Accommodation in Italy

If you are traveling a big company or with children, Then it is best to choose the private sector to stay, namely rent an apartment in a city or a small house (maybe even with a swimming pool) in the resort. This option is often more profitable than shooting two or three rooms in the hotel. In addition, you get more spatial freedom, independence from the hotel schedule, and indeed a lot of extra utility in the form of equipped kitchen, washing machine, etc.

The difficulties you may encounter when booking private housing in Italy, usually two:
– The owners do not speak English (and than south, the more often it is found), and you are, respectively, in Italian;
– And when the owner in principle does not respond to email letters.

The first problem is usually solved using Translate.Google.RU and to him like, and for communication you can capture with you a small phrasebook. With the second harness is more difficult and easier at the same time. You can even refuse to book this housing and choose another. Well, if you want to live there and nowhere else, then you have to call the owner (cheaper to do it through Skype) and ask to answer your letter or immediately find out all your questions and book a housing.

The most popular view of travel are hotels. However, with them in Italy, everything is very ambiguous. Like the north and south of the country are very different from each other, so it turns out what they call "Albergo" (that is "hotel"). Let’s start from the north where everything is as well as in other countries. The average hotels, even if it is a mini-hotels on 10-20 rooms, usually have traditional reception, standard breakfasts, booked through the worldwide booking systems on sites such as:

Hotel Nuovo Hotel Rossi in Bologna – I recommend!

But in the southern part of the country, starting with Rome, the situation is slightly different. If you need to find not steep 4-5 * hotel, but something modest and at the same time adequate for money, then most often you will face with the so-called b&B (Bed and Breakfast, which is translated as "Bed and breakfast"). But no need to be scared, no one will offer a bed in a clean field! B&B in Italy is most often mini-hotels representing an apartment or a whole floor of the building that were converted to the hotel.

Accommodation in Italy

Of the features of Bed and Breakfast in southern Italy, you can note:
– Not always, guestrooms with amenities you will find a room and convenience in one place, often this option involves your own bathroom, the entrance to which will be from the general corridor. Be sure to specify this option when booking and ask for a discount, if such a number is at the same price with standard numbers.
– By the way, about discounts! Owners of such hotels almost always fulfill their reservation, meet guests, and sometimes even prepare them breakfasts) Therefore, I would recommend to try to find the owner in Faisbook and write off with him in an informal setting. So your chances of receiving a discount, additional free services (do not think now. ) or simply a special relationship is equal to 100%)))
– Reception in B&B does not exist, so be sure to inform the approximate time of your arrival, exchange phones with the owner and be prepared for the fact that for the first time you have to call him or write an SMS to go down and opened you the door to the entrance. Then you get your own key and can easily get into your temporary housing at any time.
– Italians almost do not have breakfast. And for some reason they think that the inhabitants of all other countries who come to admire the beauties of Appenin should also not eat in the morning) so be prepared for a minimal set of dishes in a buffet, usually it is only sweet pastries. And in Rome, you will most likely be offered to go to the bar across the road and on a special coupon for free to get a cup of unmatched Italian coffee (and anyone!) and croissant.
– Not always italian b&B can be found on Booking, often the owners do not even get seized their own hotel page. Therefore, only Google will come to the rescue.COM, friends tips, and for the search for housing in Rome it is very useful to this site.
– Free bonus for accommodation in b&B is the presence of a kitchen, because you will live in a real apartment! There, you can safely fill the absence of normal breakfasts or even arrange lunches or dinners from beautiful Italian products!

Roman B&B AMISTAD (Six Bed Senior Brother) – I recommend!

Important PS: Please note that in such popular cities as Rome, Venice, Catania, Rimini, Padua, Florence and many others introduced additional accommodation tax. Its size varies depending on the city and from the type of housing (camping, b&B, different hotels in stars), usually it is 1-3 euros per person per day. The tax is paid in cash at the reception, and even in the case of 100% prepayment. This rule does not apply to Hosts, as well as children under certain age (depending on the city). In many cities, the tax is charged only for some definite number of nights held at the hotel. And some B&B may include the amount of tax in the price, but it is necessary to clarify this in advance when booking.

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