomes guests all year round, and you can stay here with a tent and RV.

Booking: Advance booking is not provided, the number of places does not seem limited.

Price: $ 10 per car per night. Cash provided just for the night, that is, if you are staying at the camping area from 8 pm to 6 am. For day stay on the beach is free of charge. Payment is made at the ranger booth at the entrance.

Places: Lone Rock Campground – This campsite is situated on the sandy beach on the shores of Lake Powell (Powell Lake). Designated places are not, you can come and get anywhere like it.

Basically people located along the coast, especially those who come to PV and for the purpose of bathing, fishing. However, far from the shore to go to the toilets with washbasins, so some break tents closer to them.

We Andryusiksom chose a place close to the shore, but far away from the people. The first night all slept in nizinke which perfectly protects against the wind and from prying eyes. But the next day a little man said that night chance of rain, and sleep in a place like this is dangerous, since it is possible floods. We moved upstairs.

I must say that Lone Rock Beach – just a great place in terms of landscapes. Perhaps it was one of the most beautiful camps where we stayed for the whole trip.

Facilities: Guests of the territory is scattered with dozens of toilets, there «central» toilet with washbasin. Take a shower, too, it is possible (free of charge), that’s just it is a tap, literally standing in the middle of the street, so it is necessary to wash all to see, even though the people did not hesitate. It is worth considering that water is only cold. In addition, there are cranes with drinking water, Dump-Station for RV and organized trash.

Accommodation in Glen Canyon Campgrounds, RV, hotels, units, boats, houses and yachts

Tables, organized places for fire, grills and other charms.

In general, it is very possible to live. The place is very disposed, despite some inconveniences.

Camping scheme Lone Rock Campground:

Peculiarities: Going to this campsite, it is worth considering a couple of features. Firstly, what he is on the sandy beach, some parts of which are reminded by dunes. Scatter from the place where the asphalt ends to the shore can be very problematic, especially on a passenger car. We, while driving, have seen a lot of stuck comrades and torn bumpers. We were lucky with Andrews, because there were chains in the trunk, and we had a safely quietly drove several times and there, and back. True, I had to constantly run out of the car and watch what it was waiting ahead and how best to drive around (a few tracks).

Secondly, very strong wind rises often in the afternoon, I would even say hurricane. So strong that hard to move. He raises the clouds of sand and generally creates too comfortable conditions. What does it mean? This means that if you leave for the day and leave the installed tent in the campsite, take care that it is as being fixed, otherwise it will fly like an Ellie trailer from «The wizard of the emerald city».

Lone Rock Campground:

  • Quiet clock from 10 pm to 6 am. At this time, it is impossible to include generators, listen to loud music and create noise that will interfere with other vacationers.
  • It is prescribed to comply with the purity on the beach and all rubbish to throw out in special containers (however, it applies to all campsites without exception).
  • Campus breeding on the beach is allowed. Along the coastal strip, you can see a lot of stones for a fire, usually focusing on them the people and chooses where to get up.
  • Animals are allowed, but must be constantly under control and on the leash is not longer than a pair of meters.
  • The speed limit on the beach is 15 miles / hour.
  • Restriction for stay is 14 days continuously or 30 days a year.

Shower and laundry You can find next to Wahwaap Campground (for a fee). Here shower with hot water.

Grocery stores, cafes, restaurants You can close near the following field:

Accommodation in Glen Canyon Campgrounds, RV, hotels, units, boats, houses and yachts

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