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Housing in Las Vegas, we changed like gloves, so for two visits and less than two weeks changed four places. They are suitable for the most part of budget travelers. Those who go to Vegas to take off, spend a long-awaited vacation or simply prefers gorgeous conditions, our options are unlikely to rise, and there are no problems with the choice of expensive hotels, only pay.

It is believed that in Las Vegas, almost the lowest prices for housing almost the lowest prices, and even in steep hotels, you can rent a room in the redistribution of $ 100 or so. How so you ask? It’s all this in order to lure you to the hotel, and then in a casino that is almost every major «Temple of tourists». Here there should be a lot of my money, which will cover and block the cost of your stay. In this city, nothing is done just like that))

Return to our «Parking of primitive man» and I will describe all four options in order. The top plank in the price for housing we installed 50 dollars per day, so all options will be cheaper.

Camping in Lee Canyon – option «bum»

What attitude is generally a camping to Las Vegas? It is that it is quite close and, if you, for example, wish to walk on Vegas, but do not want to pay for housing, and the tent and sleeping bag are available, it is quite possible to spend the night in Lee Canyon (near the Red Rock Canyon Reserve). We hit this camping in view of the fact that they did not calculate their forces who were ready to spend on the valley of death (able to spend only one night in the launchwise camp instead of the planned two). Search in Vegas Housing from Friday on Saturday, and even from the Bay-junction, there was no desire, so I decided to spend the night in Camping.

It was not so easy to find the place, but we coped, literally accidentally rolling from the road and seeing local who decided to spend the weekend in nature. It turned out that we were caught by some semi-official camping without behalf.

Camping in this park a lot, but most of them turned out to be closed for repairs for the summer season, because in those parts there is a ski resort. Apparently, they were preparing for winter.

Location: Lee Canyon, Champion Road (203).

Facilities: There are no benefits of civilization, ordinary forest.

Price: is free.

Advantages and disadvantages: from the advantages that the place is free, quite cute and cozy, of minuses – lack of water, toilets and complexity of finding (there are no identification signs).

Room Airbnb – option «Economy»

What is airbnb and how this site works on the search for accommodation from individuals, I described in detail in the article manual. We use this site for a long time and successfully, so this time we decided to spend the night in the hospitable house Nicole and Nate. Why did not go to the hotel? Because Andrews Namudrill with booking and so far I chose, the numbers ended on Saturday. Keep in mind that weekend – The most active days in Vegas and good housing options are flying out like hot cakes, so you need to book everything in advance, at least in a few days.

On AirbnB there are many suggestions for every taste and color: from low-cost rooms in whose apartments or houses (as in our case) to full-fledged apartments and houses that will be at your personal disposal. The question is only in the budget allocated for housing. See for yourself:

If you do not want to deal with yourself, I propose the most appropriate sections of the site:

Going on the last link, you will be taken to the section where all those offered on Airbnb accommodation options for housing in the States will be collected. There you can enter the title of the city in the upper left corner, which is interested, and get a sample of housing based on it, plus there is an opportunity "Play" With other parameters to choose the options as suitable for personal requests (the picture is increasing):

Here are some specific examples of what can be rented in the LV using AirBNB:

And this list can be continued to infinity.

Our accommodation in Las Vegas

We in Las Vegas got a pretty and cozy room with a private bathroom and everything you need. The owners were a young couple with a small child – Trust and unobtrusive guys we have almost never seen.

Location: West Azure Drive – North Las Vegas. Quiet and lifeless Rossian without shops and cafes.

Facilities: In addition to the room we got everything you need – Bathroom, kitchen, living room, even in the pool offered to swim. As a bonus – Two good-natured dogs.

Price: 35 dollars + site collection (about 4 dollars per day). As you can see, quite a budget version of the state standards, but not the cheapest for Vegas, we simply concerned about the search for housing in the city of Lights at the very last moment.

Advantages and disadvantages: Of the minuses, I can only call the presence of the owners, even despite the fact that almost with them did not contact them because they were busy with their affairs. Still, we prefer with Andrews to live by ourselves. For someone it may be at all and not minus. From the plus – cool cozy room with a crazy comfortable bed (or it seemed to us after the tent) and a large private bathroom. Ability to use the kitchen and pool.

If you stop in this place, go to the Mexican restaurant ON THE BORDER (CENTENNIAL CENTER BLVD, LAS VEGAS), are so delicious prepare and portions are simply huge, you can also pick up with you half for breakfast))

Hotel Howard Johnson – option «midview»

The next place of residence was the HOWARD JOHNSON LAS VEGAS STRIP (UPDIT: the hotel is renamed Shalimar Hotel Of Las Vegas) – Perhaps the most comfortable option for all our American journey. Howard Johnson – This is a network of hotels scattered in all states. Refers to the average price category, but for some promotion you can book a room completely and not at all expensive.

Location: 1401 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104.

Facilities: In this room, everything was needed and even more – TV (which we never use), microwave, refrigerator, two tables, chest of drawers, coffee maker, hair dryer, iron, bathroom facilities and, of course, a higher comfortable bed. A nice addition was the balcony with a table and chairs. There is a swimming pool in the yard on the lower floor – Restaurant and chapel, in which if you wish, you can play a wedding. In stock Laundry (powder 1 dollar, washing and drying 2 dollars).

Price: We managed to find a number for $ 41 per day, including taxes in the end paid 46 dollars.

Advantages and disadvantages: pros – Located on the main street, a very cozy and comfortable room, cleaning every day, good Internet. The minuses did not find.

Motel Star Motel – option «Economy»

In our second visit to Las Vegas, they decided not to book anything and seek accommodation in place, as they saw many budget hotels and agreed that the search for a suitable version would not be difficult. Previously noted in the navigator several options near Frymont Street and along Streap (in the Hovard-Johnson area). The first location did not fit us completely: first, almost all motels on the side or terrible, or turned out to be encircling, secondly, I absolutely did not like the area. Outside the central street Las Vegas looks crazy.

Went to the strip, but here we were waiting for a surprise: again we were in Vegas on Friday, and this meant that the weekend starts and housing prices begin on the tariff «Weekend». Automatically all starts to cost decently more. Those options that we approached the price were either Full, or without the Internet, or again scary.

For the strength found suitable in all respects Star Motel, quite close all from the same howard johnson. Here and stopped for a week, because a lot of work has accumulated.

Location: 1418 S 3RD ST, LAS VEGAS, NV 89104.

Accommodation in Las Vegas Hotels, Motels, Camping, Airbnb

Facilities: there is everything necessary for life and work – Large bed, refrigerator, microwave (if you ask, that is, the probability that will bring, we originally noted in the room), wardrobe, large table, shower, bathroom facilities.

Price: There is a room $ 60 per day plus a tax about $ 8. Can be removed for a week for 200 dollars plus 26 dollars tax. After check-in, you will have to give 50 dollars of the returned collateral for the keys and something else there.

Advantages and disadvantages: Of minuses – very thin walls, because of what everyone’s breaths are heard. In our case, they were two restless black citizens who were constantly swearing and screamed each other, and then the same loud «Mattered». Yes, and in general, black guests prevailed there is not very relaxing outdoor. From the plus – good location and price.

Five Star Hotels – option «krutsh»

As already written above, all the options tested by us for the most part for budget travelers. But Las Vegas – This is a city-holiday, ready to take into your arms of tourists, customized to spend money and spend time fun and with a scope, which means that he offers them the appropriate level on all fronts. Including this also applies to hotels, believe me, chic and beautiful hotel Find in Vegas much easier. The list is simply huge, and from the external decoration of these giants just scatter eyes.

The best five-star hotels in Las Vegas:

    – The hotel next to which is the famous uniform and dancing fountain. – It is considered one of the best hotels and casinos in all Vegas. Distinctive feature – A whole complex of pools and a zoo in which Flamingo lives. – If you want to visit the Roman Empire, then you are here, admire the fountains, arches, statues and portica. – This hotel and casino you will learn on a huge figure of Golden Lion. Here are the most famous speeches of singers, musicians and showmen. – The hotel, next to which you will see a statue of Freedom, Empire State Building, Chrysler-Building and a huge American slide on which you can ride with the breeze. – Interesting details about this hotel can be read on Olga Know Abroad website, which spent several unforgettable days in it. By its description, «Mandarin» I really liked! – On the territory of this hotel were able to reproduce a piece of Venice – You will be waiting for gondolas, ready to offer a walk through the canal «The Grand». – Hotel, which is visible from everywhere, his sightseeing tower – One of the iconic species of Las Vegas. Here you can spend a fun time, plunging into the cycle of rides.

Of course, this is not a complete list. Other hotels can be found using this form:

Externally, each of these expensive hotels – This work of art. In almost every one, there is a built-in casino that anyone can visit, regardless of whether he is going to play or not and how it looks (in a suit with a tie or in shabby jeans and stretched sweater). A little more about casino can be read in another article.

Cool hotels for $ 1

Separately, it is worth mentioning that you can live in many hotels Vegas quite cheap. Many of them often arrange shares for which you can get a discount almost 99% of the room value. True, there are nuances here:

  • Sales apply usually 1-2 days and for the most part on weekdays.
  • On the booking sites, the price is most often indicated without some «Resort fees», fees for settlement and t.D., and they often can make several dozen dollars.

We in the second arrival looked at some kind of hotel for $ 5, but the action lasted only two days (we needed a week), plus together with taxes the cost grew to $ 50. So be careful when booking, read what a small font is written about additional fees.

In many hotels, the Internet is paid. And right, there is nothing to sit in the room, you need to go to the casino and spend or, if you’re lucky, win money!

As you can see, friends, the choice of housing in Las Vegas is huge and diverse, no one will remain on the street. In general, Vegas – Great option to live in chic conditions for sane money, which you can not say about other American cities. Compare prices and choose the appropriate option right now!

Enjoy your stay in Las Vegas, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

Bonuses for our readers!

* On the first booking with a total amount of more than $ 75
** Instructions for working with the service and our reviews read here

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